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figured it out. sorry, and thanx for such an awesome theme.

Ok, good luck with the theme!

Im trying to edit the response message that is displayed after the contact form has been submitted. i went to the editor in wordpress and edited the text in the template-contact.php file but when i test out my site and submit the form, the text still says the original message

“Your message has been sent! Thank you for contacting us We will get back to you within 2 business days”

I dont understand what Im doing wrong. I am able to edit the text contact form itself on this file, but the response message doesnt change at all?

Any suggestions?

Hi posido,

Can you please send me Tour login info through my profile page. This way I can take à look.



Hello Grubforce,

I hope all is well. I just have a some questions about this theme prior to my purchase:

1. The current beach background can be swapped out correct?

2. How many items can you feature on the home page? Also, how are featured items placed – in the blog section?

3. What size do images have to be? Or is the an auto resizer? I just need to know how we have to load our art work.

That covers my questions for now. I look forward to hearing from you!



Hi Beesan,

Thanks for purchasing, Holidays where great!

There’s no Plug-in folder in the download files.

If you find a plug-in you like, just install the plug-in wordpress will create the plug-in folder for you.

But please keep in mind that I cannot support all the plug-ins out there ;-)


Glad you had a great holiday!

Real quick. Your instructions say:

6. In your zip file You will see a plugin folder. Copy the WP-PageNavi plugin into your wp-content/plugins folder. 7. Now would be a good time to activate the plugins as well. Click the Plugins link. You will see WP-PageNavi plugin. Activate them.

So I am assuming instruction #6 and #7 do not apply anymore? So there aren’t any plug-ins that I need specifically for this theme.

Thank you:)


Hi Beesan,

Sorry for that where not allowed to include the plug-ins anymore bij Envato.

You have to install them yourself via the ‘add new plug-in feature’


I have a vertical logo and would like to use it and push the nav down below it.

As you can see the long logo covers the first nav buttond.


For altering the spec of the logo and nav please open the styles.css file and alter the css parameters under the main categories LOGO and NAVIGATION in the css file.


Fantastic theme! I just want to know precisely what I need to alter to just have one background image please?

Kind regards


Hi Gary,

To achieve this you need to alter the html/php and the css file. Currently theres a gallery that runs on all the page. By replacing this gallery on every page with a unique div and class you can alter the background behavior.

If you interested I can do this for you in 1 hour, its a custom job though…

Let me know!

Hi Grubforce.

I figured it out now.

thankyou anyway


Is it possible to add Widget ?

Thank you

I replyed to your e-mail

Hey can you point me in the right direction? Im trying to actually shrink the size of the homepage slider. Where can I find this code?

Resizing the Kinesis slider can be done in the javascript files


Hi grubforce, nice theme. Before I purchase it I have two questions: I will use it to showcase my cinematography work. All thumbnails on my portfolio page will link to my Vimeo videos. Can each video be played in a lightbox so that visitors never have to navigate away from my portfolio page when viewing my work?

Second can I use Vimeo’s parameters to display different videos on the same page in different frame size? Thanks in advance.

Im sorry to say that the theme doesn’t feature this. The portfolio thumbs will link to a page where you can display the video’s how you like.

The plan was originaly that it would work this way but it chrashes the javascript


I’m trying to set up a Portfolio page as seen on the HTML dummy… and I can’t seem to find how to set it up.. ?



ok, I have uploaded the portfolio page from the dummy.. but how can i edit it?

Hi Roxigo,

I downloaded your theme a couple of weeks ago and i really like it, so thumbs up!

I already have my website online (if you want to see it it’s ) but i have a couple of questions which i would like to ask you.

The first one is about Reference tag post on my ‘about us page’. Could you tell me what this means? And what’s the difference between homepost, partnerspost abd referencepost?

If i choose one, for example ‘homepost’ i see all these questionmarks on my website. How do i fill in these questionsmark? Do i have to link it to a page in wordpress or something?

My final question, i removed your Kinesis logo from the top of the theme, could you tell me how i can put my own text or logo here? Probably in the header.php but i don’t know for sure. And if i want to place a logo there, how large can it be?

I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Gerard Dunning

Hello Grubforce,

I’m still waiting for an answer on my questions above. I have another question, is it also possible to open a link, which is on my website, in a new window instead of the same tab?

I would preciate it, if you could give me some answers.

Best regards,

Gerard Dunning