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If I purchase this, do you mind if I convert it into a WordPress site for myself?

When will the WordPress version be ready?


Hi 7digital, go ahead you can use this design for wordpress no problem. Still a few weeks away from releasing the wordpress version.

Hi 7digital,

The wordpress version is now available for download: http://themeforest.net/item/kids-toys-wordpress-shop-newsletter/154848


It would save me the trouble if the WordPress version is going to be a few weeks away.

Will the price be the same for the WordPress version?


I’ll definitely let you know when it is up for sale, the programming is pretty much done, we are working on the documentation/instructions (not a fun part lol) Themeforest will pick the price for us but the average price for wordpress is $30ish

I’m subscribing to the comments on this thread. So just comment here when the WordPress version is ready.

Is it possible to set it for all resolutions? I will purchase it if you can help me with that…than you ;)

Hello, do you mean make it a fluid or stretching design? Because of the amount of graphics it would be difficult to make it stretch to 100% width of the screen. I won’t be making a fluid version sorry.

I would like that if the user has resolution 800×600 he still can view the site. Can site be optimized for other screen resolution than 1024×768? Thank you ;)

A user on 800×600 would need to scroll left & right to view the whole site, it can not be resized smaller without rebuilding the website. Unfortunately most designs no longer support the 800×600 resolution because the usage is now around 1% of Internet users.

hehe….I know that…I meaned as an example ;) Thank you for the answer

Very nice template … thank you ;)

hi, are you any closer to releasing a WP version of this?

Yes, it’s getting close :) just styling the blog and testing everything.

hi, just downloaded your template. Love it – thanks. Your page says you include the layered psd files, but couldn’t see them in the download… am I missing something??? Ta. FOUND IT ! First time user here!

hehe no worries, enjoy the file!

This item is now available as WordPress!

it even comes with a shop and newsletter system


This theme has been updated.

It now includes some extra kids themed footer options.

You can see the new footer backgrounds here: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/preview/?theme=3&style=2

Thanks for the great theme! Are the stock photos covered by the license, or do I need to purchase those separately if I use them?

I Have recently downloaded you template and i am getting an issue with the emma sophia font. I really like it but I am finding on Safari 5.0.4 that I am using the lettering on some of the headings is not refreshing correctly.

This seems to happen when you go down a page or happens periodically which is annoying. Can you help and suggest what I should do. It seems fine on ie 7 or 8 and firefox.

The test site is at www.psweb-test4.com. If you need any further info my e-amil is p.condon@btinternet.com



Hi Peter,

This sounds like an issue with Cufon and Safari.

Best to pick a different font from the wordpress settings to see if the problem occurs again.

Maybe by the time we release the next update cufon will release an update to fix this issue.


Hi Great theme…

I am stuck on the contact form… I keep getting this message


Required fields are missing, please go back and complete the form.

Your design can be wrapped around this page

I have entered my email address in the formsubmit.php and I am filling out all fields on the site… any suggestions?



I am having the same problem with the contact form. It was working just fine and then just recently started showing the error missing fields even when the form is filled out correctly. Any help?

Please send a support ticket to http://support.dtbaker.com.au along with a link to your website and FTP details so we can investigate.

hi, i already buy this template, but i can’t ad to it, special characters, could you please help me?

thanks a lot!

have a nice day :)

Please send a support ticket with a link to your website and some more details about what you are trying to achieve:


hi, the php file doesn’t work! could you help me out! i need this asap, thanks!!!

Please send some more details about your situation (which php script? what doesn’t work? what error message? a link so we can see it?) in a support ticket: support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

Please check with your hosting provider if your hosting account supports php 5.2+

Hey friend, i just send you a private message thru themeforest. thanks :)

hey, how are you?

the internet explorer is not detecting the font emmasophia, why is that?

thanks a lot, have a nice day :)

can you come up with space theme for kids ?

Sorry we’re unavailable for freelance work at the moment. But down the track we may create a space theme. No promises.

Hi, I bought this script now. It’s nice thank you. But there is a problem in script. Turkish caracters don’t visible. Can you sent me turkish fonts file please?

I’m waiting you at the moment.

Thanks again…