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Hi, I followed the instructions to install and after getting the error 500 a thousand times and re installing word press a thousand times i finally was able to upload the script now when i install it according to the steps this is what I get please can someone help me and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Your installation looks OK. IF you need any assistance, please send us a temporary access to your site to, and we will set the rest for you.

thank you for the fast reply and I would recommend to anyone to use this script I am a new user to wordpress and the author is really great at helping out.

If I wanted to have a logo that stretched across the whole top of the page, would it be possible for the navigation and the colorful design below it to be pushed down so that its below the top logo instead of next to it? What would be the easiest way to do this?

Template runs very slow. Checked with my web host and they confirmed. Do you have any suggestions to speed up the loading? Maybe recommended WP total cache settings?

Please, check our demo site, no cache there. It all depends on the server.

Thank you.

One more question: On the contact page, is there a way to have the Google map at the top of the page above text and my contact form? Currently it’s at the bottom of the page.

To put Google Map up, go to template-contact.php file in your theme folder and cut from line 49 to 55 and paste it bellow line 14 where it says
<div class="page" />

On your sidebar you have a blue sky and cloud image under where it says “school spirit event” as shown here – how did you add that picture to that widget, or how can I add a picture to the sidebar in general? Thanks for the help!

It is using Kids HTML/Text Widget.

Help. I have purchased your theme tonight. I cannot seem to figure out how to move my logo so that it does not conflict with my menu.

You put too many items in the menu. You should move some of them to submenus.

I am not satisfied with this theme. How do I request a refund?

Soory to hear that. All refunds are handeled by Envato. You need to contact Envato support.

How do I get the social media icons to show up in the colorful banner stretching across the page? I go to main settings, social, Enabled and enter my social media info and hit save but it does not come up. Do I need to do something else as well?

Also second question – Is it possible to make the widget for “kids – HTML / text image taller in size? I uploaded an image but half of it gets cut off. Thanks for the help!

1. That should be it, we can’t tell you anything more from that. If you like. you could send us a temporary access to your site to so we can have a look.

2. For kids HTML widget, try pasting this to custom css field in Admin/Kids Theme/Misc/Custom CS

.widget-what-we-do .mask {
height: auto !important; 

.middle-frame-mask {
display: none !important;

Nice theme!! I will be using his for a art class if I purchase. Is thee anyway to remove the slide and swing on the man page by the slider.

Yes, we could give you custom css rule to remove it.

Hello i have a problem with your theme Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘fancybox’ as you can see the problem is with the slider you can see it here:

thank you Aislin! It was an ftp problem

Does this theme support Arabic? and right to left design?

This theme does not currently support right to left direction.

This theme does not currently support right to left direction.

How do I change the theme titles and menu fonts?

You need to properly add fonts to css. You could do it from Admin/Kids Theme/Misc/Custom CSS or directly editing style.css. You need to do something like this

After you register your font, you need to paste this to Custom CSS field and Replace xxx with desired font family name.:

.dd-menu, .dd-menu ul { font-family: xxx; } #cat-slider h2 { font-family: xxx; } #featured .page h2 { font-family: xxx; } #featured .widget-working-hours h3 { font-family: xxx; } .read-more { font-family: xxx; } #footer h3 { font-family: xxx; } #intro h1 { font-family: xxx; } #intro .widget-social h3 { font-family: xxx; } .button-submit { font-family: xxx; }

2. change the size and paste to custom css field in Kids Theme Options:

.dd-menu, .dd-menu ul { font-size: 20px; }

Some of my submenu names are too long – and they are cut of to the second line. Is there any way to seize up the width of the submenus?

Try pasting this to Admin/Kids Theme/Misc/Custom CSS (set your desired width)

.dd-menu ul a {

width: 300px !important;

Hi! What is the process for updating the theme? I have logged into my envato account and downloaded the .zip file. Do I just rename the wp-content folder -> themes -> kids on my host to kids.old and ftp the new kids folder I downloaded from envato? I am very new to this…just trying to figure it out. Thanks!

Hi, I have added three event posts for use with the Upcoming Events widget, however the widget is displaying the most recently posted events, rather than the soonest occurring ones. is it possible to change this?


Sorry, for now it only lists post from a specific category in reversed order of creation. We are planning to improve on this widget, but cannot give a timeframe right now.

Hi! I have a problem to insert the gallery into a page. If I click the gallery icon its open a popup windows with the selection of the gallery but I could choose only the last 5 galleries. So if i want insert an older gallery i can’t chose it.

How can i solve this problem? thanks, damoxn

If that is the case, the workaround would be to first insert any gallery shortcode and than just replace the id. The id of the gallery can be read in address bar when viewing single gallery in admin. It will say post=123. You enter that number as id for gallery shortcode.

Hi, I noticed that this theme doesn’t show a search box, can one be added?

Thanks Tony

search wp widget can be added in any widget area

Hi I have the same problem as lamariola 10 months ago Flag

Hello Aislin, thanks for you cool theme. I have an issue with links at cycle slider and also at the scroller at my home page.

The links don’t work anymore. I tried to change configuration creating slides againg, but still.The slider behaves as a sigle picture. The vertical scroller links do not scroll neither. I don’t have any custom code. Hopefully you can give me advice. Thanks in advance.

I had my worpress installation in /wpress/ and I moved it to root directory after this began to happen that problem. before was working properly. I looked for wpress in my DB and update everything to the new path…..still doesn’t work….

please help

Please send us a link to your site to


Love the theme, been running it for a while now. With that said, we would like to make a change to the contact form. We would like to change the “Your Website” text box to “Your Phone”, and “Required” – allowing us to capture phone numbers, instead of websites. No one utilizes this field. Could you please send us instructions on how to perform this task in your code? Thank you so much for your time. Jim

OK, it can be done. You would need to alter 3 files. 1. theme-folder/template-contact.php

line 29: change “Your Website” to “Your Phone”
line 30: replace it with this

<input class="u-4" name="phone" id="phone" /><span />
2. theme-folder/framework/library/ThemeMailer.php

line 182: replace word “website” with “phone” and “Web Address” with “Phone”

3. theme-folder/framework/functions/common.php

line 25: replace with this
'phone' => '*|v_text');

Remember to backup these files before you edit them in case something goes wrong.

Hi Team,

First of all Thank You for such a wonderful theme.

We have just installed and followed instructions given in your manual, what I was unable to get is The Vertical (Our Program) Slider on your Demo home page.

Our Current Setting is: Static Front Page—> Home Page With Wide Slider.

Ohh…what a silly question..Got it..Have a nice day ahead :)

Nice day to you too. :)