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Hello i have a big problem withe a shortcode ultimate – photo gallery – we have applied [photo_gallery source=”directory: images/sampledata/gallery”...... IN CONTANT K2 but it is not work resuilt : Images not found, please check your gallery source. PLEASE CKECK THIS PROBLEM and give me the solution best reghards

Hello, can you send your site access so i can check what happen there? or post a support forum topic here: https://bdthemes.com/support/forum/joomla-templates/kirion-responsive-joomla-template/

Can you please tell me how to show k2 extra fields on items frontend? Thank you

Hello, did you install the quick start package? if not please install it separately so you understand how to do that.


I have a problem with the tables in the design RESPONSIVE

When I see it from my cell site shows me a single row



<tbody> </tbody>
Resolución No. 441-453 lightbox src=”http://www.esquitofrenia.net/CLIENTES/GADTENA/images/sampledata/PDF/RESOLUCIONES/2005/RESOLUCIONES_441-453.pdf” VER PDF /button
Resolución No. 421-440  lightbox src=”http://www.esquitofrenia.net/CLIENTES/GADTENA/images/sampledata/PDF/RESOLUCIONES/2005/RESOLUCIONES_421-440.pdf” VER PDF /button


I change the lines of code in the css


.su-table table tbody tr { /display: inline-block;/ vertical-align: top; } .su-table table td { /display: block;/ min-height: 1.25em; border-bottom: none !important; border-right: none !important; }

this change is not solved my problem

Please, can you help me

the problem is solved tables Delete this line of code white-space: nowrap;

Now I have the problem that images of Features

in the responsive only see the first two

3 and 4 disappear

http://www.tena.gob.ec/images/error/homeresponsive.jpg http://www.tena.gob.ec/images/error/responsive3.jpg

and also in the Offcanvas Menu there is a problem in responsive

In cases not be this menu


Hi, it’s working fine in my phone: http://prntscr.com/czl33f no scrolling there.

for disappear, please check column shortcode (in your features module) maybe there set hidden option for mobile device.

Hi! I am really interested in your template. It is really nice and elegant! Congrats! However, I have tested your demo template and I found it really really slow, much more than other templates demo. It take me about 6 seconds to go to other link. Is there any issue with that? or is there any way to speed it up?

Hi, Thanks for your comment. Actually demo site loaded huge of content + it’s not optimize like production server (if you look on source code even we did not compress gzip). Speed not depend on template it’s depend how you optimize your site and what type of server you using. so i hope you understand it.

Ok! Thank you so much for your reply

Welcome :)

I’m trying to use Kirion on Hikashop Business but it doesn’t work. How can I use Kirion for Business Version of Hikashop?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m using it on my local machine. So, there’s no site to give you access to. But the problem is when I’m using it on Hikashop business, everything goes down. No menus, no component output and no modules. The only I can see is the filters I’ve created for the store (though deformed). The rest of the page is blank.

In addition, Just in case it’s relevant, I’m using Hikamarket for this project as well.

Ok so, please finish your others work and upload it online and send us your site access via support ticket so support team will give you a right solution for your hikashop part.


Thanks for responding so quick.

Hello can you help me, I need to change the language of the button back to Spanish

And the contact form please,

http://esquitofrenia.net/CLIENTES/GADTENA/i1.jpg http://esquitofrenia.net/CLIENTES/GADTENA/i2.jpg

thank you very much

Hi, thanks for contact with us. here your answer:

Please use localise extension for translate the language file: https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/localise

you find in: en-GB.plg_system_bdthemes_shortcodes.ini (for contact us translate) en-GB.mod_bdthemes_header.ini (for header back translate)

Hello, I bought the template some time ago and I had not used it, now that I want to install it, it freezes in step 3 or it returns.

Ready, sent information, thank you.

check email.

Hello! I purchased the theme by envato elements and have this same problem: https://bdthemes.com/support/topic/contact-form-not-getting-messages-from-the-site-2/ To purchase the theme with envato elements does not have support? Greetings and thank you!

Send your invoice to support@bdthemes.com so support team will provide support.

Hi there. Is there a way to not have the accent colors on each menu and just have one solid color? thank you.

Sorry it’s not possible directly. you need to add some custom css code for it.

I need show drop down menu on mouse over, its possible?

Is not working now? can you share your site link so i understand where the problem?


Presale question. Is there an option to hide offcanvas menu toggler (burger menu) on desktop or it always enabled?


You can set both way :)

Hello, good morning, in the Kirion template, how do I change the default Layout? I want to enter the page and see the Homepage4 Layout !!!

Hello, good morning, in the Kirion template, how do I change the default Layout? I want to enter the page and see the Homepage4 Layout !!! helpme!!

Hi, if you want homepage 4 as homepage 1 so just make the homepage 4 as default from menu manager.

if you want to change Layout only then read this doc: https://bdthemes.com/support/knowledge-base/understanding-about-layout-of-warp-framework/

Hi Guys, first of all great template! I do have a question , in the offcanvas module position, how does one hide a module published in there on dekstop, and only show that module on mobile? Other modules published in offcanvas should show on all devices… Thank you.

I am sorry to say, I actually elements item support not included :(

no problem, bought it on regular license now, will post issue to forum today.

Welcome :)

Hi, I just want to know, where you set the email format for subscription? because it’s still kirion.

Please go to Plugins > Find the Shortcode Ultimate > Go to Edit > API Key Settings > Then set the mailchimp API key

Look here: http://prntscr.com/h9zt8a

Hello, I have input mailchimp key to that setting, and trying to enter another email in Email Newsletter in my web, but it saying : Error: Something went wrong, please try again later. any help?

Please send support ticket with your site access so support team can solve your problem: https://bdthemes.com/support/forums/

I just bought the kiron theme for joomla, and it came raw, I would like to know how to download the model for restaurants, where this option is. http://bdthemes.net/demo/joomla/kirion/index.php/home/homepage-3 I would like to upload this template, to update as I like.

Hi, you should install the quick start package. please check this doc for how you install it: https://bdthemes.com/support/knowledge-base/install-joomla-quickstart-package/

it’s my the 2nd template from this author. but the problem still the same – i can not install it from quickstart package. hey, author, do something to prevent this problem! why i do not have any problems with yootheme. why should i pay you almost the same money for tons of problems and loosing my time. let’s you will pay me for my time! yes, now i will wait for response one day, then i will wait till problem will solved.

refund, i’m tired of your stupidity! i need this theme working as described!

i will write the same to themeforest!

Hi, Sorry for the demo data import problem actually it’s included huge content so if your server configuration is low so this problem can happen.

Make sure your server execution time minimum 180s, max upload limit 50MB and max_input_var 3000+ so i hope it will load smoothly.

Hi, can i do a onepage menu to move the options only on the home page?

Thank you, and if i have only hide on desktop and tablets, what code i can use.

Thank you, i used this code…

@media screen and (min-width:1024px) { /* reglas CSS */ .header-top-wrapper { display: none; } }

Yeah you are right :)


AlexOM Purchased

Hi, i need your help,

when i updated the php version to 7.1 and joomla 3.9.3 the site show this error.

Fatal error: Cannot use $this as parameter in /home/jaspchih/public_html/pfis/templates/kirion/layouts/header.php on line 10

can you help me please, thankyou.