Discussion on KidsWorld - Kindergarten and Child Care WordPress Theme

Discussion on KidsWorld - Kindergarten and Child Care WordPress Theme

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Hi there,

I have question about an update for this theme as message like this appeared for me. I am very confused and upset.

“your theme (Kids World) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need to be updated to be compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix it:

1. Please update your theme to the latest version. If an update is not available, please contact the theme developer and ask about compatibility with the current version of WooCommerce.

2. If you copied a template file to change something you mus copy the new version of the template and apply the changes again”,

Thank you Bart

Hi did you get my email with logging details please? Thank you

Hello Bart,

I already replied to you on the same day. I forwarded the same email today, please check your email spam folder.

Thank you.

Thank you very much. I have got it.


I have purchased your theme and so far so good I’m happy with it but may I ask you where do I find licence for Slider Revolution? I have found one Zip File but it does not work.

Can you please help me with this?

Regards Bart

Hello Bart,

Slider Revolution premium plugin is included in the theme package free of cost, so you do not need to activate the license for this plugin however you will be able to use all basic features of the plugin without any issues. So please ignore the notice of license activation as you have the rights to use it without license activation because this plugin is bundled in the theme itself.

Reference articles:


Thank you.


I would like to buy your Theme but before I do this may I ask you if this Theme would be suitable for child shop. This is my current website https://twojazszywka.pl/ if you could please have a quick look and let me know if your theme would be suitable for my shop.

Thank you very much Bart

Hello Bart,

Thank you for contacting us.

KidsWorld theme is suitable for your website. Your website uses the WooCommerce plugin for shop pages, and the KidsWorld theme is fully compatible with this plugin.

Thank you.

Hello There, I purchased the KidsWorld theme and it was all working great until a few days ago when the Kids World Theme popped up in my header and now it won’t go away. My Logo is posted in the correct place on the KidsWorld Theme in Word Press, but the according to Word Press, the site’s theme is forcefully overriding this. They cannot correct the issue, so suggested I reach out to you for support. Can you assist? Thanks so much!

Hi angiemadden,

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

( Admin > Appearance > Customize > Logo )

There are two options in the logo section – Standard Logo image and Retina Logo Image. The second logo option is for mobile (HD devices) devices. Please upload the second logo as per the given instruction – retina size – in the logo section.

Thank you.

How do I change the colors of the menu items? Like the Home icon/color is purple, just wondering where to go to customize each of those menu components. Thanks!

Hello @ametzler,

You can customize default style colors from

1. Admin > Appearance > Customize > Styling > Advanced Styling on/off ( https://paste.pics/edit/KV9B4 )

2. Set “On” – “Advanced Styling” option.

3. Click on “Publish” button and refresh the page.

4. Go to Admin > Appearance > Customize > Advanced Styling > “Header – Logo, Top Menu” to edit navigation colors.

Thank you.

Great, thank you!!


does the theme and its provided plugins run under PHP 8.1?

Hello @Dreagan2732,

Theme and its provided plugins are working perfectly under PHP 8.1. If you are facing issues, please share the details.

Thank you.

Dear Kids World Theme developer,

My client has your KidsWorld theme, but an old version Version: 1.3 . 2016.11.12 – version 1.0 * First release!

Website = https://regenboogschool.org.uk

I just started working with with them and they don’t have any record of a license # or who may have originally purchased it. I would like to update their theme, but they don’t get automatic notices for updates and we don’t know where to login for updates.

Do you have any record of De Regenboog school in the UK with a purchase of your theme? Or must they buy a new license?

Sincerely, Julie Otten

Hello Julie,

This is not our theme but it’s a “kids heaven” theme. Please contact the “kids heaven” theme for support.

Thank you.

Hi Thanks for your quick reply. When I login to their WP dashboard and look at the Active theme it tells me this: Kids World Version: 1.3 By the DesignThemes team How do I get hold of them directly? It looks like that one is sold through you too. https://themeforest.net/item/kids-world-kids-education-wp-theme/19646988

Hello Julie,

Please contact kids heaven theme support team.

Thank you.

Hi there. On the 404 page there is a list of social icons, most of which still point to your theme default options. Is there a way I can edit the 404 page to correct / hide some of the social icons?

Many thanks! Nic.

Hi Nic,

You can edit 404 content from
Admin > Appearance > Customize > Error 404 Page ( https://paste.pics/I80J7 )

You can hide contact footer social icons from
Admin > Apperance > Customize > Contact Footer > Social Icons—set “Off”

Thank you.

Hi, how can I remove the “share on Google +” posts icon in my website?

Hello @micmacGraphic,

You can hide it with custom CSS. ( We will remove the “Google+” share in the next theme update. ).

Please add below custom css in Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

ul.kidsworld_post_share_icons_list li.s_google { 

Thank you.

Although I changed the logo and it shows correctly on desktop, I still see the old “KidsWorld” logo on mobile!

