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Is this theme supported by WPML ?


We are actually in the process of talking to them to get a badge for all of our themes, we are dependent on their answers and they haven’t been answering us daily so it’s slowing down the process unfortunately

I have been having a lot of fun with this theme. Thanks for making such a quality product.

I have been having an issue with the sidebar. We have a right-sided sidebar on the main screen but wish to remove it from post pages. When we select the One Column post type it puts the sidebar beneath the post. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Here is an example of a one-column page with the sidebar appearing below the post:

Never mind. I finally figured it out using the “Visibility” option.

Hi guys, I don’t seem to be able to verify my purchase of Breeze on your support forums. I’m copying my purchase code but the page just refreshes upon submitting it.

Can I email it you or something?

Yes, email it to and I’ll check it manually.

I’ll also go over the code and see if something is not working correctly there.

Sent, thank you.

I have come to trust themes from theme forest and this theme is a really nice one. Good documentation and super easy out of the box options. Excellent and fast support too! Well done. :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

I would correct one thing: when you embed a video, it shows perfectly on the page and in the post. But if you publish a video post, in the list of previous artciles shown in the bottom area of a post you the youtube address instead of a featured image. not good! :-)

I’ll take a look at that. Thanks

Adding a review system will make it a perfect deal for bloggers, don’t you think? And I’ll be the first to buy it if you do so. :)

It would be a good addition but it’s kind of a big deal to add it in. I’ll keep it on my radar and if I find time to do it I’ll add it. Thanks for the feedback ;)

I have tried on the support page with no help. Gallery post doesn’t work, or at least I can’t get it working. I can I get the pictures to display properly in the home page? thank you! luca

I answered your topic on the support forum

I can’t use the theme! I also have your Bliss and it works perfectly, but this one, after I instaled, when I click on it, everything goes blank. All my screem turns into white, like there was something missing in the code.. Am I doing something wrong? Is this instalation different??

This is usually some error that’s occurring, we haven’t heard of any incompatibility with those two themes before.

Do you have an URL that I can access and see what’s going on?

You can also create a private topic on our forum if you prefer that.

One quick pre-purchase question here. Is it possible to have a post without a featured image set? If so, do you mind making a sample post without an image set so I can see what it looks like? Thanks in advance.


Yes off course you can do that.

Here’s a demo link

One more thing, you can also change/remove the post icons via the theme options. See more about the theme options here

Thank you very much for creating a demo of it. Have you thought about having that icon clickable to show a page of all similar post types? I think that it would be an awesome and useful feature. Or have them display the date on hover over like in the Basta theme:

I can link them to the category or post format depending on the setting. I’ll take a look at that the next time I update Keilir, thanks for the feedback ;)

Hi Bluethemes.

I just bought your theme and I am loving it already.

I was wondering if it is possible to configure the Categories menu to use the left side highlight colours as the background image of the icons used to represent those categories?

Since this is a default widget I have limited control over it so you’ll have to do it manually with some custom CSS.

The following code will set the border color to red for the first category in the list. You can paste this code into the custom css field in the theme options multiple times and just change the number inside the parentheses to target other links.

#side-bar .widget_categories li:nth-child(1):hover {
  border-left-color: red;

Thanks a lot guys! Probably worth creating an option to “match category colour to menu” in some future version. I really like your configuration interfaces, great work guys

Hi Bluethemes

I am just wondering: What algorithm do you use to find the related posts that appear at the end of a post?

I have posts that are related by having a great overlap in both tags and categories. I would expect that the related posts would link (for an example, see: which I would expect relates to:

It uses the category to find related items, if there’s no category or no items found in the category it tries tags.

If thought about using a plugin called YARPP to do the hard work, it has a great algorithm for finding related post.

I’ll add it to my to-do list, when I have time I’ll see if I can add it in, you can however start using it, I’m not sure how it fits in visually with the theme but it’s worth trying out.

Not sure I understand the idea. If it finds something with the same category and there are more than four items in that category, how does it then pick which four to show?

I think it defaults to ordering by date so the latest posts within the category will appear.

Hi again Bluethemes

There are two customisations that would be great to add to your theme.

1) The orange bar that divides the menu bar from the menu itself. Without customer CSS, there doesnt seem to be a way to change this colour 2) The orange background of the pagination control at the bottom of the page

I suppose I can add some custom CSS to fix this, but I would think it near trivial to make the theme do it for me.


1. Are you talking about the color bar at the very top that has 4 different colors in the demo? if so you can change the colors for them in the theme options. If your referring to something elses can you be more specific?

