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Hi, I recently purchased this theme only to find out after that there is a wordpress version in circulation. I haven’t used the html theme as yet (don’t know where to start really). I am more familliar with wordpress. If I purchase the wordpress version, is it possible to get a store credit from previous purchase?

Hi JackieRaistrick,

We authors do not handle refunds sorry, that is done by envato/themeforest. See the help menu at the top. If you have not downloaded the theme from the downloads page you can probably get a refunds to purchase WordPress instead. However if envato staff see that the file has been downloaded they will probably not give a refund. They have put this in place to stop people downloading an item, then requesting a refund, then continuing to use the item after the refund is purchased.

Hope you understand.

Best of luck,

Are PSD ’s included in this version, or should I buy PSD version. Also, if i buying a PSD version, will it included all footer variants?

Hello DTBaker, Can you make this into an joomla/virtuemart template? And what would be the price? TY


Im having problems with the contact form I get the message -


Required fields are missing, please go back and complete the form.

Your design can be wrapped around this page

Please help!!

Many thanks


I recently purchased this template. Its great :) I would like to know whether it has a dropdown menu option.

Not out of the box, but send in a support ticket we may be able to help

Does the HTML theme include all the background/images etc as included in the demo site

I presume that this is just the front end and if I wanted to add basic paypal to the ‘Buy Now’ buttons that is very easy? And this is how the site has been designed to be used?

I had hoped that this included a working shop… Please advise how I make it into one :)

Pre-sales question, is it possible to get rid of the orange shopping cart box and make the navigation bar longer to fit more menu options in? thanks

Yep should be possible, send me an email if you need help.

I love this theme and just saw that a WordPress version is now available, great!