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Amazing design) Good luck with sales;)

Thanks :)


great design. One question, would it be possible to implement this desgin to a opencart theme and how much would it be cost?

Thank you

Hi, thanks :)
I don’t know about OpenCart but we’re planning to develop the PrestaShop template.

Thanks. When do you plan to finish?

Can’t tell you the exact date, hope in a 2 months.

is it possible to give the navbar a different color?

Hi, it’s psd version, not html and not a program product. You can change color in Photoshop.

another question, is it possible to use this theme as an affiliate site?

You can use this template as you want, but I notice it’s not html product. Next week we will present HTML version

Looks good

What the font for headlines?

Thanks. It’s Luckiest Guy