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Will you be updating the DNP Portfolio to work with video for Joomla 3.2?

The DNP Portfolio for Joomla 3 is only for com_content and it does not cover support for videos.

The problem is when the window shorten the resbonsible didn’t work apropably…the slider seems not to work right and on the portofolio don’t appear the images. Please advice how to solve the problems.

Please contact me via PM for support and I will find a solution ASAP. Please also provide accurate issue information.

I have a new problem wiht the site in the Home page. How can we change Images and texts?

Responsive Design responsive The time has come to leave frameworks behind and work with the new web standards. Everything is now redefined: layouts, typography, modules, sliders and even menu, they all adjust on various screen sizes. Read more

Powerful Slider slider I developed a slider module based on FlexSlider. It comes with touch capability, a friendly administration panel and a ton of useful features. Rich animations and content styling, and it’s responsive!Read more

Unique Portfolio portfolio module An exceptional module I developed powered by jQuery Isotope. It features an automated grid based design to always show perfect on your desktop, tablet or phone. The best part is: supports videos too! Read more

Please contact me via PM for support and I will reply ASAP.

Please do not use item comments for support.


Hello there, we have a problem with dnp slide handle, the save button doesn’t work. Only cancel work fine. DNP Slider version 1.0.1 and 1.5.1 always Joomla version: 2.5.4 PHP version: 5.3.28 K2 version 2.6.8 installed ; SimpleImageGalleryPro-v3.0.5_j1.5-2.5-3.x installed; Please can you help us? Best regards

Support via private message please. Thank you

hello, I state that I have no experience of Joomla and then my request is probably trivial, but I do not understand the difference between templates Kent – Wrap Layout and Kent – Wrap Round Layout No Content. The problem is: if I select the template Kent – Wrap Layout features read more article work correctly but on the Home Page appears a section containing “Responsive Design”, “Powerful Slider” and “Unique Portfolio” that I can not identify, modify, and remove; if I select Kent – Wrap Round Layout No Content that section did not appear and the capabilities of read more article no longer work. How can I do? Again, sorry my ignorance regards, LF

Please check my documentation on template administration panel.

Hello, i have a problem! The home page SLIDER, don’t play two image in the responsive what is the problem? Please help

Support via PM :)