Discussion on Kids Voice School - Education WordPress Theme

Discussion on Kids Voice School - Education WordPress Theme

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Time for an update /

Is this theme not supported anymore? It looks like the original layout no longer works and there are no longer theme options.

Hello, please contact our support at aislin.dk@gmail.com with as many details of the problem.

I did and I have not received a reply

Thanks, it was in the Spam folder for some reason. We have replied now.

Your demos 2 and 3 are not working

Thank you for letting us know. It is fixed now.

Hello am getting this error [Downloading installation package from /hermes/bosnaweb17a/b946/ipg.andrewmusukwa24/outnet/new/wp-content/themes/kids/extensions/layersliderwp.zip… Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.] and i have theme version 2.1.1, i need it to look like the demo

Where do i download the new version? and how do i replace the paper background with my own?

I can’t even change the logo

Please redownload the new version from Theme Forest. Also, please direct all you questions to our support at aislin.dk@gmail.com

Hi, before wordpress 5, there was an button to add the shortcode for a custom gallery. I can’t find that button anymore in Wordpress 5 using these new blocks, so I can automatically add a gallery into the post or page. Example: [mls_gallery id=”7825” cols=”3” g_title=”off” g_subtitle=”off” title=”on” subtitle=”on” desc=”on”]

Hi, please contact our support at aislin.dk@gmail.com for this.

Hi, I just udated to Wordpress 5 and he theme to 2.1.0. In the posts there used to be a subtitle field that i could use and fill in. I don’t see that field anymore now. Can I still use it somewhere?

Hello, we will push an update that will address this issue today.

That works. Thx!

hi, i buy your theme and now it running on a website, and i have problems. from time to time on post and pages appear links for pharmacy, viagra … that it not right. how can i stop that? this in inside your script, and is not fair. It has to be something that periodically load content from somewhere. You can fix that? or should i drop it and search for answer elsewhere. thanks.

Sorry to hear that. That is not a part of the theme. Your site is compromised, maybe someone got access or you installed some plugin… Please read this http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/beginners-step-step-guide-fixing-hacked-wordpress-site/

Hello, everything except the header has disappeared from my home page.

Hello, please send us a link to your site at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi Aislin,

I’ve emailed you but have not heard back from you. I’m having an urgent problem with the theme. It won’t let me upload a custom logo through the interface. It is permanently stuck on the blue/green logo. I have tried overwriting the blue/green logo but the dimensions don’t suit my logo. For a little while it displayed it as overlaying onto the slider which I kinda liked but then it reverted back to only displaying the top 68pixels of the logo. I have added some custom css to display a higher logo but now the slider has been moved down, which I don’t like.

h1 a { height: 200px !important; }

This site needs to be up and running by Saturday morning (Australian time) for a little boy’s birthday. Please help!

Kind Regards, Alex

Hello Alex, we received your mail and have replied. Please continue the conversation there. Thanks.


Please help.

Im need to withdraw all galleries at one page. How can I do that?

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi Aislin,

Please answer the mail. I still need help :( .


I need to translate the template for Portuguese Brazil. Which file should I change?

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi there – I am having troubles installing the theme. I am installing the file “kids-1.6.0-installable.zip” (only 19.4 mb) and getting a blank screen response that says “Are you sure you want to do this. Please try again.”

Any suggestions?

Thanks! jen

Hello Jen, please send us a link to your site and your purchase code to aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi! Is it possible to add a facebook feed as one of the footer widgets?

Hello, footer widgets are regular widgets, so you could install any plugin that does that and place the widget in the footer.

Hi, I used the “Custom Facebook Feed” plugin, and added a Footer Widget (HTML / Text), resized the plugin correctly, but the widget creates a blank block above the Facebook feed? And a “Read More” link below it that just goes to the sites homepage? Any ideas?

Please send us a link to your site to aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hello, I send email but you didnt answer yet. But i need to solve my problem with your theme fast. I m trying to set my theme like your Demo one. I am using Scroller Settings tool for this but its not working. Please can you help.

Hello, we just answered.

Hi, how do I control the page running order in the middle section please? I want to be able to choose which of the 3 pages appears in which order. Hope that makes sense :-)

Fixed it thank you, I did it with page number and order :-)

Hello, is there a way to remove the gallery from the site? I’m trying to install a gallery plugin and either the gallery or something else on the theme is causing it not to work. Or if there is a way to create albums with the gallery that comes with the theme I could do that. Is albums that contain galleries possible?

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com


xq4 Purchased


LayerSlider 5.5.1 is`t work on site. :(

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hello, I have a problem with font. No font support Turkish characters. How can i solve this?

Hello, please contact us at aislin.dk@gmail.com

Hello, I am trying to customize the home page a little by adding some extra text just above the middle section. I have tried to add this to the index and other files uploading to the child theme but there is no change. Can you please tell me what file I must edit to edit this home page?

Hello, home.php is responsible for printing the Home page.

Thank you so much! I completely over looked it. Have a great day!

Love this theme! It has been a game changer for our little school. Thank you! I have a question about sticky blog posts. Is there a way I can hard code the scrolling list on the homepage to show the sticky blog posts? Thank you!

Thanks. Please contact us with your request at aislin.themes@gmail.com


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