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bnor82 Purchased

Hi! I want to change the “BD Cartoon Shout” font to another. Where can I change it? And how? Please help me, because it is urgent. Thanks, Norbert


bnor82 Purchased

The reason… This font did not support the next characters: “?”, “?”, etc…

Hello. Sorry, but support does not cover customizations. Please see the definition of support on Envato here: Details about what is covered by support are also available on our support forum at

The characters you specified are displayed as ?, they are not available in the default operating system font, please make sure they are not from an iconfont.

For any support requests please use our support forum at . Support is offered exclusively there. Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for creating such an amazing template.

I am wondering is there a way I can always make sure the background image will be set at the bottom of the page without being cut off?

Here is the link for my website:

Regards, Innovare Group

Thank you very much for the appreciative words. For any support requests please use our support forum at . Support is offered exclusively there and the comment form is reserved for pre-sale questions.

But please note that support does not cover customizations, and this is a css/styles customization. Please see the definition of support on Envato here: Details about what is covered by support are also available on our support forum at

1) The mobilephone menus don’t working well. I refresh the theme but problem is same. 2) My Envato Purchase Code not accept your forum :-(. So I can not solve the problem.

1) I deactivate and delete Boostrap plugin. Problem solved. Thank you! 2) I send e-mail with license code. Waiting for your reply! Best Regads, Fitskool

You’re welcome. Support will be back tomorrow morning at 9:00 (Central European Time) and I added on the support team’s to-do list to create an account for you using the details you sent us by email. We will send you an email for confirmation once the account is created. We recommend that you change the account password afterwards.

Hello. We found out why your license code couldn’t be added: you already have an user account on our support forum with that license code. We will shortly send you an email with all the details.

Hello, works this template correctly with Czech characters, as e.g. ?, ?, š, á, í, é ? Thanks.

Hello. The text font has full Czech diacritics support (you can test here: ).

I’m not 100% sure if the titles/menu font has all the diacritics necessary. The author of the font specifies this: “Version 2 – Added in glyphs for Czech alphabet.”, but please check the font page just to be sure:


silenx Purchased

missing inside plugins directory

Sorry about that. We added the missing plugin and re-submitted the update to ThemeForest. It should be approved shortly.

Hi, I like the theme and maybe I want to buy it, but can I change the background and the other pictures to my own style? Is it difficult to change this?

Hi. The body background (the lined paper pattern) can be changed from the Customizer. The illustration (with tree, pond etc.) is a single image, but it’s not changeable from Customizer, you will have to manually replace the bg.png file to have another background. Fully layered .psd files are included with the theme, so you can change easily any illustration/image.



I can’t log into your support forum and tried to reset several times and keeps saying password reset link is invalid. support username = moonlite

My problem, i want to change the background colour of the widget area in front page. Kindly assist as soon as possible.


i had the login issues on safari, but when i tried chrome i have managed to reset password and login, however i couldn’t find related post, and i am unable to post my question in the forum.


I have found solution to this! For anyone else wanting to know, there is a child theme that comes with your download. Activate it and use it to customise the colors.

Hi. I’m glad you solved the issue. Please note that we didn’t answer sooner because it was weekend and we do have the day off just like any other person out there.

We tested the lost password (both the link in the registration email and page on website) and it works, for us and for other forum members. If you experience any problems with the registration email, try to use use the lost password page or login with your current credentials and change the password from your account.

The theme forum is the first one on the CraftedPixels Support homepage at , the Kindergarten WordPress Theme forum, just write the support issues there ( ).

There’s also a tutorial for first time users here:


silenx Purchased

Hello, i think there is some issue on responsive menu indicator ( burger ? ) .. i see a white square. ( there is in your demo too ). Have you noticed too?

Oops, thanks for the bug report. Looks like that one sneaked up on us. We added the shortcodes plugin in the last theme update, and looks like the menu icon inherited color: #fff; styling from the css styles we added for the plugin. I fixed it and will submit the update at ThemeForest in a few minutes.

Hi, someone on wordpress plugin repository have published a gallery wordpress plugin with the same name ( CP-Imagegallery ) , so upgrading will lose all settings ( is sufficient to reinstall the cp-gallery included in the theme for bringing back settings and media ) . So watch out to everyone.

Thank you

I don’t know why, but it continue to install version 1.0, even if in plugins/ there is version 99.0

nevermind, i resolved

i am a noob wordpresser looking for the section in the template to change the images in the cloud slider. can you point me in the right direction, please?

Hi. For instructions please read the documentation provided with the theme. And for support please use the support forum at , support is offered exclusively there (Monday – Friday). Thanks.