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Hi thanks for the template, how can i translate the months 3 letter abbreviation at the events widget?

This is set in the the post that is showing in the widget. There should be settings for the event bellow the post content. If you don’t see it, go to top right corner of the page and click “screen options” and then check off “Post Event Options” to enable it.

OK i found it, thanks!!!

How can i delete the “Lorem ipsum” text in the Contact us page and insert my text??

Go to Admin/Kids Theme/Contact/Contact message and edit the text there.

Hi Aislin,

Love the theme! However, we would like to turn off the lightbox functionality for POST artwork. We would like it when the user clicks on the POST related artwork, they are taken to that specific post, just like the READ MORE button, instead of the artwork coming up in a lightbox.

Can you assist us with this? I have Googled this and everything refers to a template-single.php file. I believe these instructions on how to do this online is antiquated.


Worked great! Thanks for your assistance. Your help is really appreciated!

This is not critical, just me being picky, but since commenting out lines 29 & 31 in single.php, the preloader gif now goes to the bottom, instead of center, of my post artwork on the single posts page. No worries if it is a time consuming fix, but if it is a quick one I would appreciate it.

Here is a post example:


try pasting this to custom css field:

.post-list .image a {
float: left;

Again you fixed the issue! Thanks much!

Hi! i have interested to buy your theme. but before i would like to ask if tour theme have a customer log in function which i really need??

thnks in advance


Hello, we’re glad to hear you like our theme. By default this theme does not support customer exclusive areas, but you can try installing a plugin that has that functionallity. Here’s one that might be of interest to you:

Hi, I have just bought the kids theme for a preschool. I could not upload the theme as a zip file within wordpress so added it manually via ftp into the /themes folder. I then went to my wordpress control panel > went to appearence> I selected the kids theme and activated it. Now the theme has been activated > I can see the website has changed here: – BUT, it doesnt look quite right AND I can no longer access my WOrdpress control panel here: Help!!

There can be many reasons why this happend, but since the site already looks broken, we think that the priority is to get you access to site’s backend. One quick way of doing this might be to delete the contents of functions.php file on your server. That way any code that is in the theme will not execute and that will hopefuly get you back access to admin. It you manage to get back in the admin, switch to a theme that was previously active. After that please redownload the theme from theme forest and deactivate all plugins on your wp installation. It looks like you have some plugins active. We’ll see from there what will be the next steps. Hope to resolve this as soon as possible.

All sorted – thanks for your help!! Great support!

Hi Aislin,

Two more questions:

1) Theme Galleries – Is there any, more detailed, information on getting the picture galleries to work with this theme? I am able to get the Wordpress default galleries to work but they are UGLY. When I use the provided shortcodes with the Kid’s theme, nothing shows up.

2) Expire Events Posts – We LOVE the Events Footer and the artwork/format of the tickets/tabs. However we don’t want the events to stay on the page once the date has come and gone. Any future updates to make the events fall off once the event date has passed?

Any help would be appreciated.

1) You have theme Galleries section in the admin area. Shortcodes are for displaying these. Did you import demo content? If you did there should be demo galleries there.
2) You could try using some events plugin or we could maybe add expiration date to event post and in the widget show only the ones that are not expired?

Hi Aislin,

1) I discovered my issue with the Themed Gallery issue. You MUST use the PAGE ID for mls_gallery id=”PAGE ID” for it to work. You can find this by clicking on the Shortlink button while editing the gallery itself. However, my ‘Get Shortlink’ option in the Gallery section is missing. I figured out a work around while in EDIT mode of the gallery to find the page ID, in my browser address bar, and place it inside the shortcode.

2) I am currently using the Events Calendar plugin but it does not allow me to use your awesome themed graphics inside of the footer widget for upcoming events. You have the widget setup to ONLY list certain POSTS within a specified category. As of now I am having to do double the work by creating a POST to display in the themed events widget and an EVENT to show up in the calendar plugin. If you ever upgrade the theme, adding this functionality would be AWESOME!

Sorry to be the typical American by wanting to SUPER-SIZE everything. I really do appreciate your help and feedback. Your support is truly AMAZING!


Hello Aislin,

Thanks a lot for the previous assistance.

1) Pls assist me on how to add another icon under the Working Hours Widget on the Homepage. I would like to add another 2 short lines of text.

2) Please also give me a css code to increase the menu font size.

Thanks in advance and Regards,

Hello There, Can I have the custom code to increase the font size for the contents. Example : the about us page write up and etc. Thanks

Try pasting this to custom css field in Kids Theme Options:

.page p {
font-size: 13px !important;
line-height: 20px !important;

Enter your values there.

Thank you very much for it, I also need a small change to the mockup sent last time. I will look for the email and send it.

Hi again, how can i combine the official translation file for my country with the kids theme translation file? Because both have to change this constant

define (‘WPLANG’, ’’);

Could you please give a more detailed description of what you want to do.

Hi Aislin. I’m looking a theme for a school, and yours seems to match the criteria of my client. I’d like to know if it is possible to access the admin area of a demo, in order to compare to others templates I’ve purchased before.

Sorry, we currently don’t have demo admin.

Hi, how can i translate the “Recent Comments”, “Archives”, “Categories” at the page with side bar? i have translate them at the kids_theme.po

Every widget has title field where you can enter your custom title. Go to Admin/Appearance/Widgets look to the right for General Sidebar and change your titles there.

Thank you Aislin, this is it

I am having issues uploading the theme. Getting the “Are you sure you want to do this” error. I have deactivated any plugins, installed newest version of Wordpress but still no luck. Any suggestions?

