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Stunning just had to buy

actually checked on all ipad versions i have to 5 and its firefox and chrome issue

Same issue on your demo. By the way voted 5 stars great item, just this fix oh and a tweet with #tag is deprecated, do you know a fix?

The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.

thank you, I’ll check and fix all problems :)

Hello, before I purchase I would like to ask the following questions, can you please help?

• When a donation is made can admin see who made the donation?

• Can admin control between collecting the funds themselves and enabling the user to do so?

• Can payments be made by credit card i.e. not through PayPal? i.e. we want to give options to pay for those who do not use PayPal.

• Is the payment function compatible with PAYPAL ADAPTIVE PAYMENTS : and can admin set up the percentage of commission they want to keep on each project or is it a set commission percentage across the board?

• Can payments be paid directly to each of the Paypal accounts. i.e. User and Admin? However, can we set it up so that all funds come to us and we remit to the user?

• Can admin choose to collect the funds whether the campaign is successful or not successful? We believe every little helps and it shouldn’t matter if the campaign was successful.

• We have our own developer, what kind of changes can he make to the website? i.e. if we wanted to customise it by moving around buttons and menus etc… OR a completely new layout and look?

• Can a user who is making a donation remain anonymous?

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi DK, this is just HTML template, this mean it does not have those functions, you will need to add a lot of server code to make it works.

I am going to get this amazing design! My question is what are the dimensions of the pictures in the banner, so I can go ahead now and size my pictures and get them ready

The dimensions of the pictures in the banner is 1920×370px

HI! Ive purchased your template some months ago and have to say its well written, nevertheless i have got a question regarding the slider, as it is included. Is there any update on the code of the slider, as it has a serious link-bug?!

Could you please clarify your issue on our support forum

Hi. Doesnt your template have a create project page? I believe this is one of the most important pages. You should have that template pre-built so that it would be easier to create the page.

why don’t u put on this website recapcha and captcha? SECURITY

I purchased this Kickstar template, can you add server codes for me to have it work? How much will it cost?

I’m sorry, we don’t have enough resource to do it now :(

Do you have a WordPess version on this theme?

no, we don’t have any CMS version :(

your template is great! But if you published wp version – it will be much more better. now its only design

before buying I wonder if they have another issue more current than this

Thank you for your interest in our template. You can visit our support forum for more issues and discussion

will this work with angularjs?

I’m not sure, this is just HTML template we did with jQuery js :)

When will you have the kickstarter theme for wordpress? because I bought it but I need it for wordpress or there is any way to export the HTML to wordpress?

no, you can’t export HTML to WP, we don’t have any plan for WP or other CMS at this time.

Is Kickstars a drupal distribution or just a theme? i mean does it contain modules and settings out of the box? or it is just a theme and we have to set the drupal website ourselves?

no, this is just frontend HTML template. It does not comes with any backend code.

Hi, there seems to be something wrong with the template. As soon as I open it, there is a jquery error, and it seems to break the jquery functions. Could you please take a look at it?

The error in chrome is:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

Thank you very much for your feedback. We will check and fix this issue

As soon as you fix this, or let me know what the issue is, then I’ll purchase it. Exactly what I need.

Did you manage to fix the problem yet? I’m really eager to buy this template.

Hello. I’m trying change link in menu category but it always show # – why? i think some JS is change it automaticly… i can’t create normal link in href.

Ok. problem solved.

Is it written by SASS? Or pure CSS only?

Just pure CSS


I want to purchase your template but why the red button of the header on mobile device isn’t working?

Also why those errors on the console log:

Thank you for your answer,



Thank you, awesome!

Hi, once download I’ve the old files and the same problems

@@ Ok, so please go to our support forum. Give us admin account & login link. We will consider again to solve for you.


dear friend i bought this item thinking is a wordpress theme but is not. what can i do?

In this case, please submit a refund request to Envato staff with detail reason. After their confirm, we will refund you. This might take some days.