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Hi, I am asking this question for a nursery school currently using this theme. They are very happy with the theme but wish to add a field to the contact form to capture telephone numbers, as a required field. Can you advise me please? thank you, Neil

Thanks but I don’t see this as an editable file in the CSS list – is this located in the database via FTP?

It is not in the database but is certanly available via FTP

OK, thanks for the help

I can not locate the file

Hello, is it easy to transform/customiz wordpress theme? Like those images, colors….?

Thank you

This theme offers 10 color schemes to choose from. If you need to tweak the colors further you can enter any custom css rule. Bare in mind that this theme has images that belong to a color scheme and that the colors in the images cannot be changed with css, you would need to change the images. Removing images is fairly easy, but adding new ones would require a bit of css knowledge. Of course logo and favicon can be directly changed form the admin area.

Database error on demo

Thanks, we’ll look into it.

Demo is up again!

How do I have more than 10 standard Color Variations? Like custom do i have to tweak the css?

And I wish to use with event sign up plugin like will there be any issue?

You don’t have to tweak the css. In theme options you have a color picker for many settings like font color, body background color, button color… As for this other event plugin, we did not test this theme with wpeventsplanner plugin so we can not tell you exactly how they will work together, but we do not expect any problems. We recommend using Events Made Easy plugin. This is the plugin that will be recommended to you during the theme installations process, it’s up to you if you want to install it or not.


We are having issues viewing the site on mobile, is there plans to update the site to be responsive?

jingCo Marketing

Hey, the theme is responsive. What is your theme version?

Será que pode me ajudar? Em que parte do código consigo mudar a posição da logomarca para um pouco mais para cima.

Please send us a link to your site to aislin.themes@gmail with the instructions or a mockup of how you want it to be.


Just purchased the theme, for European child rights organisations with one of the members is Child Focus, and installed it but have a few issues:

1- The slider doesn’t appear even if I have activated slider options and added 2 pictures. What’s going on?

2- I can’t find where to change the “Enter Your Title” title…

3- How is it possible to display more than 5 pages in the top menu?

Thank you in advance for your help. Temp url:


Great! Please, take your time to rate the theme, it means a lot to us. Thanks.

I gave a 5 stars ;-) The support is excellent. Without it, I would have been very lost, so 3 stars… but as I said: support is excellent and deserves a 5 srats!!!!


Hi again,

I try to create a gallery with different items in it. The goal is to have a gallery looking like with

- One title per item - On subtitle per item - One picture per item - One small texte per item under the image

What I get are only the pictures. What have I done wrong please?

My shortcode used:

[mls_gallery id=”98” cols=”3” g_title=”off” g_subtitle=”off” title=”on” subtitle=”on” desc=”on”]

When you add an image to a gallery click on plus sign on an image to enter details.

Super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ;-)

Sorry again,

Gallery issue:

On page: With code: [mls_gallery id=”134” cols=”4” g_title=”off” g_subtitle=”off” title=”on” subtitle=”on” desc=”on”]

The subtitles and descriptions do not show.


This is 4 cols gallery. It is considered small, that means less info. Subtitle and description are not utilized there. You have to use gallery 2 cols for that.

OK then ;-)


Would it be possible to have the titles clickable with an URL to set up? In my cas, the Gallery are the logo’s of associations that help children. I’d like the visitors to be able to click the name, and be redirected to an URL.

Kind regards,

Maybe we can work out a solution for a subtitle to be used as url field for small gallery. Contact us at

Hi again,

On my site, I have a table (from User Lists ( plugin):

Problem is: the titles of the columns do not appear. Well, they do, but in the same color than the background.

How could we fix this please?


Paste this to Admin/Kids Theme/Misc/Custom CSS
.userlist a {
color: green !important;

replace green with your color

I can’t change any links through the admin page. When I try to click in the box for the logo, the favicon or the slides to paste a link url, the entire area acts as a link to the upload file dialogue. I’ve tried it on Chrome and Firefox, Mac and Linux on version 3.6 and 3.8 of WP with the 1.4.5 version of the theme. Any suggestions?

Hi, You are right you can not do that. What you can do is when on a upload dialogue click on a From URL tab. There you paste your link, but make sure to fill out all other fields (only the url will be used) and then insert.

That worked, thanks!


I am using a page for the featured section on the home page – and it’s only pulling about two lines from that page. I would like to adjust how many lines from the page are fed into this feature section… but I would not want to show the entire page (which is an obvious selection in the theme settings)

Can I do this in the editor? CSS? Thank you!

Hello, the best way would be to have child theme active and than just tell it to display more characters for that. Contact us at for instructions on how to handle this with child theme.

Hello Aislin,

could you tell me, how I can adjust category Sidebar?

Kind regards E11

We would love to help you, only we are not sure how you want to adjust it. It would be great if you could send us a link to your site to so we can see how to help you.

My contact form will not update when I put new text in the editor. hen i create a new contact page, it displays the old text as well. I used the editor and I can see that somehow the mi_contact.intro_text is not updating. Where can i change this text in dreaweaver without downloading the whole site to my laptop and doing a search? Or what is the issue? Thanks for you response. .... I remove a line of php code in order to remove the text from the contact page but I want to be able to see/edit the text in the future.

Hello, the link you provided is not working.

Language translation. Hi. There is an Italian translation .po for this theme? I have wp in italian but i need the translation fr the element of the theme. Thnaks

Scroller on the Home Page. I would like to have the nice “kids working Hour Widget” close to the Slider in Home Page. I do not use the featured section How I can do that also workink on the code. Thanls

Hi can you contact us about this at

I sent you an Email about the question with an image

Hi: In the middle section on the homepage where there are currently 3 posts, i want 2 posts i.e., 2 columns & 2 rows.

Also in footer I would want a 3 column footer. How do I get that?

Send us a mockup of what you want to

What is the easiest way to make the full width slider images taller in height?

I can’t seem to isolate the right CSS properties.

You must leave blank static page settings in Admin/Settings/Reading. Don’t set home and blog pages, leave it blank.

Great thank you. Any way to customize the order of those items if i select pages?

Yes, you can change the order, but you need to edit php files. If you want to do that contact us at for instructions.