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I have downloaded html version, txaks, but why conctact is not working?? In preview all works ok??

Hi Miomir,

Please could you be more specific, what is not working? Just to note. You need to setup a few things in mail.php script (your email message…).

Kind Regards,
Aislin Themes

Great stylish work! Thank you! Have a nice day :-)

i have created my own slider picture in with the same format as the sample but when I change the name in the code with my new picture, it will not show on the slider, why?

Hi miloice,

Are you talking about frame around the slider or about pictures shown in the slider? All pictures related to user interface(ex. slider frame pic) are located in folder “images”. All pictures shown in slider are located in folder named “assets”.

Make sure that you copied picture to right place and also check path in your code.

Kind Regards,
Aislin themes.

Beautiful Template! Thanks. Perfect for our Preschool! I am customizing now and stuck on activation code needed for “READ MORE >>” in several containers. I was expecting text to be hidden and then revealed when I activated button? Can I be able to do this? That would be great!

Thank you. Nice work!

Hi I have been using teh template and the customer is really happy! But now I wanted to use the “gallery-2col” and the pictures frame do not show properly. Even in the demo at Themeforest they have the same problem. Is it solved already? How can I fix it?

Best regards, Alberto

Hi Funtimeros,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. This can be fixed very easy. Open main css file called style.css. Find following style:
.portfolio-menu .two-column {
background: url(images/thumb-portfolio465x236.png) no-repeat left top;
width: 466px;
height: 237px;
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;
z-index: 5;

Change values for width and height as shown above. That’s it.

Kind Regards,
Aislin Themes.

Thanks! your solution works. Alberto

hi, how I can change the location of the map? (in contact.html)

hi….... how I can change the location of the map? (in contact.html)

Hi joseisaldana,

In order to change a location of the marker on the map you need to have new coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). You can use this website in order to aquire coordinates: Link

Secondly. Open file called “js/googlemap.js” and replace existing values for Latitude and Longitude with yours.

Best Regards, Aislin Themes

hi there, any chance of responsive html?

it will be great!


Hi nikip,

maybe but not soon. Sorry.

Best Regards, Aislin Themes

Estimados amigos

Como mi Ingles es muy malo lo escribo es Español. Después de instalar el tema no me ha funcionado. Me dice que falta la plantilla

Temas dañados

Los siguientes temas está instalado pero incompleto. El tema debe tener una hoja de estilo y una plantilla.

Nombre Descripción Falta la plantilla.


Hi Aislin! How are you doing? I just bought this theme and I got a question for you. How do I put news in the post options? I mean how new customer post in the Blog pages? do I need one Admin password? please! could you clarify it. Many Thanks Humberto RIbeiro

Just to clarify my question. how do I feed in the page blog new posts?



I have a similar question. How do get the blog up and running?


Hi. I think there is an problem on the ul if a li with stars class will occupy more than one line, the next line will have an bullet and the third one the check sign, since the background image contains all of them. Have a look at it.

Yes, you are right, this is something we will address in our next update. For now, for the multiline li’s it’s best to use checklist class.

There’s no problem i fixed it, but i just wrote here so that you can update that.

Thank you!

Hi.. Very nice template… Contact page do not work… goes to mail.php and stays there but never goes to the result…

Please advise

Are you testing on a local wp installation?

Hello, a Joomla Version is not available, right? Thanks

No, sorry.


I want to add more image to slider. Could you pls take me through? Secondly, is there anyway I can add the name of d school in big font just beside the logo?

I look forward to your response.

If you are referring to Color Schemes – There is no default. For the demo we are using Green and Blue. So go to Admin/Kids Theme/Look & Feel/Color Schemes

Thank you. I’ve resolved all that and theme will soon go on live. But I have a question. I want a new window to be open when the Facebook or twitter logo is been clicked. I want the social media to open on another window instead on theme. Can you please help me out?

Social links open in new tab. Check out our demo.

A bootsap version soon?

Hi, no plans for bootstrap version.

Hi Do you have an update or code for mobile devices? Maybe you have another version that is mobile friendly? thanks Alex

No we don’t have it at this time. Only WP version was updated to be responsive.


Hi Aislin,

I bought your theme and I would like to ask this questions.

Im using the gallery 4 column on my theme and I noticed that whenever the picture is clicked, and the next arrow is clicked, it will be displaying the pictures uploaded at the home page slider. I do not want the homepage image to be displaying at the gallery when the next arrow is clicked at the galleryPage(4 column), instead I want the pictures in the gallery to be displaying.

Please help me out.

Hello, please send us a link to that page to