This usually occurs when either the PHP memory limit or max post size for Wordpress has been reached. This has to do with your server limitations. This can be increased, but your host provider needs to do this. The easiest workaround for this is to upload the zip file for the plugin through FTP.

Thank you! I will try that first!

Correction, the kids folder needs to be copied to server to wp-content/themes via ftp.

Hi, I like this theme.

Question : Is it easy to change the background style from the theme options in dashboard?


Hello, if by background style you mean paperlike background, than no, there is no option for changing that. There is a custom CSS field where you can enter your custom css rules and make your custumizations to the background that way.

hi i want to add scroll to top button…. any help?

Try this:

Paste in Admin/Kids Theme/Misc/Custom CSS

#scrollUp {
  bottom: 20px;
  right: 20px;
  padding: 10px 20px;
  background: #555;
  color: #fff;

Paste in Admin/Kids Theme/Misc/Custom Javascript
!function(a,b,c){a.fn.scrollUp=function(b){,"scrollUp")||(,"scrollUp",!0),a.fn.scrollUp.init(b))},a.fn.scrollUp.init=function(d){var e=a.fn.scrollUp.settings=a.extend({},a.fn.scrollUp.defaults,d),f=e.scrollTitle?e.scrollTitle:e.scrollText,g=a("<a></a>",{id:e.scrollName,href:"#top",title:f}).appendTo("body");e.scrollImg||g.html(e.scrollText),g.css({display:"none",position:"fixed",zIndex:e.zIndex}),e.activeOverlay&&a("<div />",{id:e.scrollName+"-active"}).css({position:"absolute",top:e.scrollDistance+"px",width:"100%",borderTop:"1px dotted"+e.activeOverlay,zIndex:e.zIndex}).appendTo("body"),scrollEvent=a(b).scroll(function(){switch(scrollDis="top"===e.scrollFrom?e.scrollDistance:a(c).height()-a(b).height()-e.scrollDistance,e.animation){case"fade":a(a(b).scrollTop()>scrollDis?g.fadeIn(e.animationInSpeed):g.fadeOut(e.animationOutSpeed));break;case"slide":a(a(b).scrollTop()>scrollDis?g.slideDown(e.animationInSpeed):g.slideUp(e.animationOutSpeed));break;default:a(a(b).scrollTop()>scrollDis?}}),{b.preventDefault(),a("html, body").animate({scrollTop:0},e.topSpeed,e.easingType)})},a.fn.scrollUp.defaults={scrollName:"scrollUp",scrollDistance:300,scrollFrom:"top",scrollSpeed:300,easingType:"linear",animation:"fade",animationInSpeed:200,animationOutSpeed:200,scrollText:"Scroll to top",scrollTitle:!1,scrollImg:!1,activeOverlay:!1,zIndex:2147483647},a.fn.scrollUp.destroy=function(d){a.removeData(c.body,"scrollUp"),a("#"+a.fn.scrollUp.settings.scrollName).remove(),a("#"+a.fn.scrollUp.settings.scrollName+"-active").remove(),a.fn.jquery.split(".")[1]>=7?a(b).off("scroll",d):a(b).unbind("scroll",d)},a.scrollUp=a.fn.scrollUp}(jQuery,window,document);


thnx! very fast suport!:)

Hey Aislin,

I have a purchase code because a previous designer purchased it back in January, and I could use some help. Do you have a support forum, or is it best to contact you here?



If I want to write the site in Hebrew would I be able to do so ? ( I mean the name etc all in hebrew)

This theme does not currently support right to left direction.

Hi, Does the theme supports sticky menu?


Sorry, currently sticky menu is not supported.

Hi Aislin, again :) how can i translate the 3 letter month at the latest news widget?

Try replacing line 106 in kids/framework/widgets/KidsLatestNewsWidget.php with this

<p class="meta"><span class="date"><?php echo date_i18n('M | d | Y', strtotime($post->post_date)); ?></span></p>

I have changed but nothing happens, do i have to change something else?

Hello Aislin,

I would like to add a download function to the img gallerie (4 cols) so that I can use the gallerie as a preview for downloads. Appreciate your help!

The easiest way would be to turn of the lightbox and let the links open in new tab. All user would need to do than to save the image is ctrl+s or right click “save…”. To do that go to kids/framework/library/ThemesShortcodes.php and replace the line 508 with this:
<a href="'.$thumb_src_preview[0].'" target="_blank" title="'.$image['title'].'">

Hi Aislin, sorry to come back to you so late…the advice was great! Only problem now, I want to put a PDF as download not the image itself. Any ideas? Thanks!

Try doing it the same just replace
After that go to your gallery and for the subtitle enter the path to PDF file

Hello again, I also have some problems with the slider. I treid both slider and checked the correct setting from the FAQ post, but my images still don’t show up. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you so much! It’s working!

Last little issue, any ideas why the logo doesn’t show up with IE 10 und IE9 ?

Did you alter the html of the logo? The id attribute is missing and also height is set on the image but not the width. IE is setting the with to 1. You need to give it width as well.

Hello, I just purchased this theme and when I try to upload it to my WordPress site it loads for a while and I get the following message “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” I am uploading the file the correct way you showed in the instructions, but I can not get past that part. I have tried uploading other themes to see if it was something with my hosting site but they all work fine. Please help. Thanks!

I am even trying on different hosting sites and still getting the same error.

This usually occurs when either the PHP memory limit or max post size for Wordpress has been reached. This has to do with your server limitations. This can be increased, but your host provider needs to do this. The easiest workaround for this is to upload the kids folder to wp-content/themes via FTP.