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Clean, yet very nice design. Love the menu fallbacks on mobile, good work!

Thank you!

Nice layout, Do you have plan to release the WP theme version? Crowdfunding plugin and EDD plugin?

OK, do not miss the chance. Total sales per month for Crowdfunding WP theme in TF more than $18000 per month in average

For WP Theme version please do not forget to use .po .mo for language file too, also provide manual transfer for small Charity websites where they are not like to pay fee to paypal. This are key competitive as well.

yeah, I’ll note this. Thank you!

Clean work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Very nice looking theme. Looking forward to the WP release! Any insight to what it will entail? (Adaptive payment / buddypress / facebook integration / WePay)? Wow this is awesome looking.

Thank you for your interesting. All are on the table, we’ll decice in next week.

yes very nice. but will wait for WP version.

Very nice design work. Will wait purchase the WP version as well. Will the WP version be available in June?

It will be available in August. You can subscrible here and I’ll notify you when it ready.

I’m also interested – but for the WP version. I added my name to the email subscription list and hope to hear from you soon!

Also, are you available for custom work? I have an idea for a good theme and need someone to do the php code work. It’s also crowdfunding, but not for resale for my own site. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thank you! We’re currently not available for custom work now.


Wonderful theme, congrats!

I’ve two question about the slider: how can I change the height of the slider? And, it’s possible to put a content over the slider, so it stay fixed and the background slide as original?

Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing. Please post your question here

hopefully will buy through my employer… microfinance project on corner… :)

yay… bought it… looking forward for the support… ;)

Anytime you need support, just post your question here. Our developers will answer you.

Anytime support ? (Insane) i posted a question here but the reply is like dumping me….

what happens if you use a nulled design cuz i saw some the other day

I think you saw this PSD here.
If not, this should be removed.

BTW how do i make the start page ?

I’m not sure what “start page” is?

Hello, I am interseted in a regular licence for now. With a regular license am I able to modify the template, and remove the copyright at the bottom?

Thank you.

I think you can do this.


Great design here!

I see a profile builder page but is their a finished profile page?

Also can people follow projects?


Michael, this is just a HTML template (skin), mean you need to add alot of server code to make it work :)

Understood. I’ll be working with my developer and DBA to bring it to life. There are a few additional pages I would like to see created. For example, a user dashboard. Can you create these?

Do you do custom website design? If so, how much does it cost to hire you?

About custom website design, you can contact BestWebSoft, they designed Kickstars. We just transform it to HTML5/CSS

Is it possible to add sub level drop down menus to the existing top menu?


I bought your template recently and I’m facing a problem with the pie char on the project page. When I set the data-percent value at 0 percent, the pie is full, but should be empty. Can you help ?



Yes, I’ll check and update this. Next time you can post your question to our support forum.
Thank you for your purchase

Do you still plan on creating this into a WP theme? If so, do you have a timeframe? Than you.

No backend page to monitor donations?

Hi Mariwun,

This is just HTML template, so you need to add huge of backend code to make it works. Working version with backend will coming in next few months.


Is there some CMS for this template?

You think the definitive solution for a CMS will be the WP version?

I will make Drupal version too

Is it possible to share the PSD of the logo or at least the font?

Logo font is Dosis, you can get it here