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Hi I ‘m didn’t publish the website yet but when i test it i saw that when i change the size it looks like the side bar where contact info are they cut out and you are not able to see them. I know you told me that you didn’t design a mobile design but it seems like that the website doesn’t work on mobile devices.I wonder if it is because i didn’t publish it yet or if its a glitch that the website has…. Please let me know and also do you have a plan to work on an update to do a mobile? Or maybe you have a patch that I can pay u to download to make this website fully Mobile.

Tnx Alex

HI, send us a link to your site with login data to see what is going on to

i have a problem with the font on the mobile devices please let me know how i can change it. It looks good on the reg website but not on mobile. Tnx

The best approach would be to find google web font you like and paste the code in the head of the document. Then call the font in your style.css where you find appropriate.

Hi, will there be an responsive version of this template? Greetings!

Sorry, we don’t plan to make it responsive soon. WP version is responsive.

Like it so much, good job!;


Hi, I would like to include diferent information with every image of the slider. what should I do if I want that the

<div id="cat-slider"> change with every <ul id="slider-items">


Hello, please contact us at

Do you have any solution for ut8 letters?

The demo doesn’t work

Hello, we just checked and the demo worked fine.

Demo not work.

This item is by an Elite author.


We have no problems viewing the demo.


I bought his html version but it didn’t work for kept saying that the template page was missing. I tired for ages to upload it to wordpress but no joy.

Anyway I decided to buy the responsive version instead. Can I have my 15$ back for the html version please?

If so how can i get it?

Thanks Sean

You need to contact Envato support.

1. Does the contact form work? 2. Is this responsive?