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I made a ticket for loading demo 1 content and no changes i’m making are visible including particle background

The Theme doesnt import demo because the keysoft-wp.themetek.com link is broken

Hello, the new link is http://keysoft-wp.keydesign-themes.com/. It will go live on the next update. Thank you.

Hi – unable to install virtual composer. I am also unable to lodge a ticket on your support system.

The plugin does not have a valid header.

Hello, please open a ticket on our support platform: https://keydesign.ticksy.com Thank you!

the visual composer is not loaded. Demo pages are not loading. Why?

Hello, please open a ticket on our support platform: https://keydesign.ticksy.com Thank you!


kazcap Purchased

Extract the js_composer plugin and upload it manually. it fixes the problem.

It should work without extracting manually. Is this still occurring when installing the theme? Thank you.


I purchased KeySoft some time ago and never made use of your support system, so I was hoping you could answer this one question for me without me having to renew my support subscription. I’d greatly appreciate it.

I can’t find a settings option to disable the sticky header feature. I’d like for the header to just stay at the top. How can I accomplish this?

Thank you.

Just add this in custom css field:
.navbar.navbar-default {
    position: absolute;

Excellent, thank you very much!

Hi, I am having problems trying to implement a drop-down menu. I want two pages in the drop -down menu but regardless what I do I can’t make the drop-down menu show. I’ve tried them as standalone pages, two of which are subpages, and I’ve also tried them with the two subpages as parents of the main page (the one displayed in the header menu). Neither works.

And I am also having problems getting my purchase key to be recognised by the support system. Please help.


I would appreciate if you can answer one quick question regarding CSS. Where can I change position for the contact form? In the original demo there is Google Map on a left and contact form on a right side. I deleted Google Maps and want the contact form just be in the center of the page.

Thank you!

Thank you for a quick reply!

If I use a shortcode for a contact form everything works perfectly. I guess my problem is I want to use the special CSS style (contact) so it looks the same way as in the demo. In style.css I found

.contact { float: right; }

However, changing float parameter didn’t work out. I was hoping there is another easy way to do so. Thank you!

Try adding the following CSS code with the theme custom style area (Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Global Options > Custom CSS):

.vc_row.contact { float: none !important; }

Thank you so much!

demo not loading. How do I install?