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when does it finish for Opencart?


Hello, it should be ready for sale during this week.

You can follow me to be notified first.

How do I auto rotate the home page image slider?

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page and I’ll send you instructions on how to do this.

It is possible to add other patyment mechanism to this theme design such as paypal and worldpay

Hello Innehaig, we have the Kids Planet OpenCart theme ( which uses these payment methods. Also, please visit the official OpenCart website to learn more

excellent theme thank you, my request is: I lost the main menu and I can not put the banner side achieve.

thank you

We don’t have Wordpress:)

Just to double check. Is this a wordpress theme or just custom HTML?

Hello. This is the HTML version but we already have the Kids Planet Opencart theme

How do I change the main menu Yellow?

Hello, please open a ticket at and I’ll help you.

Hi. My site works perfectly on Firefox and Chrome but on IE 8, the navigation bar doesn’t work, my logo doesn’t appear and some alignment is off. Can you help? URL:

but i noticed that in IE8, the container doesn’t stretch as compared to on Firefox or Chrome. It becomes smaller. Also, in Firefox and Chrome, your search bar is inline with the navi but in IE8, the search bar goes to the next line.

And the only thing I changed in the code for the logo is the logo image and the dimensions. Why is it not showing? Could you take a look at my site and let me know which line of code to rectify?

The template is based on Bootstrap grid and IE8 doesn’t support media query. For this reason it looks in IE8 more narrow than in other modern browsers. For the same reason reason the search bar is placed under the nav menu. I’ve taken a look at your website and it seems to me that you forgot to close a tag. Please check the code.

how to remove cursor: move on slide?

Hi, open a ticket please

Hi, I’ve two problems in responsive modal (I’ve tried with different devices), first one is that I can’t click on the lens icon (for submit the search engine form), then, in the category sub menu, the sensibile area to click is not set well, if I click on a category the submenu collapse. Thank you.

Hi, open a ticket please

done, I’m waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Hi. Can I request sidebar at left side and contain at right side?

Yes. We’ve already uploaded the updated version on Themeforest. Waiting for approval.

Thanks? Can you please solve my problem in ticket “Remove product sliding” ?

I’ve already reply your ticket. Also, the updated version is available on Themeforest.

Hi, Please take a look Ticket: #243851

Hi. Okay, I’ll check it.

The phone number gets cut off on smaller devices. How do I get it to wrap under the logo when the screen is reduced? Please advise asap.

hi, open a ticket please

Very nice! :-) I just bought…. Quick question? HOW can I get the slider in the index.html goes automaticly change images? Now I have to press the Arrow…. Thanx!

Thank you too! We’re glad you are satisfied with our product :)

Did you read the comments on the ticket? So can I buy the 2 templates?

replied :)

Hello Mad_Velikorodnov,

I really love this theme, thanks for creating it. I have a question:

  • The cart icon on button below the product items won’t show in mobile devices. How do I fix the issue?

Thanks in advance. :)