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First, the theme rocks. It’s my first “paid” theme and it’s much better than others I’ve used. Also, I can delete a number of plugins because you include the functionality, and in a cleaner interface! Thanks a bunch.

Second, I’m having trouble with my favorite events plug-in, The Events Calendar. [This is likely me and the widget, rather than you.] The title in the widget is same font-size as posts and the pages show the background in appropriately.

I noticed a similar issue on a separate plug-in widget, where the font sizing in the widget was using the post title font-size. Do you have a simple means to address this?

Last, your promotional text in the footer is recognizing Bluth rather than bluthemes.

Hi, can you send me a link to your page? Thanks for the into on the promotional text, we recently re-branded our theme business so we are still in the process of changing everything.

Thanks for the quick reply. You can find my site at:

Fourth, when using the Bluth Tabs, the widget was blank until I selected it. I was able to correct this when I added “posts” back to the tabs.

Fifth, is there a way to size the Twitter widget? I’d like to reduce the height a bit.

Drop this into the custom css tab of the theme options. The reason this is happening is because the plugin is using the same class name for the heading “entry-title” so the css rule applies to both the post heading and the plugins.
.vcalendar .entry-title{
I think you can customize the height of the twitter widget when you create the code snippet on the twitter website.

Theme is great but the new support forum doesn’t work. I’ve tried logging in with my email address but the field won’t allow me to type my email address (can’t type @ or ”.”). I see that someone has had the same problem and that the issue is resolved but I can’t see it without logging in. Disappointing to have these problems when the theme has been easy to work with so far.

Fixed! We recently built this forum from the ground up because other solutions didn’t suit our needs. There might be a few bug here and there and if you find any or have trouble using the forum you can always email us at Anyway I fixed this issue so now you can type in special characters such as ”@” or ”.” into the login form
Thanks for the feedback


Kya Purchased

This theme is really great. I wondered if I would be allowed to create a page template to allow comments?

I can do that, added to my list. Will be in the next update. Thanks :)


Kya Purchased

Thanks! :D

I purchased this theme a while ago and have found it to be well worth the money. The theme installation and configuration was seamless. When a new version came out I had some trouble updating but the support team was very helpful and patient (I am a wordpress newbie). To see the theme in action check out my blog at .

How can i translate those lines: “Comments, 1 Comment, Post Comment, Leave a reply”? I can not find those lines in PO/MO files.

THanks. (I forgot my user and password on helpdesk)

I’m working on some fixes for the language files, I’ll keep you posted when the new update is released, it will be tomorrow or the day after. P.S you can reset your forum password here

How much time until the new version is released? You said 2 days. Thanks…

Hi, I’m working on it, hopefully i can release later today.

Nice theme without background picture and pattern is so much better look. Boomarked ;)

Thanks! I just noticed that the demo is missing the customizer which allowed people to switch between solid background color and an image. We just moved the demo to another site and I forgot the customizer. I’ll fix that tonight :)

Hi, Can you tell me which way facebook posts work..

Do I create the post in my site and it posts to facebook, or would I write something on Facebook and it’s added to the site?

Sorry, I just noticed it’s probably using the embed post feature from facebook.

Yep, that’s correct. You can embed a facebook post and publish it to your site via the status post type.

Update to Wordpress 3.7? Thanks.

Yes, go a head. I upgraded on my development server and I see no issues. Just let me know if something comes up and I’ll fix it right a way. Best Regards, Ivar Rafn

In the previous live preview there was the “about-us” page and there were the social button under the pictures of the team members. I’d like to check the html for that but there aren’t online anymore. Can you help me? Thanks Enrico

I don’t have that exact page anymore but I have this one, the only difference really is the circle shaped images. Drop me an email at and I’ll get you the code for this page

How does one add avatars for individual users?


Every user/email will have to add an avatar at

check out my personal website using the Keilir Wordpress theme.

Zeerebel – Mong Phu’s Personal Website –

Very nice!

Hi! Problem: when I put several “tags” (occupying the second row) in the first post on the blog page, it Unsets the icon and hiding the post.

This is a veeery strange issue, I found it.

It’s because your tag “Romance Espanhol” has the letter combination span in them and it’s confusing Bootstrap ( the framework ) because it thinks this is a grid element. I have never come a cross this problem, it’s actually really peculiar.

The only way you can avoid this is to rename that tag to something else that doesn’t contain the span letter combination, so sorry but this is definitely a mind boggling bug from Twitter Bootstrap themselves.

Best Regards, Arnar

Ok, I changed the tags. Thanks for the help and have a great day!

No problem, you too copetti! :)

Hi there, Would you be able to help with the installation of the theme and also a small customization. Can I email to explain in more detail? Thanks

Hi, as soon as you install our theme you can head on over to our support forum. We’ll do our best in helping you but we aren’t available for freelance work, if your ideas are pretty generic though and will work for most of our customers then we might put it on our to-do list. :)

I love the them, it works just as it should. I am however having an issue with the related posts below each post. The thumbnails are distoreted, is there a way to have the images cropped to the size as opposed to resizing to the set size, Also applies to the post tabs widget. Thanks

Hi, terribly sorry for the late response, for a better response time I suggest you check out our support forums

I recommend you use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to get all the thumbnails to the correct aspect ratio, let me know if that works :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Thank you so much… this has to be one of the best blogging themes I have come across, so easy to use and very beautiful deserves my 5 stars :) am a very pleased buyer

No problem, thanks for the rating :)

I’m a purchaser. I don’t know how to leave a rating, so I’m posting here.

I’ve worked with a lot of different WP themes, including some very good and high rated themes. Keilir looks better out of the box and is more intuitive and easier to work with than any other theme I’ve worked with. It’s well thought out. I used it to build a client’s blog type site and she loved the theme immediately.

I recommend Keilir and the designers at Bluthemes.

-Greg in Utah

Hi Greg, you just made our day, thank you so much for these kind words!

Best Regards, Arnar & Ívar

Hi, Great theme. I wish there was a customizer on demo site so that I could dig more into it. I have a query regarding the header and navigation bar, can you make it scroll up with the page instead of being there at the top ?

Hi, thanks!

Yes you can disable the sticky header in the theme options.

I currently use WMPL for this blog, and it works perfectly. I use English for default language and Korean as the second language. The korean language is ugly, so I want to change it. According to WMPL, its all about making changes in the style sheet templates. Other google fonts its not an option. Maybe I can attach to another font url? Is it possible? Examples? Thanks! Great Blog BTW!

here is the site:

“korean language is ugly” do you mean that the font is ugly?

You can change the font easily via the theme options, just make sure the font you choose supports the language or else the font falls back to some default font.

I think you might have to enable latin-ext in the subset selection when you choose a font.

Will this work with Wordpress 3.8? Thanks. Any updates planned soon?

Yes it does, I tried it the other day and I didn’t see anything wrong.

I have an update planned but I’m not sure when I’ll release it, I’ve been super busy the last 3 weeks.

Upon installation of the Keilir theme I can no longer upload images (error message: Warning: call_user_func() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /xxxxx/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2117) and cannot change the background to ‘image’. A very poor start when the first two options I attempt to use don’t work. My site is a mess and there’s nothing I can do except remove the theme and write off my 40 bucks. Pathetic.

Hey I answered you in your earliest post :)

My blog is completely messed up after installing this theme. It was working PERFECTLY yesterday and I can no longer do ANYTHING without DB errors. WTF???????????

Hey I answered you in your earliest post :)