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Discussion on Kingster - LMS Education For University, College and School

Discussion on Kingster - LMS Education For University, College and School

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How do I show posts from a specific author in blog section?


Sorry, that’s not possible. You can only show posts from a category or tag.

Hi, just quick question before i buy it. Does it support for multi languages, and RTL format? to accommodate Arabic language.



Yes, the theme should work fine with RTL.

Thanks for your interest by the way :)

Hi, can we have background videos playing as hero banners? – thanks


Yes, you can put the video background as well.

Thanks for your interest by the way :)


deanozone Purchased

can i update the theme from v2.0.2 to the current version? will there be issues?

Yes, you can, just make sure that you didn’t modified any theme’s files.

To update the theme : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/ (Please make sure to update GoodLayers’ plugins as well.)

if we buy the theme, can we add Accessibility plugin. will it work with your theme!?


First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

Unfortunately, we haven’t fully tested with Accessibility plugin before : /

Its important, EU regulative that we must complete so we must know is it working with any accessibility plugin

Can you PM me via the form in our profile page? I will see what we can do here.


hello , features the cores feature plugin is not activable, what cause the problem

Can you please send wp access + ftp access through the form in this page > http://themeforest.net/user/GoodLayers ?

Please also copy the message into the form as well so we can recognise your case. We will help inspecting directly.

okay thanks please check the mail

waynep16 Purchased

Your old version used to display PAST events in the Events (Tribe events) PB block but now they are all not showing so our past event page using this widget is blank saying There’re no item that match your search criteria. Please try again with different keywords.

How can we make sure past events still show?


You can show past events by commenting out some code in the \wp-content\plugins\goodlayers-core\include\pb\pb-element-event.php file as shown here: https://i.imgur.com/aOfkPno.png

Ths image attached does not load for me, do you have another example pleaes?

Its ok I loaded imgur from another device and it works now, thanks.

waynep16 Purchased


When you click accept cookies the bar doesnt go away….

Is there specific settings for LS cache servers?



If you cache your site as HTML, the cookies accept won’t work. Make sure that you disable that features.

waynep16 Purchased

Yes we use LS cache plugin and HTML minify is set to OFF but this issue is still happening. What else can we try?


1. It’s not HTML minifying but HTML caching, it’s different. However, I’m not sure if LS has option to let you disable this or not.

2. Can you also try to exclude the cookie as well? https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/17017/ (LS will be different than the screenshot that shown but it should has this option.)

3. If these still doesn’t work, you may consider to try third party plugin for GDPR such as this one instead: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gdpr-cookie-compliance/

Hello. I see that you’re using your own builder, which notes LayerSlider as an Element, yet there is no plugin for it when I installed your theme? I also don’t see anything for image carousels? My intention is to create an image carousel, so my question is how do I add it (using a third party plugin) within your builder? For reference, I typically use WPBakery/Visual Composer which does include the slider and carousel, so I expect you can see where my confusion is since your system is very different. Thanks in advance.


We include the revolution slider plugin with the Kingster theme. The layerslider element can be used if you’ve purchased the layerslider plugin separately.

You can either use the revolution slider or use the Gallery element if you need to create a simple image carousel in our theme.


Edmund1963 Purchased

I recognize that you provide the Revolution Slider. I was just noting that since your theme elements include LayerSlider I assumed that the plugin was also included. No worries, I found another free plugin that works (MetaSlider) which I added via a shortcode. There are also carousel plugins, again, it’s just that the better themes typically provide for it.

We do include a built-in option to show a carousel – the Gallery element in the page-builder. You may need to use a plugin if you need carousels with a different style.

Hello. I’m using the TAB element, for wihch the default has video at left. I replaced the video with an image, sized to fit (400×600px). The problem is that when you click the next tab the image is shown very large below (before it resizes to actual dimensions) for a fraction of a second? I’ve never seen this done with any tab element in other builders. Since your tab element doesn’t provide for image width/height paramaters, what can be done to eliminate the initial large state? And for reference, I added cache management and I preloaded the images, yet no other images or pages have this problem.

I discovered the issue with your tabs, the css .gdlr-core-tab-item .gdlr-core-tab-item-image-background and .gdlr-core-tab-item .gdlr-core-tab-item-image are both set to 100% for width and height. This results in the image loading large (full-screen) until it resizes per the image dimensions and container. When I checked your demo on your univesity homepage your tabs have the same issue. Have your designers looked into this?


Could you try adding this custom css in wp-admin > goodlayers > miscellaneous > custom css/js > additional css option and see if that helps:

.gdlr-core-tab-item .gdlr-core-tab-item-image {
    display: none;
.gdlr-core-tab-item-image.gdlr-core-active {
    display: block;
    overflow: hidden;

Edmund1963 Purchased

Thanks for the code. It does the job, so long as I keep the content the same length since the height is now variable . Good fix, and thanks for the help!

Hello! Is this theme compatible with Yoast SEO plugin? Because it’s showing me alerts of no content, it can’t read the text in the builder for some reason.