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I’m trying to get support from BlueThemes Support website to solve some issues with Keilir Theme that I bought from ThemeForest. Whenever I try to crete a new ticket an input box appears asking for the Item Purchase Code, but after I input my code the following message appears: “This purchase code has already been used!” I don’t know how to proceed now. Please, can you help me? Thank you very much.

Please send me an email to and I’ll get right on it. Make sure to include your purchase code in the email.


ok, I have already sent an email to this address last week and got no answer, but will send again. IObrigado!

Nice work, I would like to know if you can get this template in HTML / CSS version? thank you and good sale!

Hi, Thanks for the interest but unfortunately it’s not on our schedule at the moment.

Since I updated the theme now all gallery post are broken. Gallery do not show up in home page and single posts. where I have gallery posts, I only see the title with no featured image.

thank you

After the update, it still doesn’t work. too bad. I love the design of the theme but to be honest load speed, bugs and customer support are quite disappointing.

I’m sorry about the delay, we’ve been really busy.

As I mentioned in the support ticket, I’m going to do a revamp of the post format system.

Hi, added to the header image and the profile picture is not part of the author. I sent a detailed e-mail.

Thanks, I just replied.

Can you add Twitch in the socialbox please?

I’ll add that to my to-do list, thanks

thanks for the answer

bluethemes can you recommend a good plugin for automatich youtube video posts? Like the Webside from

Are you looking for a plugin that automatically posts to YouTube?

I’m not sure I understand your request.

I want an automatic post on my blog if my video released on youtube

I’m not sure that’s possible, I haven’t seen any plugin that can do that. I f your certain that the owner of the page you referred to has this functionality you can try contacting him and ask him what plugin he’s using.

Hi – can I ask. Those Twitter / Facebook posts in the blog …. how do they actually appear on the blog? Did you manually embed those updates, or does the theme take them from the relevant social media profile?


Those are tweets/fb posts which are embedded into the post. You can create a “status” post type in WP and paste the embed code into a special box which the theme provides.

Oh, so it’s all still a very manual process! I was hoping for some kind of cross posting / automation magic going on :(

That would be a cool feature but also a lot of work to implement, maybe there’s a plugin that can do that.

Hi! I would like to buy this theme but i don’t know programation. This theme includes a demo or a how-to guide to configure?


Hi, You don’t need to know any programming to use this theme. You simply upload it to you WP site and activate it.

Once activated, it’s very easy to configure via the theme options panel.

I uploaded the theme to my wordpress and the live preview doesn’t work and when I activate I just get a blank screen on the home page.

Can someone help with this please?

Hi, can you paste the following code into the functions.php file and reload the page and tell me what errors appear.

ini_set('display_errors', '1'); 
error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

You might also need to set WP_DEBUG to true inside the wp-config.php file to reveal the error messages.

I’ve got it to work. It looks like it was a browser issue.

Hi, is there any way to make the featured image on the post page smaller or thumbnail?

No not with the current setup, you would need to do some CSS changes to accomplish that.

I didn’t see this asked yet.

Will there be plans to add Font Awesome support to the theme? Specifically, allowing Font Awesome icons to display in the navigation menu? It’s low priority I’m sure, but it would be nice to have :)

Hi, The theme has a mix of Font Awesome and a bunch of other icons all merged into one set using Fontello.

Changing it to Font Awesome would cause a lot of issues for customers since they’ve saved their settings and shortcodes with the old class names.

However I can provide some CSS code for you to add icons to the menu, it’s a very simple hack.

Please create a ticket at our support forum about it and provide a link to your page. It’s much better to exchange code snippets on our forum than here and also other customers will be more likely to find that topic and make use of the CSS code I’ll be sending you.

Hello, I have just installed the theme and I am proceeding according to the documentation “It is required that you install the CF-Post-Formats plugin to make the theme work as it should, so there should be a yellow notification box appearing in your Wordpress Backend telling you to do so, if it isn’t there, you can go to Appearance » Install Plugins and install CF-Post-Formats and activate it. “

In my backend there is no notification at all about that. And under Appearance menu I have Theme, Customize, Widgets, Menus, Theme Options, Editor… There is not such a submenu called “Install plugins”.

I can’t see that plugin neither under wp-admin -> Plugins -> Installed plugins…

What should I do? Thanks


I forgot that it was mentioned there, the theme has this plugin now included so you don’t need to do anything else. It is mentioned in the v2.3 update changelog:

Fixed: The theme now includes the post formats plugin

Sorry about that ;)

Ok, thanks

The title font has changhed. How can I make it like before ?

Hello, please take a look at As you can see the previois posts, imported from Blogspot, show the featured image in their full format. On mouse over, there is a little zoom. But for example if an image was in portrait mode, it was set and not changed, nor cropped.

However in the last post titled “marne gad?ety dla dziecka” you can see that the featured image was cropped. I’d like to show the featured image in its original size.

How can I do that? I tried to chage the post format from standard to image and vice versa, but it’s always cropped.

Thanks in advance

Hello There! Appreciate the update. I decided to give this theme a try on a fresh domain but am getting this error when attempting to install the CF Post Formats plugin:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cfpf_base_url() (previously declared in /home/httpd/html/ in /home/httpd/html/ on line 37

Thanks in advance!


You don’t need to install CF POST formats, it’s already included in the theme since version 2.3

I am interested in purchasing this theme. However, I’d like to know if it is possible to incorporate the “Big Logo w/Image” header style from bliss. Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Hey there, unfortunately although that may seem like an easy task, it’s a major process, if you want these kind of customization we usually direct people to Elto

Best Regards, Arnar

My thumbnails don’t work on the frontpage but they work on the post-page…? Why?

Hey Jimmybjorkman, you’ll need to be way more specific. Could you provide a link to your website?

Hi, i had to cut my featured images sizes. Where could i do that ? its too big for my project.

Do you want the post text to be bold?

yes it should be more bold. 2: Big issue! you gave me the code for meta tags. but i think it completely make it unnecessary the meta tags. coz when i did this, my seo point broke down. i said not completely delete meta tags. I JUST DONT WANT TO SHOW THEM.

Use this to control the post content:

.entry-content p {
  font-weight: bold;

The meta tags are just hidden, they’re not removed, if you look into the HTML you can still see them.

The excerpt feature doesn’t seem to work for Japanese text no matter what limit I set on the amount of words in the post. It seems to just essentially treat 5 paragraphs of Japanese text as 5 words total.

Can you please tell me how to fix this?

Sorry I will post in the support forum next time. So..I’ve been doing a little more research. You’re right this is definitely a WP problem. Do you guys know of a code that we could just manually include in each post to tell it where to stop?

Nevermind…It looks like I can use the More tag. Thank you!

Hi, You can use the more tag but there also an option where you can manually write the excerpt. If you edit a post, click the Screen Options button at the top right and make sure the Excerpt option is enabled. You can then fill in the excerpt manually at the bottom in the Excerpt input field.

Any updates planned? I want to start my personal blog and i want to customize a bit the theme, and i want to know if any updates are planned :D Thank you!

I have an update planned but not in a few weeks. If you want to modify the theme I suggest you use the child theme.