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I’m about to reboost my brick n mortar business and this is perfect for what we need. But still no responsive version? I noticed you said a month ago that it might be ready in a month. Any sign of that happening? As soon as it becomes responsive, we’ll be buying, but until then, looking at the competition!

Aislin, sorry to bother you again. I noticed that on my website in the teaser, breadcrumbs section, the general category and the specific post are not in the correct order.

Example 1: Home » Top Tips for Parents » Do you know » Top Tips for Parents (the title of the post was repeated between Home and Do you know). []

Example 2: The teaser/breadcrumbs section shows the first post, then the category, then the sub-category []

Have I done anything wrong to cause above problems? Thank you

Aislin, another issue turned up. I tried to write a post under a category (Our products - Mini), but no matter what I did, creating a new one, or change the content of one Demo post, the content of the post just didn’t show, although the content is there! See: However, under the category Our products, all the posts look fine. Again, please advise whether there’s anything I’ve done wrong?

Can you please send us an email from our profile page with the temporary access to your site admin to try to figure out what is going on. We will look at it later this evening.

Thanks again! I’ve sent an email to you via your profile page. Look forward to your advice.

For those looking for an integrated calendar, the plugin Events Manager works very well with this theme. I used it on a small school’s site I setup at It has a nice “page” you can setup and you can also set up an agenda view in the footer.

Does this template support different languages. Can it be done?

This theme can be translated.

Hi, I am trying to add a new blog post with an update of 373 words and a featured image.

The post all looks good pre-publishing, but once published I am finding that the live version of the blog post cuts off about 40 or so words from the end.

Any advice please?

Send us a link please.

Hi, I have had to amend the post so that it fits on the page as the client needed the update to go live today.

Are you referring to a blog in a list of blogs or a single blog detail page?

Hello, I am referring to a single blog post. it is like there is a limit on the number of words that appear. All the content appears in the dradft but the published version loses the last section. It seems to be when I add the featured image that I lose the text. Thanks, Neil

We are sorry, but we are not able to recreate the problem you are having. Here’s our test page Did you alter any css?

Hello, great theme. I upgraded to the responsive version (latest) but when I test it in small screens menu item is completely lost. Does not seem to exist. Can you check it?... Thank you.

Send us a link to your site. When you are on a small screen a button next to logo appears. When you click on that button menu appears.

Hi, I am having trouble installing this theme. I have followed the instructions. I extracted all of the files from the complete zip of all of the files. I located the zipped file (not called Kids) and tried to install this. However it keeps telling me it has failed. I have tried this on 2 different computers now. I am running WordPress 3.6.1. and have been able to install free themes without any issues. Please advise.

Please send us a screenshot of the contents of your complete zip to

Hello There,

I need a few assistance. I dont seem to be able to get the Our Programs (VERTICAL SCROLLER) visible.

Second, Pls help me to place the Google Map before the description and the Form in my Contact Page.

Hello There, really need help to replace the TOONISH and Throw My Hands Up in the Air font with Other Normal Fonts. Thanks in Advance

Try pasting this to Custom Css field in theme options. Replace xxx with desired font family name.
.dd-menu, .dd-menu ul {
font-family: xxx;
#cat-slider h2 {
font-family: xxx;
#featured .page h2 {
font-family: xxx;
#featured .widget-working-hours h3 {
font-family: xxx;
.read-more {
font-family: xxx;
#footer h3 {
font-family: xxx;
#intro h1 {
font-family: xxx;
#intro .widget-social h3 {
font-family: xxx;
.button-submit {
font-family: xxx;

Thank You Very Much

dose this template support RTL ?

No, sorry.

can you make it ?

Not right now. We will include that in the list of features for the next few updates.

I am interested in actually removing the slider’s mask so it’s just the slider image and the counter on top. While doing this also make the image match the same size as the vertical slider as well.

How do I do this?

I was able to “push” the child theme’s child stylesheet further down the queue, but now even if I adjust the priority number the stylesheet will not load after the kid’s stylesheet. Why?

Here’s my current functions.php code:
    add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'jcp_style' , 38);

    function jcp_style() {
    wp_register_style( 'style-jcpreschool', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );    

I was able to make the child theme work with the following addition the previous code:

//Let's remove the parent css...
    wp_deregister_style( 'kids' . 'style' );

‘green-blue.css’ will still come after the child style.css and will overide any settings you meke there (unless you use !important). The css with the top priority is the one you enter in the Custom CSS field in Theme Options.

