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hello friends. I have some doubts.

1 – How do I add a presentation similar to the first item in the sidebar in the demo? “Bluth Company – Keilir Responsive Blog Theme is all about the details. Tell your story with this beautiful goal-driven design. Click the purchase button at the top of this page to grab your copy.”

2 – how to add an image in my profile that appears at the end of posts?

Congratulations for the great theme!

The widget is off course included in the theme but if you need to upgrade the theme you can get the latest version on the Downloads page here on ThemeForest. You can see what version you have by going to Appearance -> Themes in you wordpress admin and there you can see what theme is currently active and on the right side of the theme image there is a text that says which version you are running. It should be “Version 1.66”. If you have version 1.66 the Bluth Author widget should be visible on the widget page. You just have to drag it into the sidebar and then configure it.

I have the most current version in my folder widgets bl_author.php the file exists, but the system administrator Widgets in WP does not appear the option. other, Blith Likebox, Bluth Instagram and others are standard. But this is not the author…

That’s very strange. Have you ever updated the theme with an ftp client? It might be a good idea to upload the whole theme to your themes directory and replacing the files that are there. Try that and let me know how it goes.

Can you link to a demo with a solid background?

I’ll add that feature to the customizer first thing in the morning.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it.

Hi, Sorry for the late response, I’ve been sick as a dog :/ I set up a simple color selector in the demo where you can click a color and the background changes. It’s basic but it works.

HI !! Super theme !! Just a question there’s a way to chose which icon show in the “show history” section in the footer of post/pages?

Thanks !

Sorry ! Damn autocorrect … I meant the “share story” icon list … can i delist some of them or add others ?

That feature is actually on my to-do list, I’ll put an option to choose which social networks to have. Adding new ones is more complicated because the sharing function for each one is different.

That will be fine ! Thanks a lot and keep improving it ! :D

Hi Again !

I want to change the Background Image in the Bluth Author Widget But I see no option there .. do I have to create a new widget ?

Thanks !

To change the background image of the widget you just hit the upload button again and select a new image and the one you had previously will be replaced.


To support child theme, in functions.php when you enqueue the style I would suggest you to use get_stylesheet_directory_uri() instead of get_template_directory_uri() so that the css in child theme take effect.

Please have a look. Thanks :)


I’ve changed the functions file to use get_template_directory_uri() instead.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, I just purchased the theme and am working on it. I’m trying to put a picture in the bio sidebar widget and it keeps stretching the picture and leaving white space on the top of it. How do I get a picture to fit perfectly with no stretching and white space? Tried cropping and that didn’t work. Are there required dimensions somewhere that I’m missing?

I figured out the picture issue. However, the bio sidebar widget picture doesn’t look right in Safari. I use Firefox and it works fine. But the shape is not a circle in Safari – more of an octagon. Were you aware of this?

Separate question – can I make the font size smaller in the posts?


I just added an option in the theme options to change the font size for post text and title. I’ll update the theme tomorrow.

About the circle image I just found out that using percentages in the border-radius CSS property is not as well supported as pixels so I changed it. This would happen in safari 4, what version are you running?

Hi, 1. How can i make a post sticky? It has color options in theme options but not in post page.

2. Which options should i choose when embeding YouTube videos. Adding link doesn’t work.

3. There was a Turkish lang file in the theme folder but there are still some english parts that are not in that. For example: “search” in search boxes. Should i update it manually by adding theme or will you add it?

Thanks btw i looks great.


1. Fixed, was a typo in the code. 2. You need to get the iframe embed code from youtube, click share and then embed and copy the code that appears. 3. I got this file from one of my customers and I just let it come with the theme, you can fill in the blanks if there are any. You can follow the instructions in the documentation on translating.

Hi, I am using Chrome on Mac. I determined some bugs.

When i hover the mouse over a post image; 1- The small icons under the image are moving (post date icon, tags icon etc.), 2- Blog format icon is moving, 3- Share icons are moving.

All these problems don’t occur in Firefox on Mac. Is there any solution to fix this bug?

I just fixed this issue and I’m uploading a new update to Themeforest right now. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you first, but only the third one was not fixed. When i hover the mouse on a post image; the icons where are in “share story” section are moving and when we hover hte mouse on these icons the tooltip arrow is moving. And also when we hover the mouse on the icons where are in the “Connect with us” widget, the tooltip arrow is moving.

I am waiting for your response,

Thank you for the other fixed problems.

That’s a weird little glitch, it seems to only happen in Chrome. I think I managed to fix all of them but the arrow under the tooltip just won’t behave and stay put. Anyway thanks for bringing this up :)

Hello, I’ve bought your theme, but I have encountered a problem with h1 heading. Please look here Polish letters (latin Extended) are okay in normal text, but in H1 aren’t. Please fix this.

Ahh I see, go to Appearance -> Theme Options and click the Colors & Fonts tab. There at the top you see the heading font, paste this text “Crete+Round:400&subset=latin,latin-ext” in there and click the save button at the bottom of the page. If you want to select another font you can also click the Edit button and find some other font but make sure “latin-ext” is available and checked. Let me know how it goes.

