Discussion on Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax

Discussion on Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax

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Hi just a quick question in the podcast section there is an area for an excerpt that shows in the grid card. Is there a way of doing the same with posts as the first but of info we post is a video and it shows the link in the grid card.

Hi, if you specify an excerpt for the post it should display instead of the video URL. Isn’t this working for you?

So sorry I’m a moron the excerpt was not showing as it was switched off in Wordpress screen options. My mistake oops.

Oh I see! Indeed could happen, no problem, have a great day and thanks for the feedback!


how to create new ticket in panel? https://prnt.sc/FF7cPTCLl2Hq

Hi I have bought this theme 3 times and installed it on 3 different sites. Its an awesome theme but I do have a small bug in all 3 and even in your own demo. The social share buttons don’t sen the correct information to the social sites.Wrong size images. which is not a big deal but every time i make a new post I share it on my own social media via the site by clicking on the share buttons. Sometimes the twitter link when clicked it opens up the popup box with the link already inside but it just shows the link and no image. If i remove the end trail forward slash the it sometimes works. Any Idea what the issue is.

Hello and thanks for your feedback on this, actually os not a theme bug and we are aware of this in our demos. Simply, you need to use a plugin to manage this.

For instance, with All in One Seo (aioseo) you can specify the title, image and description of the shared link.

It would be incorrect if the theme manages this for you since there are much more professional plugins made for this same purpose.

Also Toast can help with this.

Once you install and set a plugin to manage the sharing meta data, for Facebook you will have to use the link debugger in order to scrape new information. Otherwise it will still use the cached data Facebook has stored.

We installed AIOSEO a long time ago. and this issue still happens. It only ever happens with twitter cards. We have been in touch with AIOSEO and the have investigated by looking in our admin area and code and all seem to be fine. It just refuses to work regularly for twitter.

An example of the randomness of whats happening is if it is showing the wrong card type then sometimes i add a forward slash at the end and it popsup.

In this case, we can try to help, but you need to extend the support and get in touch with our tech department. We can’t provide suppor if the service is inactive, I’m sorry.


vsonacci Purchased

QT: is the quality of the audio uploaded any way compressed or encoded/processed when playing it through QT player? will a .wav file still maintain it’s quality? I know that the mp3 demo and download files are mutually exclusive but will does the QT player in any way shape or form process/change the quality of the audio when a user presses play?

no, the file is the same, the files are not reencoded

Hey guys, first at all great theme, i have just one question, any chance to edit the fontsize of the footer and header? it looks a bit too small for me

Hi, i tried to enter the helpdesk, but can not verify with my purchase code? It says “not valid” could you please check this for me?

I’m checking your code, one second please

The error log indeed says the Envato API was timing out at the time you tried, maybe it was overloaded,

I was able to add the code to your profile now https://capture.dropbox.com/MD3tlMV6lT8KlBcZ

Very sorry for the inconvenience, please use the link below to login. Thanks!


Hi! I have purchased you theme 3 years ago and I’ve tried it on one of my websites but it didn’t work out and removed it! Now I’ve tried to install in on a new website and it says that the theme is been used by another website! How?

Please feel free to contact us via mail to support@qantumthemes.com for further updates (like to send screenshots or other details)


I have good news for you, we were able to find some snapshots of your website on webarchive and can confirm it was a staging installation and the site never went public using Kentha. The license was reissued.

Thank you so much!’=)


galali2 Purchased

Where i can control the share icon in the sidebar this is what i want not the social icons in the foter

Hello, for this question please contact the helpdesk, it requires a more technical answer which I’m unable to provide here. For support: https://qantumthemes.com/manuals/onair2/knowledge-base/support/



galali2 Purchased

I need to know from where i can change social media icons

appearance > customize > social

Hello Can you please suggest how to add tiktok icon to social media lists?

Hi, we don’t have tiktok icons yet, sorry.


galali2 Purchased

I need to add search bar in my menu as the edit in the header give me the ability to edit logo and menu only

Hi, I’m sorry but there is no search in the menu for this theme, regards

Hi QantumThemes, I am still very happy with the template! I had a question, is it possible to open the artist page directly upon clicking on one of the cards? Thanks!

Hi, sorry there is no such option at the moment. regards

QT – 1 out of the 2 purchase codes I own for KENTHA is not working at activation. I have never used the second purchase code but the error message states “Error: your purchase code is already in use on another website, contact our helpdesk to reissue the license.” I am unable to see which purchase code is being used on my working site and I need to reset or clear the second one so that I can use it to activate the site i’m working on now. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you!

