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Kite Widgets broke when I updated to Wordpress 4.3. Any fix coming soon?

Note: I have multiple widgets per column.

Hey jksbec,

Please update to the latest version of Kite (1.3.2) which provides a fix for a WordPress issue introduced in 4.3. You can download this update from your ThemeForest downloads page. After installation reconfigure your widgets via the ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Widgets’ dashboard.

No, 1.3.2 does not correct the issue with the new WordPress update. the customize theme view displays the widgets correctly, but the live version does not display widgets for me on the post sidebar

Our latest update (1.3.2) does fix this WordPress bug, after installing this update you will need to reconfigure (remove and re-add) your Widgets via the WordPress widgets interface. If you continue to encounter the issue please create a new ticket on our support centre.

That fixed it, thanks.

Hello, firstly I have to say your theme is the best crafted I’ve seen in the last years and secondly I have 4 questions on your Theme.

1) Are your language files are separated in fronted and backend?

1.1) If not, are the frontend strings marked in any form?

2) Are there any depencies or required plugins?

3) Is there an option to load the fonts from the local server and not googles?

4) Any ability to show works in for example a portfolio?

Answers would be great and might be criteria for buying your theme. I wanted it in the past and since that no theme came across which was better than it. In the very near future I will need a theme like yours, so I have almost decided to buy it.

Well, sorry for my (bad) english. Hope you could understood me.

Hey alexander_id,

Thanks for your comments and interest in Kite.

1. Kite includes .mo/.po localization files for theme language translations.

2. Upon theme activation we recommend the installation of a couple of plugins to enhance the theme, these are optional and not a theme requirement.

3. This is currently not an option and the theme will use the Google CDN for non-system default fonts. The FontAwesome icon font is loaded locally.

4. As Kite is design primarily for blogging it doesn’t feature a portfolio page.

Hi EckoThemes,

thanks for your answers.

My first question was whether the file has been divided into 2 different files (.mo/.po for front-end and another .mo/.po for back-end)?

The reason for this is because I have to localize the language and it’s time-saving only to translate the front-end.

Now I have additional questions:

1. How handle kite subtopics?

2. Any plans to add breadcrumb navigation?

Best regards, alexander_id

Hey alexander_id,

The translation files contain both the front-end and backend strings.

1. I’m unsure what your referring to by subtopics. Kite has full support of all standard WordPress functionality including categories and tags.

2. No plans at this time.

If you have any further questions the best way to contact us is via our support site under the ‘Pre-Sales’ category.

Kite has been updated to 1.4.0, below is the change-log for this update.

15/11/2015 - v1.4.0
+ WordPress 4.4 Compatibility
+ Updated Child Theme
+ Updated TGM Plugin Activation (2.5.2)
+ Updated Documentation
- Various Minor Bug Fixes

Any future update for this awesome masterpiece? :grin:

Hey muhemzen,

Thanks for your comments.

Kite is next on our update schedule, and we plan to have this released in the coming weeks.

Really love this theme. I just purchased, but I’ve hit a snag I figured I should let you know about. When you use the customizer to adjust the 2 accent colors, only the “light” color is applied to the search widget in the sidebar. The “dark” color is ignored and the default green is used, instead. I’m fixing it by custom CSS rules in my child theme’s stylesheet, but figured you might want to fix it for everyone else.

Hey Eight7Teen,

Thanks for your comments and purchase of Kite.

I just tested this on our development blog and couldn’t replicate the issue. Could you create a new ticket on our support site with a link to your blog so we can investigate further?


Hey Eight7Teen,

We just replied to your ticket.

Is there a way to add the Read time left kinda widget as you have it in Astro theme?

Hey hmvrulz,

This functionality isn’t included with the theme, however a third-party WordPress plugin can be used to add this functionality (installable via your WordPress dashboard).

Hello, loving the theme and it is on my short-list now. A few pre-sale questions here.

1. Disqus

Is the theme now fully compatible with Disqus? I have seen in the comments from 2 years ago that this was not clear. Is it simple install and forget now? (I am not much of a programist).

