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Hello. I’m looking to buy one of your templates, but wanted to find out if I could use your form with Marketo’s (www.market.com) snippets of code so that I can use their scripts with your form. Please let me know soon so I can buy one of your templates.


Frankly say I don’t quite get what do you mean. If you have some developer or you can edit the code then you can customize it. Regards

can assist us how to optimise the intro bg image? it loads very slow on mobile devices..

Select screen resolution in the responsive.css file and enter value
#intro { 
    background-image: url(../path to your new image); 

do i have to remove the code at style.css?

No don’t, only add a new image for selected resolution in the responsive.css file. Thanks

How can I integrate this form with Get Response?

Hi, oyohan, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, I ‘ve never worked with Get Response. But the contact form in all my templates very easy to use you can customize it in two steps. Regards

What are the two steps? What information do I need from my ESP?

You only need enter your email address in the contact.php file. Thanks

how can i raise the register form to sit below title bar when responsive?

i want the register form to be higher when responsive.

Hi,lbpc, thank you for purchase my template. Sorry for late reply. Open the responsive.css file select screen resolution and change the contact form margin from the top. Thanks

I am buying this template to use in one of my site. how ever, how can i open a form in popup (for example say login form). can you guide? or is that something a developer would do easily?

Hi,vinayb, thank you for purchase my template. This template built wih bootstrap framework so you can visit they official website and discover how to insert a modal pop-up window to your page. Thanks

Hello. I purchased the Keno template and needed to have a navigation menu item link to an external page. The ‘Current Menu Item’ section in custom.js would throw a jQuery error ‘Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: /mypage.html’ where /mypage.html is the external link.

To correct the error i changed the id of the link to ‘noScroll’ and changed the custom.js as follows (somewhere near line 270): $('.navbar-nav > li > a').each(function() { // If 'id' is not 'noScroll' then ok to loop // but not want to include external links in loop if(!this.id == 'noScroll') { thisHref = $(this).attr('href'); thisTruePosition = parseInt($(thisHref).offset().top); thisPosition = thisTruePosition - headerWrapper - offsetTolerance; if(scrollPosition >= thisPosition) { $('.selected-nav').removeClass('selected-nav'); $('.navbar-nav > li > a[href='+ thisHref +']').addClass('selected-nav'); } } // end id check for noScroll }); Link in index.html: <li><a id="noScroll" href="/mypage.html">My Page</a></li>

The authors may wish to add this modification to the next version. In the meantime, I hope this helps someone who would like to have a menu item that links to another page.

Hi, landreww, thanks for the advice. I can’t see the sign purchased on your profile. I’m sorry for my question please tell me have you bought my template? Thanks

Hello again, this is landreww from the previous post. We purchased the Keno template with the rtacorp username. Sorry for the confusion.

It’s OK no problem. Thanks for you advice again. Best Regards

Hello. I am interested in your theme but I want to use it with Aweber autoresponder service.

Is it possible to insert Aweber form code somewhere in this template and still function as designed?

Thank you.

Hi,rpstaller, sorry for late reply and thanks for your interest. To be honest I have never used this form before but if you have some developer or you can edit the code then you can insert Aweber form. Thanks


I just bought your theme “Keno” , i tried uploading the zip file directly through my wp-admin, but all i get is the error message “stylesheet missing” ? , i also tried opening the zip file to see if there was any “theme” folder inside, but its not there, could i get help with this ?


Hi,businessman2013, thanks for purchasing my template. Unfortunately, Keno is a simple HTML landing page, not a WordPress theme. Thanks

Hello, I would like to buy this landing page. I just have a question concerning the form. Can additional fields and combo boxes be added like typical html pages?

Hi,cdnmike,thanks for your interest. Sorry but I don’t understand what do you mean


Can I use this theme as a multi page site.


Hi,doddsy,thanks for your interest. This is one page landing page so if you have some developer skills and can edit the code then you can customize it and add some new pages. Thanks

I have some basic skills, how difficult would it be to change the nav and just duplicate the single page thanks

I really don’t know what html, css and bootstrap knowledge you have. I think (for me) it’s not difficult but for you….

Hi, purchase the template and I need to change the email address of the forms NEWSLETTER thanks

Hi, rdisenox, sorry for late reply. Please contact me via email. Thanks


How do I change the time that the testimonies show at the bottom of the page?

Is there another similar page I could purchase that does not have the effects? Something that would load quicker into phones?

Hi, jonwite, sorry for late reply. To change the time that the testimonials show open the custom.js file find string:171 and change the value. Thanks

hi. we have used you theme on the site http://rightsofnature.eu/ . we want to make a modification to the subscription form so that it will contain 2 additional entry fields, in addition to the email: first name, last name and country. can you please help us with the quickest way to implement that?

how can i embed the mailchimp code with the form and keep the same layout, button etc?

thank you

as i said i have the code for the form from mailchimp, with everything i need – all the fields, but how can i integrate it to the template?! i know that you have loads to work but what is the support about if you don’t help me to customize the theme with what my client requested to me…thanks in advance

Hi, cata100, item support does not include ?ustomization services and installation services (you can see this if you open the tab support). Best Regsrds

it is so hard to answer my question?

Hi! I can’t fix the setup of mailchimp, can you help me with this? What have I to do on the code?

Thanks, Cris

Hi, crizinho, thanks for purchasing my template and sorry for late reply. Do you have the MailChimp account? To setup the mailchimp form please refer the documentation. Thanks

hello is it configured for rtl? thakns

Hi, 1133M, thanks for your interest. Yes it can be configured for rtl. Thanks

Hi I have Created the page & uploaded here http://igraftglobal.org/campaign-fresh/inex.html

But its not loading

Hi, vaibhavdxt, thanks for purchasing my template. I think you’ve uploaded your template into the wrong folder. To find more how to upload you template on your hosting please refer documentation. Thanks

No that I am able to run it .. Its not working on Mobile Safari and chrome browser:


Hi, vaibhavdxt, what do you mean not working? Can you send me some screenshots? Thanks

Hi, Does your theme come with a installer with all required/used plugins and demo content?

Hi, mauricepe, thanks for your interest. Keno is simple HTML template not WordPress theme. Thanks


szeor Purchased


I bought Keno template, and I like it, but I have a problmem. Intro div background image (intro.jpg) doesn’t responsive, and not have dynamic size. Can it?

I hope can you help me.

Thank you

Answered via email. Thanks


szeor Purchased

Thank you! Problem solved.

Have a nice day!!!