2. You’re correct, I can add some controls for these colors.

In the mean time you can use the following css to change the color for the pagination.

a, a:hover, a:focus, a:active {
  color: red;

Ad 1) Not the top bar with the 4 colours, the line that divides the menu from the menu items

Ad 2) Thanks for this. I probably wait for the update for now. But good to know I can custom hack it

Ahh I see what you mean, I think I’ll need to add some option to change the “Default Theme” color because that color is used in some other places as well. Added to my to-do list , thanks for the feedback ;)

1. How can activate the comments? 2.Is it possible to post comments with Google+?

very good theme :)

You can control the behavior of the comments system through Settings > Discussion in your WP admin. You can also enable FB comments through Appearance > Theme Options.

If you want to add G+ comments I recommend you use a plugin to do that.

- Why the images of “Rafa Nadal – Be the best version of you post” doesn´t work in the home page? they work good if you click on the title :S I mean, I would like to show the whole post (with images) in home page.

· Home page:

· Post:

Go to the theme options and disable the excerpt where it says “Enable posts excerpt (post summary)”. You’ll find it under the Pages & Posts tab.

Issue in Widget Bluthtabs: my quote says: “Lo fácil ya lo hice…” but in the widget is written “[blockquote source_]...”. I don´t want this. I just want my quote like the others posts which are written the title of the post.

nothing, It was my error, sorry

How can I create Author page the same as yours?

There isn’t much else to it.

  1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options in your WP admin
  2. Click the Posts & Pages tab
  3. Under “Archives layout” select “List”
  4. Save the settings
  5. Click the author name on your site

I’ve done it. You can check it.

It says that there is not page found.

I don´t want that my categories Videos, Imágenes and Quotes be like archives. I just want to create a author page with this extension:

At the moment there are only options to have the list layout for the front page or archives, you can’t specify exactly which pages you want to have this layout.

This 404 error you’re getting has something to do with your permalinks. You might be using a plugin to handle that or not but I suggest you do a Google search for “author page 404 wordpress” and you’ll see a bunch of results by people with the same issue.

HI Again Bluthemes

A few comments and ideas for the theme:

1) The related posts adds a LOT of load times to the site. By disabling this feature, I cut my load times from 3sec to just over 1sec. 2) On the iPhone, the theme renders without the background image. I would be great to have the ability to control what the background colour is.

Ad 1) I would suggest you leave related posts as off by default. Furthermore, given that the algorithm for picking the posts isnt very good, having the ability to statistically set the related posts would be much more useful (and less CPU intensive) than the current algo)


1. Ok, that’s a bit long, are you using a caching plugin?

2. If you select “Solid Color” under Background in the theme options you can change the background color. When you change back to having a background image the solid color setting will still save and load behind the image on the page.

I agree the algorithm is not good at all, it’s just a basic feature, I think it will be best to implement the YARPP plugin as mentioned before, it’s much more powerful and has caching so the response time is quicker.

More feedback: It would be nice if the list/detail view had the option to disable page footers while still leaving page footers available in the post view. This would make for a more compact detail view

I would like two different rendering options. On the category view (where multiple posts are shown) the footer that allows sharing to Social Media takes too much space. However, when I have picked a specific post, I would like to see the footer. It does not look like there is a way to get the footer in just one of these cases

Ahh I see, drop this CSS code into the Custom CSS tab inside the theme options.

This code hides the post footer on all pages except on the single page.
footer.entry-meta {
  display: none;
.single footer.entry-meta {
  display: block !important;

Nice!. Thanks guys, amazing support. You should add this to the theme as an option

Can you tell me how i’d get the twitter and the instagram, etc. over to a column on the right side? As of now I just have one wide scroll. And I checked the layout box I thought was the answer to this in the theme options…?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It can be controlled individually in each post or by setting the global default in the theme options.

Do you have an url that I can take a look at so I know which page your referring to?

Thanks, I figured this one out.

Hi, I am unable to get Facebook post to come in like the blog posts.

Do I need to make some sort of FB app? If so, I am having a hard time with that FB App thing.

Is there another way? I currently have the FB posts coming in on the side widget. But this is not optimal for me.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Go to this url

Click Apps at the top and select Create a new app. There you fill out the fields, just select App for Pages under category.

Once you’re done you’ll need to copy the App id and paste it into the theme options in Keilir.

Now you’ll be able to render FB posts on your page.

You can find more info on embedded fb posts here

For example, you can paste this html into the Fb embed field of your posts

<div class="fb-post" data-href="" data-width="500" />