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Very nice attention for details, cool typography and logo, hope this theme will sell well!

Thanks for your support synesthete. We also hope that the sale will go well. :)

Very nice layout! the site’s main page has a slider? For the main image of the announcement seems that although small has a slider control. He is really present or not has this feature?

Hi ralphdouglas,

The theme supports two sliders at home page. 1. Full width slider Slider 1 2. Slider in combination with scroller Slider in combination with scroller

Kind Regards Aislin Themes.

Hi Aislin Themes,

I’m having a little problem with the theme config page. What’s the best way to contact you, in order to obtain support.

Please let me know.


Hi aventurajoven,
You can contact us by mail.

Kind Regards,
Aislin Themes.

Very nice touches on details , congrats and wish you luck on this :)

Thanks for you support :)

Aislin Themes

Nice theme! But.. I got a big problem! everything is working so far, but on the Kids Control panel clicking on the Save Changes button do nothing and is not serving anything.

can’t even make a slider, since the button dont response

Hi Elvismen,

To solve your problem as soon as possible we need more info. Please send us an email with following answers.

1. What version of WP do you have? 2. Did you installed additional WP plugins? 3. What version of PHP do you have? 4. What web browser do you have? 5. Do you receive any messages? When you click the Save button, do you see dialog box? 6. In order to save a slider you need to add at least one slide. Did you? 7. Can you provide us with an access to your website?

Just to note. There are two buttons (Save changes and Save slider). By clicking SAVE CHANGES , main settings are saved. By clicking SAVE SLIDER slider options are saved.
Please send us answers to

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes.

I am having the same problem. No slider response. Is it because my server is PHP 5 .0. I didn’t see this when I purchased the theme. In order to run this theme, your server must have PHP5 .2?

Is it useless to me then? HOw do I get a refund?

Hi Noon30,

We found the problem. Please send as you email address so we can send you updated script related to a slider.

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes

i dont think so! my server is running PHP 5 .2.17

Hi Elvismen,

We found what the problem is. It is javascript. Please contact us at so we can send you new script or you can way (probably about one day) and download updated version from Themeforest.

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes

Related to a Slider problems: You can download updated script from here:

Nice work, man! I hope it will sell well! I wish you all best!

I was very interested in buying this for my sister’s playschool, it’s a great theme, however my database is MySQL clientand server version: 5.0.83. Will this not work with that version, because you say it only works with 5.2? Thanks, Peter C

Hi archimedia,

MySQL 5.x is just fine. “5.2” is required version of PHP not MySQL.

Kind Regards, Alislin themes

thanks, that’s great, I will buy the theme tomorrow, regards, Peter


I have a small error within admin page. On the menu from Block Quotes to Gallery these are not in alignment and are sitting over the publish area to the right? Can you explain how to fix this please, this is the only theme it happens with as I have played around with several to check.

Thank you in advance Andy


I just changed this from 2 columns to 1, this is an ok alternative.


Hi Andyp10,

Please could you send us printscreen on I supose you have smaller screen.

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes.

Hi Aislin The “Search” page have a problem … Please check that! Thanks

We are on it. The next “upgraded” version should be finished by the end of the week. Search page will be included.

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes.

Same problem with the “Save Changes” button in the Main Config page. Haven’t got into the Slider, should I expect bugs there too?


I believe we solved this issue with ver1.1. :)

I downloaded ver 1.1 and everything seems to be OK.

One minor thing. You used a font that doesn’t take latin/european characters in the post/page title. For example: á Á é É í Í ó Ó ú Ú ñ Ñ. So I guess this theme works well only for our english speaking friends…

Good work though! Congratulations.!!! ;)

Great! thanks :) And Thank You for letting us know about fonts. We are preparing theme upgrade… Font issue will be covered.

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes.

I like the look of the theme but will need it to display primarily in French, can you confirm when aventurajoven’s issue is fixed.


I sent you a screen shot of the error. My Screen is a 15 inch laptop and a 21.5 inch Mac so definitely not a small screens.

A few other Errors.

Search system doesn’t work right correctly. When you search you cant click the search results to go through to that content. In Firefox bottom image with scissors covers the searched content.

No instruction of how to run contact page live.

Image slider on homepage not showing images.

When you insert an image into a post and select to align image left. Content then starts at bottom line of image and not aligning at the top.

There is basically errors on everything area I have checked. I am working with wordpress for 5 years, so very experienced. I have the latest PHP etc, but need these things right as its costing me a lot of time now!

Hi andyp10,

Search issue is already reported. It will be fixed with next theme update(this week).
Contact page

  1. Create new page and select Contact template for this page
  2. Navigate to WP Menu setting and Add Contact page to Main Navigation
  3. Navigate to Kids Theme Administration panel. Enter all required data related to a contact page(Email addresses etc..)

  • Sliders at home page REQUIRE pictures 950×300px or larger. We emphasized that in Help File.
  • Image alignment. Will be fixed.

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes

Little correction about sliders: Images for sliders should be AT LEAST 950×300px

You can’t have the word PAGE on every page, please tell me i can remove it on the pages or correctly have the page name populate there. Thank you.

Hi stuburguer,

We think you are absolutely right. We are preprating theme update. It will be finished this week. Contact us at if you want to be notified about updated version. Also you can always visit Theme’s dashboard to keep informed.(

Kind Regards, Aislin Themes

Thank you.

I also noticed that the theme does not play well with other plug-in forms. The form at the bottom under Bike 47, is hit. Also the job manager plug-in, You need to write your form css code under a wrapper div so it does not effect all inputs, selects, ect….

The form issue is pretty big, hopefully you guys get it worked out.

Love the live preview, very simple and elegant.

Thanks pjtops. :)