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wordpress version for this great template?

Hi Solarian,

I’m really glad you like it. We are working on WP theme. It will be finished soon. :)

cool! count me as your client! :)

Aislin, Please email me when the WP version is available. I’m awaiting to purchase it. thanks.


Hi pravinrh2,

You can count on it :)



Really like your theme, will purchase the wp version when it comes out!

Just bought this amazing template!

Q: how do you make the blog work?

Q2: Is the Wordpress theme available?



Hi kperezmon,

1. This is a template, not a wordpress theme, so there is no working blog. Just static HTML pages.

2. Not yet. It will be finished soon. :)

Kind Regards, Milos

Thanks for the fast answer and can’t wait for the wordpress version!


Hi. I see your working on the WP version, any ideas on a release date for that… this is perfect for something I’m about to work on.

I would also be interested in the wordpress version of this template. Are we thinking days or weeks before you are ready. Not rushing you, just curious as I am working on a site and this template would be brilliant for it. Thanks


Can count me in for a purchase when the wordpress version comes out if it’s not too far out. Have a client this would be perfect for in the next week or two. Thanks!


Definitely looking for the WP version of this theme. Please email marissalerer at gmail dot com when it’s ready!

I will buy the Wordpress when it’s finished.

I bought the theme and it is great. Thanks!! Just have one question, why does the slider start at second and not at first picture, when you reload the home page?

Estimated release date on the WordPress version? I don’t want to pay someone else to slice your stuff if you’re going to release it yourself. I’d rather give the money to you for your beautiful work!

Hi Ameeker,

About a week.

Kind Regards, M.

I think the WP version should have been released by now, surely it can’t be too much longer???? Come on Aislin, when’s it coming out? :)

Hm, still waiting for reply :)


Why doesnt the template call just one colour? i am trying to make it use Pink-Grey but it wont it just calles Turquise and I cant change it

Hi zenicman9,

I apologize for late reply. Did you solve the problem?

To use one color sheme you should do the following.

Remove line 17 <link href="css/select_color.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <---------- LINE 17 Change line 21 from <link href="styles/Yellow-Orange/yellow-orange.css" class="changeme" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> to <link href="styles/Turquise-Grey/turquise-grey.css" class="changeme" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" />

The most important thing. After you made a changes, clear browsers cache.

Kind Regards, M.

Quite a lot of us still waiting for the WP version my friend… how much longer?

Hi bigwhiteyeti,

Thank you for interesting in our theme. It will take about a week.

Kind Regards, M.

WP must be out any day now?


I’m trying to add images to the slider, but I’m not sure how to do it or where to start. I looked at the main.js, but I don’t see how to link the images. Help! :)



Hi Chris,

Follow this steps.

  • Copy your images in to the “assets” folder.
  • Open file “home.html”.
  • At line 121 you will find unordered list with images.
  • Change old picture names with new one.

For best results I’m suggesting you to resize your pictures to 650px X 293px.

Kind Regards, Milos

Thanks Milos!

Hi Milos, is the WP version happening or not, a lot of people have been waiting for some time now. Thanks.

Hi Milos,

Is there a way to change the default color of the site from the orange/red to the green/blue color? I still have the preset color swatches on the side of the site, so people can change them.



Hi Chris,

To change color sheme follow these steps.

1. Open HTML template in your editor (ex. notepad++) 2. At the headers section of the page you will find line like this

<!-- Skin CSS --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="styles/Yellow-Orange/yellow-orange.css" class="changeme" />

Change <bold>styles/Yellow-Orange/yellow-orange.css</bold> to <bold>styles/Green-Blue/green-blue.css</bold>

Regards, Aislin Themes