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Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Very nice! And thanks for using Eezy Premium!


I will be buying this template for one my client’s website which is a Kindergarten.

Will you provide the background images used on the website and footer. Specially the Tree and bottom fish which is used as background?

Let me know. Raghu

Hello. Yes, everything is included. What you see in the previews is what you get. The only exception is the image with the girls on homepage, which is a premium image from PhotoDune intended for showcase only and not included with the psds. Also, the html version of this psd is coming soon.

Thanks for your quick reply. I will buy it, regarding Image no problem I will use my own images.

Do you have html ready? Will it be a responsive or WordPress Theme? I’m waiting to buy the html.

The html is not ready yet (work in progress). It will be a responsive html template. WordPress implementation will follow (after the release of the html template).

Hello, the html is ready and it just got approved on ThemeForest.

Hi, I bought this assuming there were HTML files included as the comments indicated there were?

Hello. As the name of this item says, this is a .PSD template. The HTML version (that also includes the .psd files) is this: http://themeforest.net/item/kindergarten-html-template/5864663 and the WordPress theme (that also includes the .psd files) is this: http://themeforest.net/item/kindergarten-wordpress-theme/6174058

In that case, can I get a refund so I can get the version I wanted? Sorry for the hassle.

No problem. The comment was referring to the html version being approved, it cannot be included in a .psd version. Regarding the refund: authors cannot issue refunds, we just sell our projects through the Envato Marketplaces. You will have to ask for the refund from Envato by writing to their support team.