It works! Thanks a lot!

Ho Guys ! One question: I have version 1.66 if I upgrade to 1.7 (which I want to do as soon as possible) Will my theme settings be there in the new version ? (Colors, fonts, options, advertising and custom css )

Yes, all the settings will be there after the update.

Hi BluthCompany !

Sorry to bother you again. I’m trying to customize header and footer color bars using a custom css something like this : {background-color:#044f75;} but it seems not working what I am doing wrong (can see my blog here

Thanks !

Hi, To change all the bars into one color try this: .top-color div{background-color: #044F75!important}

You can co further and customize each one individually like so: .top-color div:nth-child(1){background-color:red} // the first item .top-color div:nth-child(2){background-color:blue} // the second item

and so on, just change the number in the parentheses?.

Good luck :)

Great !!! Thanks a lot … I want to try to match these colors with the colors I set up for the post tipes.

Thanks again for the fantastic support !

No problem, Thanks for purchasing :)

Welcome ! 1. Does this awesome theme support Youtube video posts ? (Just like the Vimeo ones)? 2. After buying, would you help me to make the main content a little bit less width ? :)

Greetings !

Hi, It looks like a lot of work to make these modification but I’ll look into it tomorrow when I get back to the office and get I’ll back to you.

I would be very thankfull, Im waiting to already start it off. Would be perfect if we would be able to do this. I’m aware it might be additional cost. As I said the sidebar etc looks are great, I need this theme asap :)

I sent you an email.

Hello, does anybody know how to change the background for Disqus comments in this theme? Please look here below the article

At this moment comments are without background and it doesn’t look nice. Please help.

Ok, great. I thought you had a newer version. You’re using 1.41 but the latest is 1.7. Cheers, Ivar Rafn

Can I update it for free? :)

Yes off course, just head over to the downloads page and grab the latest release. There are upgrade instructions in the documentation.

Hi ! Feature request :D can you add author microdata to the template ? I think it could be a great add on to the theme for SEO purposes.

Thanks !

We leave that kind of functionality to plugins. The theme does what it needs to do, having html hierarchy correct and basic SEO like meta and open graph tags but we leave the heavy lifting to plugins such as Yoost SEO. If you use an seo plugin make sure to disable seo in the theme options page so all the themes seo features will be completely handed over to the plugin. Cheers, Ivar Rafn

Hi ho,

found another little bug in safari browser. In the Author widget the Author Image is cutted and not rounded.

Many greetings, Marco

I’ll fix that. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi BluthCompany !

I just found that related post boxes are not shown in my blog. But I have the right option configured :( what I have done ?

Thanks again.


It works perfectly ! Thanks again.

You are giving your user the best support ever !

No problem, we would appreciate it if you would give us a rating on your downloads page if you haven’t done so already. Thanks and good luck with your blog.

Done … you deserve it.


I bought the theme and it’s great, but I’d like to make few changes, and I can’t figure how to do it. All my posts are “standard” (I can’t update everything to make it work) and i was hopping there will be a way to change the icons depending on the category. What i mean is : i’d like the little icon to be different from one category to another, and i, even if gallery and videos are great features, i won’t use it this way (again, can’t update every posts i ever wrote).

Also, i’d like to import my own icons. Which file should i modify to do that ?

Thank you very much !

Creating font won’t be a problem, and now that i understand how you can import it into the theme, it’s seems far more easy ! Thank you !

No problem, btw I just updated the theme with the category icons feature and an image uploader for icons :)

Ok, I love you ! :D Thank you so much !

Hello, I really love this theme. I guess it would be the best option for my project. But I have one question:

It supports any kind of slideshow? Only at Homepage, like revolution slider or similar?


Hi, You can easily add a slider using a plugin of your choosing. You just need to paste the shortcode in one of the banner positions available in the theme. This (see image) position can be used with a shortcode. You can then choose where it should display.

Awesome! One last question: Can I allow Facebook comments?

Yes you can! There’s an option in Appearance -> Theme Options, which you can turn on Facebook Comments, you have to have a Facebook App ID, which you can make here, simply press ”+ Create New App” and follow the instructions, then you copy the App ID/API Key into the input box in Bliss’s Theme Options.

Feel free to ask if there are any more questions :)

I just purchased this theme and upon activating it says to add the cf-post-format however it seems non existent? Is this plugin no longer available am I missing something?

Yes it’s still available, you can donwload it at this link, it’s also included in the zip file you downloaded. You can find it in the keilir/inc/plugins directory

Finally found great theme for my personal blog, I customised my blog in about 45 minutes only and now it looks exactly as I want, great job and worth 5 stars, and waiting for the facebook and twitter status post, thanks in advance :)

Thanks, I have the twitter/facebook status post types on my to-do list. I’ll add that feature as soon as I have some time.

after 9 hours of using the theme, I advice anyone who needs to create a personal blog to purchase this theme.