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How to add buttons to my store (as in the demo store)?

Go to system / design / banners and click insert (if you want to have 3 banners, you need to insert 3 banners). then click edit and add image (one for each, otherwise it will create slideshow containing these images). Last step is to go to extensions / module / banners, add new banner, set its layout to home, set correct image sizes and position wherever you want them to be displayed.

I would like to set the default category view as ‘grid’ instead of ‘view’, how can I change this?

In your category.tpl (near the bottom) file you will find this code:

view = $.cookie('display'); if (view) { display(view); } else { display('list'); } //--></script>

you just need to change it to:

view = $.cookie('display'); if (view) { display(view); } else { display('grid'); } //--></script>

The ‘Add to cart’ button in my store doesn’t work, nothing happens and no product is added to the shopping cart.

Most likely reason for this is your domain settings. Please make sure, that both in your store admin panel and your config.php files (root and the admin folder on your ftp) you set the same domain names (note that is NOT the same domain as -< it’s the most frequent cause for this kind of problems).

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