Discussion on Kingster - LMS Education For University, College and School

Discussion on Kingster - LMS Education For University, College and School

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Are you providing customization


First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

Unfortunately, we don’t do customization job.

Good day,

I am interested in buying your theme but I need to know is it possible to have documents uploaded to the website but can only be accessed by entering a password. My school is interested in replacing their existing website but require that staff documents are available on the site. Of course these staff documents must be secured from the general public. Is such a feature available? If not, are there any Wordpress plugins that could accomplish this and also be compatible with your theme?


WordPress has a built in feature to password protect pages, this is supported in our theme as well. You can embed your documents on this password protected page.

Hello , its a presale question, wanted to know if this theme can be edited using elementor, as i need to insert some animations and transitions. thanks


The demo is built using our own page-builder.

It is possible to build pages with 3rd party page-builders, but these won’t have the theme specific elements in them.

I used the accordions from your theme but the toggles and feature box animations are not working at all on my website. Please help


We’ve replied to your ticket here: https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/ticket/3104718/

Please provide the page URL where we can see the issue.

Hi, I want to but this theme for my University Campus. Please let me know in its admin panel can i manage students fee and print receipt or not? and if not can you add this feature in its admin panel so we can manage our students fee and take print monthly fee statement… please reply on my email muneeb.yaroh@gmail.com or lawrencecollegefsd@gmail.com


Sorry, there’s no option to manage or accept student fees. You will have to customize the theme to add this feature.

Another column can be added in the “High School” template

See at https://prnt.sc/ge8TmJNbNKlT

Yes, you can add another column for that.

Thanks for your interest by the way :)


carapiva Purchased

Thank you. One more question. Does the theme support wordpress version 6.0.2?


yes, it does.

Your template are very nice. But I have some problems. Impossible to modify any page after load demo data. I get “An error occurs, please refresh the page, If error persist, contact an administrator”. I already opened a ticket but no response.

Im curious, is there no way to automatically pull down latest twitter posts? i love the feature but if its manual thats too tedious! let me know :)

Sorry for the confusion, this is added for demo purpose. You need to remove the Text Box element and replace it with a ‘Twitter’ element in the page-builder, and add your twitter authentication codes in it.

Hi thanks, got to the stage of adding the Consumer and Authentication tokens, however now im faced with two messages.

Cannot retrieve tweets data, please check your twitter access info and try this again.

Alongside right at the top. You currently have Essential access which includes access to Twitter API v2 endpoints only. If you need access to this endpoint, you’ll need to apply for Elevated access via the Developer Portal. You can learn more here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/twitter-api/getting-started/about-twitter-api#v2-access-leve

You need to apply for elevated access in the developer portal. You should be able to do that at this URL once you log in: https://developer.twitter.com/en/portal/products/elevated

If you still have issues, please open a ticket with the site details so we can take a look: https://support.goodlayers.com/

Hi, we are interested to buy this theme for our premium school. I have one question. Can we ability to put some dropdown with the menu or above the menu as we have five school and people can select schools from dropdown which will take them to selected school website and also the dropdown should be visible in mobile devices too. Its that possible with your theme. Kindly note. I am not talking about the menu where it is possible but a separate drop down with different color which emphasize its existence on the top of the website. Thanks in advance


Yes, it is possible to put a dropdown menu in the top bar, this would be under the alumni/calendar/portal menu on our demo: https://demo.goodlayers.com/kingster/

You can also add a <select> dropdown in the top bar using some HTML code.


I am not able to import demo content to in localhost I bought the theme on 20/07/2022 getting this error “gdlr_core_confirm_box is not defined” please clear this issue ASAP


Could you provide some screenshot of the error back so we can see more about this ?

Are you able to create a test site online so we can check this directly ?

You may also create a ticket on our support forum so our supporter could get back to you as well.


Thank you.

RTL feature will be available for this theme? we want to buy this theme and Need translation in Arabic language.


Yes, it works with RTL site.

Thanks for your interest by the way :)

Thanks for your response, which plugin will support to translate website into arabic language wpml or polylang?


