Discussion on Kiddos Shop - Hand Crafted Kids Store OpenCart Theme

Discussion on Kiddos Shop - Hand Crafted Kids Store OpenCart Theme

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ThemeBurn does not currently provide support for this item.

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Trying to register on the forum to post a question (http://support.themeburn.com/wp-login.php?action=register). Ive used the purchase code I received after purchasing the theme. However I get the message ‘ERROR: Your purchase code is either invalid or does not match any item offered by ThemeBurn’ Can you please help me with registration, or answer my query here.

Hello i just tried to register to the forums using my purchase code because i have problem installing the demo content but the forum registration page showing me this error

ERROR: Your purchase code is either invalid or does not match any item offered by ThemeBurn

My purchase code is correct i got it from themeforest many times but unable to create an account on the forums

The admin panel doesn’t work on the Kiddos theme, I wanted to see the template

Hi! I got the following error during the installation: */system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/boot.php on line 13

Any solution for it?

Hi! Will be your theme available for OC 3.0.3.x version soon?

I installed the theme and the BurnEngine Control Panel does not work, Loading is … and does not enter, does the theme have a solution for a short time?

the admin doesn’t work, I wanted to see how the slide show is configured

Does not translate from English to Russian shopping cart

Hi, does anyone know why my main menu at www.bunnify.com does not show on the mobile? But on the computer website is working ok.

El producto es bueno, y funciona bastante bien en cuanto al diseño,link, etc, pero el proceso de compra no lo tramita, si clientes se quieren comprar, no lo pueden hacer. El registro si lo realiza, pero un cliente desde su cuenta quiere comprar un producto y no deja. Es decir, que la plantilla realmente no funciona. 60€ desperdiciados. Ahora me dirijo a ustedes, no pueden poner un producto a la venta que realmente no funciona. Soy diseñador web y entiendo un poco de programación, y esta plantilla realmente no funciona. Y si usted o alguno me demuestra que funciona o me realiza la instalación correcta en mi servidor le pago 50 €. Les dejo mi email: regaloskeydo@gmail.com

Bolshoje problema dlia tebia :) Ask about refund your money because you did’t get any support anywhere. Read coments before pay money :D

Bought a theme, there is a license code, but it does not work. No communication support. Answers on the forum cannot be read without registration. Why??? Please help, save people time. How to register on the forum if the key you provided does not work? Please write to info@kidmanshop.ru and help us

What????? The installation with sample data load is giving the following error: Fatal error: ‘Color inheritance issue Current area: area_intro Current rule: widget -> product_listing -> product_quickview_bg -> product_listing.product_quickview_bg Missing parent: themeproduct_listing; Context id: Theme_ProductSliderWidget_I8L3SN5L’ in /home/pampermykid/public_html/system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/ColorSchemer.php:158 Stack trace: #0 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/ColorSchemer.php(70): TB_ColorSchemer->filterColors(Array, Array, ‘widget’, ‘Theme_ProductSl…’) #1 system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/plugin/LayoutBuilderPlugin.php(887): TB_ColorSchemer->filterWidgetColors(Array, Array, ‘Theme_ProductSl…’) #2 system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/plugin/LayoutBuilderPlugin.php(851): Theme_Catalog_LayoutBuilderPlugin->addWidgetAssets(Object(Theme_ProductSliderWidget), Object(TB_StyleBuilder)) #3 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/OutputHandler.php(949): Theme_Catalog_LayoutBuilderPlugin->buildStyles(Object(TB_StyleBuilder), Object(TB_ViewDataBag)) #4 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/OutputHandler.php(904): TB_OutputHandler->generateStyles() #5 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/OutputHandler.php(655): TB_OutputHandler->generateExternalCss() #6 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/OutputHandler.php(368): TB_OutputHandler->assignStyles(Array) #7 system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/ThemeCatalogExtension.php(242): TB_OutputHandler->viewOutput(’...’) #8 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/vendor/sfEventDispatcher.php(76): Theme_Catalog_Extension->viewOutput(Object(TB_ViewSlotEvent)) #9 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/OutputHandler.php(106): sfEventDispatcher->notify(Object(TB_ViewSlotEvent)) #10 system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/ThemeCatalogExtension.php(231): TB_OutputHandler->echoFooter(’\n #12 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/OutputHandler.php(132): TB_OutputHandler->replaceOutput(’...’) #13 system/vendor/BurnEngine/catalog/ThemeCatalogExtension.php(236): TB_OutputHandler->ocResponseOutput(’...’) #14 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/vendor/sfEventDispatcher.php(112): Theme_Catalog_Extension->ocResponseOutput(Object(sfEvent), ’...’) #15 /home/pampermykid/storage/modification/system/library/response.php(117): sfEventDispatcher->filter(Object(sfEvent), ’...’) #16 system/framework.php(168): Response->output() #17 system/startup.php(104): require_once(’/home/pampermyk…’) #18 index.php(19): start(‘catalog’) #19 {main}

Hi, I just wondering for your theme templates, is that include product pre-order?

Hello, I have a little problem. When selecting text, text become white and is not see. Please help me. Tks

I have buyed and installed, i give some errors but i cannot have support from developers! my shop is close yet! Forum nobody help me.

Hello, i can’t register in your forum. I need to read some technical issues. But there is an ERROR: Your purchase code is either invalid or does not match any item offered by ThemeBurn

Hi There, I left several messages on forum 4 days ago, Any update for my posts?

Hi There, any update for my issues. The theme is full of bugs and also lack of support. If you can not provide the support, then please do the immediate refund for me.

Hi There, I am asking for the immediate refund and I do not need this theme any more. The theme is full of bugs and your support is 0.

Hi There, we have been waiting for your response for nearly one month now. We need immediate refund as the product is full of bugs and zero support.

Don’t buy this theme. Themeburn doesn’t give a damn about support. Your silence tells me everything I need to know, you blissfully ignored my various messages but pocketed $50. You suck big time.

Insecure password Warning…..... So do I get this right, I just spent $46 on a theme I’m not sure how to install, I’m asking for support, I find by chance I have to go to your special support page and when I get to the Theme burn page and log in it says that the connections isn’t secure. Doesn’t fill me with confidence really. Have I just wasted the best part of $50 ?? Worst thing is I was going to download an Elegant theme Divi instead and I saw yours looked fun so I went for that instead. :(


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