Hi curlito,

There are two options in the logo section. The second logo option is for mobile (HD devices) devices. Please upload the second logo as per the given instruction – retina size – in the logo section.

Thank you.

hello, I want to install the them with files demo

You can use demo files to clone demo site.

One click demo install with min. required pages: Click Here

Unzip main downloaded file, click on “demo-Files” folder. This folder has xml, slider, widgets, customizer and timetables file.

Thank you.

Hello, do you know why the photo gallery does these problems? Please see video:


I have everything in the latest version.

Thank you very much


Hello BR MS,

Images are not loading on the photo gallery page ( https://paste.pics/GX8N9 ). Please disable all plugins which are not included and recommended with the theme and test gallery page.

I suggest you add some images on the first load for the 2018-2019 category ( by changing portfolio items’ published date. This will fix infinite loader 2018-2019 category second page after loading position issues.

Thank you.

Hey guys,

i scrolled the comments, but couldn’t find the answers. Pretty sure i missed it.

I basically want to replicate your template for our daycare. I struggle to find the slider option and the “our services” part.

Appreciate any help. Thank you

Hello @drbeckmann,

You can edit Slider Revolution v.5+ from Admin > Slider Revolution > click on slider thumb

Please refer to this video for basic usage of the slider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grmO_8ki8J0

You can edit “our services” or any other page builder element from Edit Page > click on “Backend Editor” > mouse over on the section > click on edit icon.

Screenshot 1: https://paste.pics/GQACI
Screenshot 2: https://paste.pics/GQAD1

Video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8n7iaIVOHAlu7kkvuat8_aVcyq0fMZ7Q

Thank you.

Would it possible to update the tooltipster js code located in the plugin.js file within the theme?

When using The Events plugin (calendar for wordpress), an error is thrown: this.options.theme.replace is not a function. (In ‘this.options.theme.replace(”.”,”“)’, ‘this.options.theme.replace’ is undefined) which is initiated by the tooltipster js.

By updating manually to latest version (v4.8 as I’m writing; compared to v3.3 in theme), the error disappears.

Hello @_Studio68,

Please give more details like the official name or URL of the event plugin and the steps where this error appears to debug the issues.

Thank you.

Support Question: I have had your theme for more than a year. Now WPBakery is asking me for an account to update. Must I have this in order to update the plugin?

Please remove all custom work and test with the fresh installation of WPBakery and KidsWorld theme because the core theme and wpbakery don’t have these issues. If this step could not help to fix it, please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) to debug the issue.

Where do I remove custom work?

If you did any custom coding or changes in theme’s or wpbakery or any other plugin’s core file, please remove it and test the issue.

Hello, Can you tell me where to add the code for the costume advertise large widget, so that the link opens in a new page – ‘target = ”_ blank”? Thanks in advance

Hello @bizeko,

You can use “HTML Content” box with anchor code target blank to open link in new page.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t know how I didn’t see it, and it’s that simple.

Hi! Is there a way to remove the PAST EVENTS from displaying as a tab on the Events Page? I don’t have a need for visitors to see past events, so I have deleted them, but I can’t find an option to remove that tab so that it doesn’t go to the /events-2 slug. Here is a link to the page… Please advise. Thanks! https://dwightsummercamp.org/events/

Hello @tstubbs,

You can remove horizontal navigation on the portfolio list page to hide past events.

Your theme support license is expired. Please renew it.

Thank you.


the current version of Kids World (2.6.8) contains a security vulnerability plugin:

WPBakery Page Builder (6.7.0 -> 6.8.0)

Will this vulnerability be closed soon?

Regards, Oliver

Hello Oliver,

We will update the theme with the latest version of the WPBakery plugin next week.

Thank you.


I would like to know if it is possible to display a menu item only if a user is connected.

Basically, I would like to display a “Profile” menu item (with an icon, such as other menu items) but only if the user is connected.

This item would respect the colour scheme of the theme customization.

Hi @_Studio68,

This feature is only possible with custom coding.

Thank you.

Google Maps JavaScript API error: InvalidKeyMapError for some reason, seems that the google maps api key is not taken on contact page. the key as parameter is not the one I configurated in customizer. everything is up to date, cache is clear, from plugin cache and server cache. Any aditional step here ?

Hello @Alcanix,

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. It seems metabox plugin did changes in google map api settings. Please give me some time to find metabox latest version compatible google map script to fix the issue.

Thank you.

Hello @Alcanix,

We will fix this issue in the next theme update. You can quickly solve it by following steps.

1. Go to Admin > Appearance > Theme Editor

2. Select “Kids World” from the top right dropdown

3. Click on the header.php file.

4. Go to line #37, which has below code

‘type’ => ‘map’,

delete above line

5. Save changes and refresh map page.

Screenshot with steps: https://paste.pics/edit/FC2DB

Thank you.

ok perfect, issue solved thx.


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