You can use both of that plugins for translation :)

In addition to my last question, im curious do you have the photo dimensions of what the design would need? As i will be replacing all the images however if you had such information it would be easier to start working on this now.

The image dimensions depend on where the image is being used. For example, the slider images on our homepage are around 1800×1200px. Let us know if you need sizes for any specific images and we can help with that.

Hey, thank you for your kind response – is it possible to advise of pretty much all possible dimensions required for this template to look as beautiful as it is now?

If you want to know all dimensions from images used in this demo, I suggest you to use Google Inspect Element tool to check it directly. You can google for more about that :)

Hi i will be purchasing this however is it possible to have quick links in the inner pages? example – https://prnt.sc/H1pLSRToW8mk


Thank you for your interest :)

Yes, it is possible to add quick links these.


kayits Purchased

Hello, i have problem with the Form Contact. Sometime ago its work fine, but now dont pop up or show the message “message was send successfully”, when click in submit buttom. It sends the mail but it doesn’t notify the user that their message has been sent and it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t seem to work.


Could you provide the page URL where we can see this issue? Thanks.


kayits Purchased

hello, this is the URL:



This seems to be happening because of a character in the response message:

El mensaje se ha enviado con \u00e9xito

Could you try removing that and see if it helps?

Hello, I purchased theme. Want to add information on staging site and then move to live server. staging and live site domain is different. At the time installation its asking for website registration. Can i develop it first on staging and move it to live which is different domain?

Thanks for your reply

Can we copy wrapper or element on one page and paste it to another?

Yes, you can save it as custom template and call in in other pages.

Click on this button to save : https://take.ms/jzccc then call it here : https://take.ms/MTOrc

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a ticket in our support site ;)

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through https://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : https://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)


I’ve set the default page title backgrounds as the image I want but the single events headers seem to keep the demo image and the calendar view of the events also keeps the demo image. Is there somewhere else I need to change the image?



You can change that by adding this css in wp-admin > goodlayers > miscellaneous > custom css/js > additional css option:

.post-type-archive-tribe_events .kingster-page-title-wrap,.single-tribe_events .kingster-page-title-wrap {
    background-image: url('/wp-content/themes/kingster/images/page-title-background.jpg');

Hi, for some reason the header opacity is not changing when I change the amount (in effect lighteng the header images. Can you please direct me in how to do this. Also The images on mobile devices are not cropping in a square shape. They are wrongly cropping images – is there a way of editing the image shape for mobiles only? Sample page is https://www.fresharts.co/projects-overview/ Thanks


- It looks like you are using a solid header style, could you try changing that to transparent in the Theme Options Panel > General > Header > Header/Navigation Background Style option and see if it helps?

- You can fix this by adding an appropriate Min Height on these Column elements in the page-builder. This height will be used as the image height on mobiles.

Hi revolution slider does not work with current theme when importing templates.

Can you try to update the slider first?


I have done that. I also re-installed, deleted all other plugins ect.

Ok, Can you please submit ticket in our support website?

Please also provide wp access + site url so we can check on it directly.

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through https://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : https://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

Presales q: Hello, I am looking for a study theme, I like yours but im worry about your scores: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/demo.goodlayers.com/S3FWJgaZ/ = B 87%. is there any reason why your demos are not optimized? or are these already optimized and that is the score we have to deal with? Also, does the theme comes with the child theme?


- The demo homepage is not fully optimized for these speed tests. It is possible to better optimize the page to get an A score.

- Yes, we include a child theme along with the theme.

Hello, I just bought the theme, I hope everything goes right! I will start to build the client´s site today, I am thinking to install the child theme so I wonder if is it possible to change the Child theme name so my client does not come with the curiosity to search on google, you know, people are kind of ¨oh! I can do it myself´...

Thank you for the purchase :)

Yes, you can change the name of the child theme by editing the style.css file in it: https://i.ibb.co/Y0wqBX8/2022-06-04-11-58-04.png

Hi is there a way to hide just the header text titles in kingster theme but still keep the header images? thanks


Yes, you can hide the header text using this custom CSS:

.kingster-page-title-content {visibility: hidden !important;}

This will affect all pages on your site.


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