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I like this so much that I have to buy it now Great job.

Very good. Like it )

Nice.. but the top of the text on “Working Hours” is cut off on the index page and on each colour combination

Hi herrbutzie, Can you send me screenshot, because I can’t see it? Tnx!

Very nice work. Great detail and color selection

Aislin here ya go

Happens with Safari on our MAc and our PC Ok with Firefox. We don’t have Chrome on our computers – - Google is EVIL …

Yea you right! Its ok on PC, but on Mac its trouble? Tnx man I will fixed.


Been waiting for the html version just bought it, just need to find a project to use it on :)

Tnx for buying template. :)

Great job! Is there a wordpress version coming soon?

We just start working on it! :)

Hi, nice theme!. We’re interested in the wordpress version, however time it’s against us, and we must have the website up and running in two days.

We’re willing to buy the HTML version now, but don’t want to buy it twice, once the wordpress version comes out.

Are there any discount options? For buying two versions of the same theme?


PS: Has the “Working Hours” title been fixed already in MAC OS ?

We are working on WP version. It will take at least two weeks. Unfortunatly there are no discount options. It is not up to us. It is Envato policy.

“Working hours” issue on Mac OS X is fixed. Updated file is sent to an Envato Reviewer. New version of the theme will be available as soon as approved by reviewer .

do you have links where you got the separate stockphoto’s

Unfortunately no. I believe google could help. Just use right key words. :)

please advise if it comes with working form? php or ajax We need a quick site and love it but want minimal work for site.

Yes, it comes with working contact form. All you need to do is to edit one line of code in php script. You need to enter you email address.

We are here if you have any further questions.

Uh oh,

I bought the PSD files a few weeks ago!

Couple of quick questions…can you add captions to the images in the galleries?

Also, any chance of a basic FAQs script?

Lovely theme BTW .


Do you have any plans to launch the Wordpress of this theme.

Regards, Pallichal

Yes, we are working on it.


Thank you for your reply. How long it takes for Wordpress Theme!

Regards, Pallichal

It will take about two weeks. I hope that is not too long.

Great template works perfect for me.

I asked Milos about a thank you page for the contact form. Next day they were in my inbox including a modified mail.php file

Well done Milos I will keep a look out for more of your work



I didnt hear back from your on my questions so I went ahead and bought the template.

How do I add captions to images in the gallery? And also, can you send me the modified mail.php script.

Hi Micatuca,

here is link for the gallery page with photo caption



I bought the psd version originally, and then I bought the html version on Friday. How do I add captions to individual photos?

Hi Micatuca,

Please contact me on



as requested, I sent you an email on Monday, and I havent received a response yet. can you answer my questions please as I need to get this website completed very quickly.

Hi Micatuca,

we did not receive your email message. Please resend it. Also you can send an email to or the previous one.

Reards, Milos


Ive just emailed the same question to both email addresses. My main question is:

Why cant you answer my question here?

Hi M.,

We can’t upload file here. The theme is updated but we are waiting for approval by ThemeForest Reviewer.

We have replied to your email. Regards, Milos