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Beautiful theme, finally something different and unique here :). Congrats :)

cheers and thanks! Glad you like it!

Are there any plans for WP versions of any of your themes?

the WordPress version of this design is not available here on Themeforest, because we sell it exclusively on our website. (unfortunately i can’t post link here)

OK, I should have know that… :S

This Theme looks amazing, very fresh and professional.

I think you must create this theme for wordpress and joomla.

the WordPress theme (with Blog and everything) is not available here on Themeforest, because we sell it exclusively on our website. (can’t post link here)

Thanks mate!

great work ! I’like use this theme for my wordpress child website… If you built a wordpress version I buy it !

the WordPress theme (with Blog and everything) is not available here on Themeforest, but is ready for purchase on our website. (can’t post link here)

Awesome looking theme…

You said, “You can easily use it to create a blog” but in teh demo i see no blog part.

1 – Can you really use this HTML theme to create a blog? Not a biggy but it’d be great

I see you havent replied to any of the comments above either which makes me wonder how your level of support is like

the WordPress theme (with Blog and everything) is not available here on Themeforest, but is available on our website. (can’t post link here)

I’ve private messaged you – you can email me the link :)

Ha! Just saw the blog in the drop down. I’ve purchased will toy with it. I hope I wont have to learn a lot of photoshop in teh process :) Waiting for the wordpress version – wink, wink, nudge, nudge :D

cheers mate, thanks for the kind words.

Totally confused. This template is available to purchase from this site.

But you don’t get the images as you see in preview?

Then what am I paying for?

The images are placeholders only and must be replaced with your own. This is what usually happens with all the themes here, or at least this is what it should happen, because authors usually don’t have rights to redistribute the images, so they can’t include them in the archive.

More over why would you want to include teacher images and slider images with kids that are not from your kindergarden? It’s like buying a picture frame and be upset that they don’t give you the placeholder image with the happy family :)

Let me try to be more clear, you get the whole website with all the graphics we created for it: that cool bg and all the elements the sun, footer, etc. What you don’t get is the images from slider, the teacher images, rooms images, etc that are there just for giving you an idea how your website will look.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

ok I do understand that. But What I need to know once I have purchased the theme, which I have, including the PSD Who has the rights for the Background, the sun, footer elements everything on those PSD? Do I have the license, or do I have to seek a third party if I want to show off my header in my face book time cover? Appreciate the answers, very important..and I just want to thank you so much for making such a wonderful theme

You have the rights for those images. Those images are created by us and we can choose to redistribute the rights for use once the purchase is made. No need to go to any third party. Thanks for the kind words.

Beautiful design. Looks great, Congrats! Good luck with sale!

many thanks, mate!

first i would like to say that its the best kids template i have ever see.

Is this template a responsive one. I saw this line also “Images that we don’t have rights to redistribute and you see them on our live preview are not included in the archive.”

so this means that what images we see on the template we will not get those images and are you trying to tell that the images are for illustration purpose only

regards, raghavan2004

IE 6 is dead and buried, Microsoft themselves threw a good-by party for IE6, letting everyone know it’s not going to be supported anymore… not even on their websites. So why should you worry about a dinosaur browser which has less than 1% userbase?

hi, i want to create two contact form but one is the default one and the other is the modified one something like online registration the problem is i changed the email address for both but only the contact form (original one is working fine)but the one, i created the registration form , i am giving input but i am not getting anything in my email

how to do support required

regards, raghavan2004

sure, we’d love to help, come to our dedicated support forum. Unfortunately we don’t offer support here as it is hard to track for others that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions.

Hi I love this theme – would it be possible to have the cartoon elements customized (eg. supply a design brief plus images of characters etc to incorporate by redrawing into cartoons)? Please if you could give me a rough estimate of cost to do this, thank you. You can email or reply here, thanks.

Hello DQueen, i’m afraid what you are asking is not possible right now. We can not invest any more time in developing / designing this theme.

OK I will look at hiring someone else to create some graphics, can I just ask if the graphic layer is simple enough to change out the characters, just need to know before I go any further and purchase this theme. Many thanks,

Hello ; I really like your template. It’s a great job. I’m writing u from the Turkey and i’m wondering if your template font support Turkish characters (like ? ? ? ö ç ) ??? If it supports i would like to buy it ….

I’m still wait your answer ???

the font used in the theme can be changed with anything else very easily because this is a HTML / CSS version of the project, and you could choose to use a font that is certain to have those characters.

Wooow, great work!

Thanks mate!

Awesome work, will be showing my client today! Is it possible to integrate an ecommerce element as the client has a toy store?

Sure, you can integrate any eCommerce plugin you want, it should be compatible with most common ones.

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we can find more unique and out-of-the-box themes. I concur with tallinis and would like to see a “pet” theme. If you do come up with one please let me know. I would buy it!!!!

Thanks for the kind words. Good idea with the pet theme, we’ll put it in the list :)


Just wanted to say that this template is great! I’m in the process of filling it with content but I was wondering how you can make a full-width page? I can only see pages with sidebars?



I figured out the full-width page thing, however i’m wondering if we are allowed to use the images that are on it when you download? Not the ones on the demo but the ones that look they have “melted” to the point where you can’t tell what the picture was – the images that are packaged with the download.

Technically you must change those with your own, but you can use them if you like. Because they are all blurred out, I guess there is no harm in using them.

Hi Theme Fuse, May I ask a question?

I’m planning to create a children website (from zero, without using WP) I wonder if I buy this theme, may I use the images (eg: the sun, clouds, mushrooms, elephants, etc) on the website?

Maybe I will do some updates on the position, but basically, is it legal to me if I use all the images I mentioned above?

Many thanks for your reply :)

yes you get all those images with no problem

Ah ic, thanks for the reply

Please help.

The links inside the “Responsive Navigation Menu” are not appearing on mobile phones.

Here is our support ticket:

We purchased the WordPress version.

I understand. Have you posted your question in the appropriate dedicated support forum? Unfortunately we don’t offer support here in the comments it’s hard to follow by others that might have the same question or encounter the same issues. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Hi Theme Fuse,

PSD files not included in the theme?

They are included sure. It says right here on the product details page:

Thank you.

Best Regards, Audex Pro

Hi, Why all images in the temp folder are blured?

Hi, because those images are used for demo purposes only and need to be replaced with one of your own.