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Hi Bluth,

I tried to move the tags to the bottom of each post by adding the ”<?php the_tags(); ?>” to the very end of the code in the single.php and index.php. However this had no effect so I deleted the ”<?php the_tags(); ?>” from both the single.php and main.php so that everthing was back to normal. However, now when I click on a post an error message appears.

Website: Post that loads with error:



In the zip file you downloaded from themeforest you can find the original single.php file which you can use to restore the functionality.

To add the tags to the bottom you need to change different files then single.php, you need to modify all the files in /keilir/inc/post-format/

There are two types of files there one with the prefix “single-” and the other with the prefix “content-” the content files are for the index page and single is when you click on a post.

You need to add this code:
    <?php if(has_tag()){ ?>
    <?php the_tags(“
  • ’,’, ’,’
  • ‘); ?>
<?php } ?> Just before this line:
<!-- .entry-content -->
So it will look like this:
<?php if(has_tag()){ ?>
    <?php the_tags(‘
  • ’,’, ’,’
  • ‘); ?>
<?php } ?> <!- .entry-content ->

Then you need to remove the tags from the top by taking out this line in /keilir/inc/meta-top.php

<?php if(has_tag()){ the_tags('
  • ’,’, ’,’
  • ‘); } ?>

    I can’t send the code correctly with this comment system, drop me an email at and I’ll send you the code snippet.

    Thanks for the quick reply, this is very useful!

    How can I change the color of the buttons, along with the bar below a category in which you are hovering over in the header menu?

    Thank you.

    I replied to your topic on our support forum ;)

    Hi I am using a child theme for this template and the mailchimp widget isn’t working. I tried contacting your from your profile page but got no response. Can you help?

    Can you send me an URL so I can take a look?

    Hi i just send it through your profile contact form.


    I am changing the widgets on the backend but for some reason they are not showing up on the live end. My blog is currently in Maintenance


    Please create a private topic on our support forum and include authentication credentials and I’ll login and take a look.

    how can I edit the order of “Gallery images posts”

    I’ts not possible a the moment, the plugin which we used for Keilir has some limitations and ordering images afterwards is one of them.

    I want to have a sidebar on all my pages, but only a single column on all posts. My default template is the right-sidebar. When I write a post, I select for it to have “Single column,” but when I publish it, the sidebar widgets appear beneath the post. How can I have my sidebar on all pages but only single column on all posts? Thanks.

    Do you have a link so I can take a look?

    Actually, I found a way to fix it. I had to activate “Visibility” in the Jetpack plugin to hide the widgets on my posts.

    Ahh ok that’s good.

    Sorry for the late reply, we just came back from vacation ;)

    hello; I am really interested in this theme but my payment is not accepted because i’m a nigerian, is there any other alternate means. I have submitted a ticket but to no avail. Thanks

    Sorry, we sell our themes exclusively here on ThemeForest, you’ll have to figure it out with them.

    Hi there!

    Thanks so much for this wonderful theme.

    I would like to add a button to my navbar similar to the “Buy Now $150” button Pebble is using out their installation of the Keilir theme. How do I do this? I can’t seem to figure it out.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    Sorry for the late reply, you can use our support forum for a quicker response the next time you have a question.

    This button they’re using is a custom modification but that’s not a problem if you’re comfortable editing some code.

    Drop the link below just before

    <!-- /.navbar-inner -->
    inside header.php near line #179 So it looks like this:
    <!-- /.navbar-inner -->
    <a class="btn btn-success pull-right" href="" style="margin: 16px 0px;">Buy Now $150</a>

    HI Bluth

    One feature request (which really affects the use of this theme): The ability to use the featured image as the preview image when sharing a URL on Facebook or LinkedIn. Interestingly, the background image IS available as a preview, but the other images are not.



    I suggest you use a plugin for that. You think you can use Yoast SEO to configure exactly what image is shared and what text comes with it.

    Great theme, thanks!

    Thank you ;)


    Why doesn’t this change to the right date format?

    Thank you for your time!

    - Nick

    Hello Nick,

    Go to keilir/inc/related-post.php and line 122

    Change this code
    <i class="icon-clock" /> <?php the_time('M j, Y') ?>
    To this
    <i class="icon-clock" /> <?php the_time() ?>

    Done, thanks!

    Love your theme,

    but I really need a shortcode for adding gmaps in my posts and set places. Any plans for that?


    Thanks for your quick reply.

    One more question:

    I want to use the post icons for categories and used the settings for that. Unfortunately I can only define icons for 3 of my categories and the sticky post. But I have 6 categories in total. How can I define icons for each of them?


    Okay okay, got it. Each catogery has to contain a post before being able to edit the icons. thx ;)

    Yeah, it only pulls in categories with posts in them, I’ll add some text in there about that, this has come up before ;)

    Any issues with 3.9?


    We are working on a theme update for Wordpress 3.9. The update will be released very soon :)

    Some of my short codes are missing in the post edit page and the post create page.


    We are working on this in our next update, the update will be released very soon.

    Hey there, great theme so far! There seems to be a little problem with the Instagram Widget. When I’m trying to get my “access token code” it just redirects me to homepage and that’s it. Is there any solution? Greetings Alex

    sorry, just noticed the link to the forum and posted this into the support forum!

    Hi guys,

    How would you display the author’s name who wrote the article on the top of the post, preferably next to where it says the date, the categories and the number of comments?

    The site:



    Very happy with this purchase. I would like to suggest you add YouTube in the social counter widget in an update to come. :-)

    Good idea, I’ll write it down. Thanks ;)


    I’m very happy with the purchase so far!

    Is it possible to update the theme with more first page display option, say masonry or grid layout.


    I’ll add it to my list but I’m not promising anything ;)

    Thanks for the feedback

    Beautiful theme. I really like the List layout over the default. However, I notice in this layout, I do not see snippets of the post and the read more button.

    Is it possible for me to edit the theme and add this myself? I tried looking in the editor but could not find it. What do you suggest?


    Sorry for the late reply.

    You can echo the_excerpt() just after the H2 tag in inc/post-format/content-list.php to get the excerpt.

    If you create a topic on our support forum or send me an email ( I can send you code snippets. This comment system isn’t very good with code snippets, they get all messed up if I try sending you them ;)


    Is it possible to add a custom header to the theme?

    Yes, you can add content above the header or above the content.

    You can configure those positions via the theme options, you can add custom HTML content, a shortcode or an image using the image upload button.

    You can see a demo of the positions here