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thank you….great file!

question, does the suscribe to newsletter section work?

No, the subscribe to newsletter is only for demostration purpose.

Thank you for purchasing!

thanks anyways, I added my own script… ;)

You should build a full theme off of this design.

we’ll think about it : ) thanks for the suggestion nashh

I don’t have a YouTube video can I use Vimeo video or flash video on my server?


Hi Farajar, the template uses fancybox to display the video.

On the Fancybox site is explained how to display .swf files.

You can also use it with Vimeo videos but it will need some tweaking in order to make it work properly.

Anyway, it takes two min to sign up on YouTube or none if you already have a gmail account.

My banner image is not displaying in Flierfox (ver 3.6.13). It displays fine in IE. Do you have information that can fix this?

Many thanks

Hi snooks, I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say “banner image”. Anyway, give me a link to your page and I’lll take a look.

I have implemented my script into the temple, however I’m still not sure what type of menu is best fit for the template. I’m glad if you can update in the future update.

thank you.

hi cvul,

i’m not sure of what you are talking about. what ‘script’ did you implement in the template? : )

landing pages are supposed to be used as one-page sites, i.e. for promotions or champains. that is why we didn’t plan to insert a menu!



Okay, no prob. I removed a custom video class from the template though, I have successfully revised my proxy listing site into your template.

Multiple pages and good looking menu bar will attract more buyers to your template but that’s just my two cents. :p

hi cvul, thanks for the suggestion but, as i’ve already told you we won’t plan to add a menu bar in kibou because of its nature of being a landing page.

once again thank you for purchasing, wish you best of luck for your! : )



How do you integrate email to work with contactform7? Possible?

Pls disgregard last comment, but have another question. Possible to redirect to another page after form submission?

Wheres the support for this page???

This is the sendemail php file. I removed echo message and inserted header redirect but not working. What am i doing wrong?

<?php if(isset($_POST[‘name’]) && isset($_POST[‘email’]) && isset($_POST[‘message’])) {

//Insert your email address
$mailTo = "";
//Insert the default subject of the email
$defaultSubject = "Benefits of an Automated Time Clock Solution-Landing Page";
(isset( $_POST['subject'] ) ) ? $subject = $_POST['subject'] : $subject = $defaultSubject;
$name = htmlspecialchars(urldecode($_POST['name']));
$mailFrom = htmlspecialchars(urldecode($_POST['email']));
$message_text = htmlspecialchars($_POST['message']);
$headers = 'Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8' . "\r\n";
$headers .= 'From: '.$mailFrom;
$message =  " 
                    <title> $subject </title>
Benefits of an Automated Time Clock Solution - Landing Page    
Name/Company name: $name

E-mail: $mailFrom

$message .=       "Message:



if (mail($mailTo, $subject, $message, $headers)) header(“Location:”); else { echo “Some errors occurred, try again.”; }

} ?>

Hi dbruzzese84,
that won’t work because the template uses ajax to send the email.

You could disable the ajax part and send the email like a classic php form or you could redirect to the other page using the javascript function window.location:

Regards, MTD

Why is the email signup form for display purposes only, everything should function, just like the form on the right There is no note in the description that indicates I will have to go out and find a script to make the design work.

Hi huhhso,
I’m sorry about that.

The sign-up form and contact form are two very different things and most of the themes here don’t support the sign-up form out of the box, since it is much more complex.

You’ll probably need to integrate it with a service like or for a working newsletter system.

Regards, MTD