Purchase Code #1: 169b8123c1 Purchase Code #2: ce9d25aa91

Is the second wan that was not used, please try now

Activation complete! Thank you!!!

Hi guy’s I have been using this theme for a number of my clients for some time now and love the theme. I have however had one or two clients asking why they cant put video podcasts in the podcast section. As we know podcasting is no longer just audio and having the option to add videos to the podcast section would be a massive advantage.

Is this something I can do or is this going to be included in a future update. Thanks

Well, that explain, yes you HAVE to update the theme, if is an old version it won’t work.

I have updated the theme with no errors. But the plugins still wont update. it says

Downloading update from http://qantumthemes.xyz/public_plugins/kentha-3/knth-connector-20210916-FUCKNULL3D/kentha-elementor-1.0.8.zip…

Download failed. Not Found

Hi, your website is clearly not fetching the new plugins. You have to remove the license key and add it again, and make sure to clear your server cache as well. If you need further support, please extend your support, since it seems expired since some time



abdon Purchased

I moved my site to a new server on Cloudways and now my purchase code isn’t showing as registered. I tried to add a ticket in support website but it’s been so long it says purchase code invalid. I’ve only had the theme on one website. Please help.

hello, the code was linked to a temporary domain, please retry now


Hi there, lovely modern theme – filled with parallax, love it! Regarding the ticket system:

  • Is the an in-built payment system compatible ‘Livenation/BandsinTown’ directly integrated within theme? How does it work? I’m aiming to understand the user’s buying journey,
  • Is the theme compatible with eventbrite plugin – A platform that manages ticket booking)? This is an alternative ticket system, that would allow us to feature several our of Theatre show events.


Hi 1) Our theme is fully compatible with Elementor and we provide instructions to set up both a regular shop or a ghost tracks & samples shop.

2) We never tested the Eventbrite plugin, you shouldn’t have problems but we can’t provide support for this, you need to tet it and, in case of any incompatibility, apply the required settings or code changes to make the theme work along with the Eventbrite plugin.

Anyway our events system allows to set any purchas link for event tickets, even multiple links per event (as group discounts and more). So if the plugin gives you a link to purchase the ticket you can copy that in the “purchase link” option of the event, and people will be automatically redirected.

There is no deep integration in terms of importing/sharing events since they are based on different structures so you’ll have to create the events both in Eventbrite and in the theme “events” archive.

Regards Igor

Is possible to change that url kentha-event to event?

Yes, please contact our helpdesk for the technical procedure: https://qantumthemes.xyz/manuals/kentha/knowledge-base/support/

https://i.imgur.com/e0oXvpZ.png I am in the middle of importing my CSV to my kentha site and I got everything imported exept the demo previews because i cannot locate anything that matches the table name from the kentha theme which is in the woocommerce products “attachment url” cannot find anywhere to link this in my wordpress import for csv backup of products. Domain is Ravesta.com

Hello, for tech support please extend your service in order to get the help of our developers. https://qantumthemes.xyz/manuals/kentha/knowledge-base/support/



odipfa Purchased

Hello! I have check multiple sections from admin, how is it possible to disable the automatic home page player called “Abstract Liguid….” Thank you for your support!

Hi, just remove the background video. Youtube is not preventing the title from being displayed. With Elementor you can set an mp4 loop as background, to bypass the issue.

For further support please make sure to renew your support service, which appears to be expired. Thanks

I really love your theme, but I can’t understand why TikTok is still not been added as a social medium. Just searched in the comments and I only found two comments from 1 year and 3 months ago about the same question. Ironically enough, that second comment is from me ;-)

Is there a possibility to add it by myself? It’s one of the most used social media right now so it would be awesome if there will be come an update soon that adds TikTok.

Lookin’ forward to your reply!

Hi, the reason is that we received 3 requests in total 8as you mentioned) and is not really our main target of customers, so it was not added yet since it requires quite a big amount of work. You’re free to edit the theme anyway you want, no problem for that.


I cant find in 3d albums settings https://prnt.sc/vv5qRyDUiqfz pic with man on background https://prnt.sc/5CcztvoE9_RT

done/ please reply to ticket

Hello, your tickets have been answered, no need to write also here. Thanks!


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