Hi Aislin,

my contact form don’t works :/ it shows this message: Unable to send an e-mail message. Please contact an administrator.

What is your theme version? Current version is 1.5.1

I solved the problem, the email service on the server had to be restarted. Thank you!


Vertical scroller will not show on homepage. Using wide slider as homepage from xml demo.

No, it will not show with wide slider – there is no room.

What you need to do is just use the settings in Kids Theme Options to tell if you want the scroller for the home page or not. The width of the slider will be determined from there.

Hi there is one question Have a problem with Turkish characters. Can you help?

Menu and headers use Toonish font which supports only latin alphabet.

How to use toonish font ?

Could you rephrase the question? Toonish font by default is applied to menu and some of the headers and it uses latin alphabet.


Why does your theme disable updating of WordPress? How can I turn this off?

Yes, Aislin Themes replaces the standard text in the footer and when I try to update it does to a blank page

OK, we’ll investigate this.

Yes, you were right! Comment out or delete line 16 in functions.php in your theme folder. This will be removed in the next update.

Hello there,

Quick help.

1) How do I remove the Playground image behind the slider.

2)Can you suggest a testimonial widget.

3)Currently I have 3 Programs under the Our Programs vertical slider. How do I put it in order. How do I choose which goes first second and third. Regards

4)Also when I add another page under our program it changes the Middle Section. How do I retain what I have now, but add more pages to that category.

Thank you very much for assistance

1) Paste this in custom css field:
#slider-bg {
background: none !important;
2) no suggestions right now
3) This vertical scroller uses “get_posts” or “get_pages” default wordpress functions. By default posts are ordered by post date and pages by title. You could reorder them by title, date or rand but that is pretty much it. If you wish to change the order in this manner we could give you instructions how to do so.
4) You need to send us a link to a page where this is actually happening for us to be able to look at the problem.

Dear Aislin,

Wordpress has updated to 3.7. Will the theme be compatible with this latest version, or better not to update the Wordpress yet?

Maybe it’s best to wait for the theme update and than update Wordpress. It will be in the next few days.

1) When I download the files from themeforest I get a zip file named “” When I unzip it I get a folder named “Kids” it is not a zip file. How do I get a the install files.

2) One I do get it installed, how do I get my site to look exactly like your live demo so I can customize it?

Use ftp to copy the kids folder to your server or just zip the kids folder and install it regularly. We’ll make a in next update.

Ok I got it uploaded and activated. Now home do I get it to look like the demo (any specific settings)? I imported the demo content but cant get it to look like the demo. My site is at

You should read the help files. First, set up your menu. Than go to Admin/Settings/Reading and leave blank the custom home page field. Next go to Kids Theme options and set up the home page, slider…

Hi Goog job! Theme is awesome :)

1) I have a problem in admin panel with “Kids Theme” = blank page on Opera. On Firefox all is ok.

2) How to list gallery categories? and how to (after click) move to images of that category.

3) How to change (not remove) sidebar in single page?

4) how to change content scroller on homepage to display last posts (whatever category).

thx Best regards


1) we have to check that
2) Galleries are displayed by using shortcodes and there’s no shortcode or a page template to display a list of galleries. What you could do is create individual pages for each category and display them there with shortcodes. And then make another page where you manually list them and link to the pages you created.
3) go to Admin/Appearance/Widgets and change the widgets in General Sidebar
4) You could only manually override the settings for the category. Go to theme-folder/framework/library/ThemeSlider.php and replace line 188 with this:

$posts = get_posts(array('numberposts' => 999));

Hi, I’m looking for a theme like this, I like it so much, but I have some doubts that I want to solve them before purchasing: I need a private area, to share some files with parents and some private information, is that possible? Do you know any plugin which do that and works on this theme? I know the plugin Wordpress File Centre, how does it work on this theme?

And I need to know when will be available the responsive version.

By the way, I can’t see a live demo, the URL seems to be broken. Could you let me another URL to see it?

Thanks for resolving all my doubts.

OK, the live preview URL works right now. Sorry to bother you with that ;)

Sorry we didn’t make any tests with that plugin and we cannot at the moment reccomend any plugin of that type.