2. About Author

Is it possible to insert the about author widget below the post entry? For example if I use a 3rd party plugin which enables after entry, can I just put the theme’s author widget in there?

3. Full width posts

Is it possible to have full width posts or just pages?

Many thanks.

Hey Wmendyka,

Thanks for your interest in Kite.

1. Kite supports Disqus comments via the offical Disqus WordPress plugin.

2. The included widgets can only be placed within the sidebar and footer widget sections. If you add your own widget area via a third-party plugin or customization you shouldn’t have any issue using the author widget via this.

3. Both custom pages and post pages support the full-width page layout.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Got the theme and now playing with it.

Could you shed some light on how to add additional (or different) social sites to the included share scroll (in fluid design)?.

It looks great but I miss that there is no LinkedIn or Pinterest (don’t really need Reddit shares…).

Many thanks.

Hey Wmendyka,

Thanks for your purchase of Kite.

For post-sales queries please create a new ticket on our support site and we will be happy to assist.

Kite has been updated to 1.5.0, below is the change-log for this update.

03/05/2015 - v1.5.0
+ Theme Code Refactor
+ Updated FontAwesome (4.6.2)
+ Updated Documentation
- Minor Bug Fixes

Hello, I have a some questions about that great theme. 1. It’s possible to get in home page the similar effect like in Onyx theme – I mean slider with a time counter with big photo of post in background? 2. Can I put under the post section another section to put the widgets? 3. The bar/section with Categories/Meta Tags/Twitter etc. it is fully customizable? For any type of widgets? Thanks in advance for answers.

Hey wac0,

Thanks for your comments and interest in Kite.

1. Kite doesn’t include a cover slider like our Onyx theme, however does include the ability to feature posts at the top of the frontpage. An example of this can be seen in the live demo.

2. The default theme widget areas are the sidebar and footer areas. You can add additional widgets areas below the post with a third-party plugin or customization.

3. The footer section is a fully widgetized area within WordPress much like a standard sidebar, so you can customize the widgets shown as required. This includes support for all default WordPress widgets.

Thank you for answers. So I have the same questions about Onyx theme – I mean ad.2. ad.3. And it’s also possible to put under or below the categories section another section to put the widgets or something?

Also can I have that combination, for example: all posts – fullwidth without sidebar and home page in masonry style?

Thanks in advance for answers.

Hey wac0,

Please open a new ticket on our support site under the ‘Presales’ category and we will be happy to assist with these queries.

Is there no ability to have a sticky header with mobile?

On desktop it works.

Hey crlmnstr,

The floating header is disabled on mobile to allow more space for the blog content. It can be re-enabled via some CSS code. Please submit a ticket on our support site and we will be happy to assist.

Kite has been updated to 1.6.0, below is the change-log for this update.

13/11/2015 - v1.6.0
+ Updated Translations
+ Updated Documentation
- Minor Bug Fixes

Can i change the Logo Text to an Image? i dont see where i can change it. Please help.


hmvrulz Purchased

Even though i have purchased the theme. it doesnt show up when i try to submit a ticket :(


hmvrulz Purchased

Something went wrong when trying to connect to your Envato account. Please try again.

It appears our support service is having some issues connecting to the Envato API – apologies for the inconvenience. Please send your query via the contact form on our profile page.


hmvrulz Purchased

When we do Google Page Test it says that the Javascripts are blocking load time

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content Your page has 2 blocking script resources and 4 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.

Is there any way to set this right in the theme?

Hey hmvrulz,

This is typical with WordPress as scripts and styles will be added to the page header by default. If you wish to change this behaviour there are plugins available to achieve this.

By default Kite is optimized from a theme standpoint – given a correctly configured server setup you can achieve page load times of half a second (as can be seen from a performance review of our live demo).

This message should (as with most page speed recommendations) be considered a notice rather than an error. This will only effect your blog performance if an excess amount of plugins were to be installed.

If you have any further questions please submit a new ticket on our support site and we will be happy to assist.


hmvrulz Purchased

Thanks a lot for clarifying :) appreciate your quick response :)