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I am interested in this theme. One of the cleanest/functional I have come across in a long time.

Do you have support for AdSense / Ad integration? Looking to do this in between posts on the main page and also be able to insert them on the single post pages as well.


Yes, you can configure those bad boys in many ways. You can remove them, change the icons, background colors or even upload your own image icons. If you prefer different icons per category instead of per post type that’s also configurable.

Awesome & thanks!

No problem, let me know if you have any more questions.

Hello, I filled in my Mailchimp API, but when I enter my emailaddress in the frontend and click ‘SUBSCRIBE’, nothing is happening. When I leave the field empty it says ‘Please fill in email’ which is correct. Could you advise how I make this work? Thanks!

Can you send me an email at and I’ll send you a fixed file.

This issue has been fixed by BluthCompany very quickly. Thanks for your support!

I bought this theme and began using it about 3 weeks ago. Here’s my review: Keilir theme is intuitive and looks good out-of-the-box, with minimal customization or set up. Way easier than some of the premium themes I’ve worked with. The developers/theme support are quick to respond and to work out minor bugs.

I’m very pleased with the purchase.

One other thing. After you buy, take the time to read the documentation (instructions) – “keilir_documentation” folder inside the main zip file. It’s simple and straight forward and will save you asking support questions that have already been answered.

Thanks for the review! We’re pleased that you like it :)

Any plans on setting the theme up for Contact Form 7? By that I mean setting it up so Contact Form 7’s forms match the design? Right now they don’t really mesh well together and many theme developers are working on making sure this highly-popular plugin fits in, so it’d be a huge bonus :-).

we discussed it a few days ago and thought we’d leave it alone but I can do that next week if its not much of a hassle. I’ll put that on my to-do list. Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi, congrats on the theme. I love it. Just a quick question. Can the theme header be resized? If so how do I go about doing it? Cheers

You’ll have to change a bit of css. Why do you want to re-size the header, do you have a large logo? and how big would you want it?

I’ve run into what is probably a fairly easy problem. The titles on the front page do not actually link to the posts themselves, only back to the front page. However, the “No Comments” links correctly. Then the title on the actual post page links correctly.

Any ideas how to fix this hopefully simple issue?


Great, do a search in wp_postmeta for the meta_value of one of the links you have posted. f.e
SELECT * FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_value` LIKE ''
when you find an entry copy the name of the meta_key value. The meta key value for keilir is “_format_link_url” so you need to do a query like this (take a backup of the table before you do this)
update wp_postmeta set meta_key = '_format_link_url' where meta_key = 'old_meta_key_you_copied'

Here’s the query I used:

UPDATE `wp_postmeta` SET meta_key = '_format_link_url' WHERE meta_key = '_wap8_link_url' AND meta_value != ''

It seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much for the quick support!

Awesome! :)

Hi ! I think I found a bug, I tried the new “category icons”. And they works very well in pages where posts are listed. But on the single post page they have the “post type icons”

you can see this behaviour on my blog:

Thanks a lot ! Fabio

Fixed, this only happens to standard post, it must have gotten past me. I sent you an email to wit a fixed file that you can overwrite (instructions in the email).

I’m adding a few things to the theme this week and this fix will be in the next update.

Thanks … super fast support as usual ! Great !

Your welcome!

Is it possible to: 1 – customize the header 2 – remove/change the hover effect on the featured image

Thanks, André

Hi, How would you like to have the header, I was thinking about making it somewhat customizable through the theme options. Maybe have a few versions of the header. I will add an option in the theme options to change/remove the effect, someone has asked about this before so I’ll just add it real quick. Regards, Ivar Rafn

Hi Ivan. The color palette on the header topbar don’t please me, so I think having it customized through theme options is a good idea.

Hi, I must have not been thinking straight when I replied to you, I was so fixed on the thought of making a different layout for the header that I thought you were asking about that :) There are a few settings in the theme options that you can change. You can alter the background color, menu link colors, upload a logo or have text instead, remove the search bar and remove the very top color stripe. I can add an option to change the colors of the stripe, that’s an easy modification.

Awesome theme so far! Really great for a personal site. Thanks so much! Please update as much as possible!

Thank you so much! We are updating the theme and are releasing an update at the end of this week with a few new things. Thanks again for your kind words! :)

Need fast support for Thanks. (My account does not work and cannot reset password)

I sent you an email


I’ve purchased the theme but i can’t find where to upload a image of every author. Is it a theme feature o a standard feature of wordpress?


Hi, The theme uses the default Wordpress function for author images. Wordpress uses for avatars.

Hi, awesome design, but I have two questions before I buy.

1. I checked your demopage with my iphone and thought it can´t load the page as it took 10 minutes and the screen was still black. Then I realized, that I have to scroll to the right and then after 5 or 6 wipes on my screen I was at the center and the content was visible. It seems that the background image doesn´t load on my mobile, but takes the space of it´s resolution. Is there a solution that visitors with mobiles can see the content directly?

