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Awesome theme! GLWS ;)

Great Theme gdl :)

WOW !!! Just Fantastic !! I am buying provided, the following can be made clickable; 1) The titles on the homepage below the numbers 1,2,3,4. 2) The titles on the homepage for the item headings like “Live Color Changer”, “Page Builder”, “Responsive Design”.

Please do let me know whether these titles can be made clickable so that these can point to inner pages/posts.

Once again gr8 design. regards, Prash.

Thanks for interest :)

For both, yes just put tag over the title text and it can be linked.

Hope you get it soon ;)


I meant

<a href=""></a>

Great work as always ! :)

hi! will this theme work with:
WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Yes, you can use it with WPML.

Thanks for interest :)

Another blockbuster theme!

Yes I second iprash’s comments re clickable – defintely need that guys!

Love the slider rescaling – it’s so important to have that today. Hate full width images cut off on mobile devices!


congratulations guys!

some questions:

1. is there a theme auto-update function? (wp envato kit support)

2. can we export/import live customizer settings?

3. can we change bg images/patterns & fonts with live customizer ? (or “just” colors)



1. nope

2. yes, you can export/import color setting.

3. nope just colors.

Thanks for interest :)

Very impressive theme !

What I’m wishing for is a page for a single gallery/project item instead of just a lightbox pop up.

Any plans to implement this in future updates?


You may need to use portfolio instead because the purpose for gallery is to show as light box ;)


Thanks for interest :)

Ups, didn’t see that I can get to single item view there, thanks

Hi, Considering this awesome theme, I was wondering whether it was possible to remove some informations from blog page and blog post : date, posted by, comments, social sharing… I have a special need about a book online, and that’s the point…

The other point is about including an audio clip inside a post ; possible ?

Already purchased : superspark, bangkok, and good spaces :)



1. we can guide how to remove date , author information easily.

2. you can try using external plugin for audio, it should be fine :)

Thank you so much for getting back :)

Excellent job! Theme is awesome! :)

Good luck!

Nice job! Any way to make the menu sticky?

Really sorry but we don’t have that feature in this theme :/

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Boy! you nailed it with this one. One lil’ thing I noted is there’s no hover and active effect on buttons. All in all, Kudos! and good luck :)

on the demo site there is nothing about the page builder. Is there any information wich one is used, maybe a video or something.




Beautiful theme! Do you have an HTML version of this? We don’t do WP.


Really sorry but we only have for WP platform :/

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hiya guys,

Just been playing with V3 of Modernise and it’s new store function. Can I use Woocommerce with King Power ?


Yes, you can use Woocommerce with this theme as well :)

Thanks for choosing! :)

And the King is here :) another nice one!!

Nicccccce!!! Congratulations!! Theme looks amazing!!!

Couple a quick questions? and.. I think this theme is a perfect match for me:):)

1) notice in screen shots something for woocommerce but no shop page in demo as in “Modernize” was that just time constraint to get theme out ? i.e. was it tested and workable with woocommerce?

2) your home page slider is very high, can the hight be adjusted in the slider setup e.g. width 100 % hight 500px or something like that? and, can i use any of the sliders on the home page and adjust the height?

3) The 4 orange boxes directly under slider, can we make them NOT appear at all? 4) Under the portfolio item (pic) theres a title than when you hover over it, it turns charcoal… can we make it NOT linkable to anywhere? so, it’s JUST a title? 5) looks like by the screen shots you can make entire middle section with content transparent? is that correct? e.g. on a post or any page etc.? 6) I noticed the “back -to-top” arrow in the footer STAYS PUT there, a) is there a way for it to be throughout the page? i.e. float? B) can I make that arrow NOT be there? ( cause if we can’t make it float, there is a free wp plugin that does that) 7) Is the height in the “title” bar adjustable? 8) is there an option to show or hide title bar on the page? if yes, is it on a per page option , i.e NOT general?

9) didn’t notice a personelle carousel widget as in “modernize”? 10) Can main nav height be adjusted? 11) nest to all the titles you have this ”||” icon, is there a way I can switch that out for an icon of my own?

12) noticed on “home” page in all your examples the main content is overlapping onto the bottom of the slider… is there a way that it DOES NOT? Like on all other pages the way you have Nav, title bar, content.. I want on home page … Nav big slider, content Please advise, Thnx 13) didnt notice “gallery” WITH caption, is it possible?

Thank you so much again for yet another beautiful theme,

I look fwd to your response


1. Yes, we didn’t put it on demo but the theme is compatible with Woocommerce. The function is working fine BTW, you may need to tweak its css if you need to change the look.

2. Just upload the smaller image and slider will be smaller. The height of the slider depends on height of uploaded image.

3. sure

4. yes, we can guide how to do that ;) (changing code)

5. hm, I’m not sure about this… which screenshot? can you provide please?

6.a nope, you may need to use an external plugin for this instead :/

7. nope, this need to be done via css and it applies throughout the site.

9. we didn’t put it on demo site but it has :)

10. if you meant header section, yes

11. nope, this need to be done by coding

12. the overlapping feature can be have on any page but you need to use the top slider of the page(it can’t go in to title area) and you can set the overlapping value in pixel via admin panel but it will applied throughout the site(can’t set for specific page)

13. nope

Thanks for interest anyway :)

thank you for yet again another amazing theme, and takin gthe time and care to respond to all out questions:)

Just to clarify question 7..

So I CAN adjust the height of the title bar via css? and as far as hiding it, is there a way you would be able to guide me if I wanted to hide it only on certain pages or, if we put css or code it will hide it on all pages?

Thank you again.

you meant hide the whole title bar for some certain pages? Actually, there’s a setting for that in each page. But to control size, need to be done via css.

Cheers! :)

I bought this theme, everything looked ok until i tried to upload media to a slider I put on the home page. When I click the SELECT MEDIA button I get nothing.

I tried on multiple browsers, and still not a thing.

Tried to sign up for support on the forum. The form said my purchase code was invalid.


First, please try this >

Second, also try to disable all plugin and see if it’s solved or not.

If not, Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page(please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

About the forum, the theme just released yesterday so we didn’t create a forum for this one yet but will do it today :)

Let me know!

Cheers! :)

hi, did you included latin-ext google fonts?

Great job!

Is it possible to make sticky menu when scrolling down?


nope, sorry about that but the theme doesn’t have that feature :/