2. For me the posts on a pc are in some desktop resolutions a little bit too wide. Is it possible to make the width of these photos a maximum of 550 px and the article width as well. So in case that the browser window is maximised, the article width is never bigger than these 550 px. Also I would like to reduce the font sizes to the same size like in the first box in your menu. “Bluth Company Keilir Responsive Blog Theme is all about the details. Tell your story with this beautiful goal-driven design. Grab your copy today.”

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Bob,

1. I can’t seem to reproduce this on my Samsung galaxy, it works fine there. I’ll have to get my hands on an iPhone and see if I get the same result. The background image is hidden on mobile by default.

2. You can change the fonts and content width with simple CSS code snippets, I can assist you with that. You can then paste the CSS code into the Custom CSS input in the theme options. I can also add some more options there to change f.e font size so you won’t have to mess with css. I’m working on a new update that I’ll to release soon.

I checked the demo with two iPhones and it happens on both. I also tried the Website of which was mentioned above and there it does´nt happen. The Content appears directly without scrolling to the right.

Thank you for your offer to help me with the CSS. This would help. I´m gonna buy right now. So please would you post the CSS code to make the fonts in the content boxes the same as in the first box in the menu. And to make the content width 550 px?

Thank you!

I just bought and installed the theme, then I checked it with my iPhone and the responsive design works perfectly. No scrolling needed! So, it seems to be just a problem with the demo installation.

Maybe I missed it, but is there a way to force the photo to display full width on the front page, and even on posts, rather than how it does it now? I’d like to be able to have full-sized photos display on the site, sorta-kinda similar to how Tumblr image posts work.


Hi! :-)

Actually, the easiest way to explain it would be with this post. See how its an “image” post but only a cropped version of the image displays rather than the entire image? In the “featured image” section of WP Admin, the full image is shown, yet the theme is only displaying this cropped version.

What I would like is to be able to have the full image displayed, obviously within the width of the content area. Here is an example image post from tumblr, displaying the full image.

Does that make sense? I’m not sure I’m articulating it correct, but I hope so.


Yes this makes sense and it’s easy to implement. If you open the following files found in inc/post-format/. single.php, content.php, single-image.php and content-image.php.
In these files there is a line of code like this

you just need to replace gallery-large with full so it looks like this

Awesome, thanks. I’ll give it a go!


Great theme!!

2 Problems.

1. For some reason i get 2 vertical scrollbars on the right. Any idea why?

2. On my iPhone, the scroll is so NOT smooth. It’s like pushing every line down and does NOT feel right. Any ideas on that?

In case you need to check my site out. (click)

Regards, G

Can you send me the url to your website?

Hi, it’s in my previous post! A link!

Please check it out with chrome!

There is a stylesheet called diggdigg-style.css that’s adding overflow-y: scroll to the html, try removing that plugin or add the following into the custom css tab.

html{ overflow:hidden; }

Hi and thank you for the support so far.

Another issue has arrised for me,

Although I have enabled the Facebook comments via your theme option, they do work ok, if the post has already comments on it. If there are no prexisting comments nothing shows, so there is no way to comment and start a conversation.

Posts without comments: (no facebook comments show)

Post with comments: (facebook comments show ok)

help ?

Done, found it in my spam folder.

Done what you asked. Check your email. This was not a fix. G.

Great theme! Even better Support!! Thumbs up!

I too would like to be able to make the font smaller. It’s a little too large for my taste. Love the theme and have gotten great feedback. Just would like to make the font a little smaller in the post body. I’ve tried to adjust the custom CSS but it didn’t have any effect. Thanks guys. Great job.

I’ll include an option on the theme options page to do this in the next update but until then you can use this css code in the custom css tab. Title:

.entry-title{ font-size:26px!important; }

Post text:
.entry-content p{ font-size: 16px!important; }

Perfect!! Thank you!!!

One minor issue!! – The translation dos not work :|

Hi, are you having trouble with translating specific strings or is the whole thing not working? Did you follow the instructions in the documentation?
Best regards, Ivar Rafn

Developers! When i use code highlights with Russian Language, then it looked without support encode, example: <?php echo “aksjl;kjdsglka”?> but i need <?php echo “??????” ?> . Please fixed em. Thanks.

Hi, can you send me an email at so I can give you a fixed file.

Hi! First, thank you for a wonderful theme! But…

I have a problem with the new embedded video function i wordpress 3.6 in combination with Keilir 1.75. My previous version (1.66) everything works well.

Any clues on how to solve this?

Regards, Kristofer

Hi, if you open the theme.min.js file which is located in keilir/assets/js you can remove the line with the following code.

Before 3.6 was released we were using the exact same plugin to add a video/audio player to the theme that they added to wordpress. Now when we are initiating this plugin it’s causing a compatibility issue because it has already been loaded by WP.
I’ll make the required modifications to the theme for the next update but until then just do the above changes and you should be good to go.


This theme is great! How do you upload a document to your website? Is there any way to attach a word document to a page so that visitors can click on the link and it opens the word doc on their computer…?

I’m not sure what’s the best way to do this, a quick Google search gave me this plugin that seems to do the job. Download Monitor