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Very nice work mate! Good luck :D

Simple and very nice. Good luck :)

Thank you vary much

Nice work :-) we need more of this simple clean design on TF

yes you are absolutely right. Thank you vary much

Extra clean work. Congrats. Wish you the best with this one, Umbrella.

Kind Regards,

thanks a lot mate :)

Great theme! Good luck :)

Great work, good luck :)

thanks mate

The footer widgets disappear when reducing the size of the screen (both tablet and smartphone)... Home slider (type 3) works bad on touch screens :( Could you fix it, please? Thanks a lot.

hi there, Thnx for the comment.

Actually that is not a problem we made the theme in that way that when is viewed form a tablet or a mobile the widget will disappear because it will look more compact and it will look good. But don’t worry we can make them appear. Just send us an email with your login-info and we will change it for you. And we will look also the home type 3 because we did’n see any problems there.

Thnx again for the comment. Regards

Also could you tell us what devices u used to check it ?


Nice theme :) Pre sales question – is it possible to put layer slider or rev slider on the home page instead? Can you control the content that shows on the homepage?


Hi, Yes that is possible. you just need to put the rev slider via shortcode. Here is an example on how to add the slider.

But keep in mind if you want to add the slider in some other parts besides the content you must add the shortcode inside a template.php. If you don’t know how to do that. We can add it for you. You must configure the slider as you want to appear and then just contact us and we will immediately add it.

Thanks for your comment and I hope this answer was what you were looking for.


There is certain problem with the theme. Header, navigation and the home version 3 do not work. I tried the support, nobody is replying. PLEASE ADVISE!

Hi, please be patient about the support. It’s only 20 minutes that you asked a question in the support forum and we already answered it. And please if you have any problem you need to be more specific about it or show us a link so we can understand your problem and fix it.

Regards, Umbrella

Hello, I love the theme! is it possible to embed videos (vimeo / you tube?) inside a projects’s portfolio? The most of my work is motiongraphics, tnhanks!

Well don’t know the exact date but it will be in the next 2 weeks.

So if I buy the theme now, will I be able to update it later?

Yes of course

Howdy! Nice theme, you guys earned yourself a 5 star here! Nice to finally get some really clean themes here at TF!


Thank you buddy ;)

Hi I cannot Install it on wordpress .. it says

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


Please re-download the theme or send us your wp-login’s or ftp-login’s and we will install it for you


Just want to say that this theme is very clean, well thought out and easy to use. Support is seriously top notch – Lorik went WAY above and beyond for me. Thank you guys, 5 stars all the way!


Thanks so much for your kind words.

We are very honored of having such a nice customer.

Thanks again

Hi! Congrats for this beautiful theme! I would like to kwow if its possible to integrate a small video in the slider (type 2)? Thanks! Audrey :-)


Yes it can be integrated and it will in the future updates. It will have an options to put a YouTube or vimeo links in the slider. But for now if you have some videos and you don’t have the need to change them we can integrated it for you but we will make a temporary integration just for now and then when the update is finished you can do it through your option panel.


Very nice theme! I was hoping to add WooCommerce to this theme, have you had anyone do that before?



This theme is a portfolio theme so we didn’t make any custom stuff for WooCommerce but i did try the plugin and I’ve got some errors about the integration of WooCommerce but however I was able to add a product and to show it despite the errors. I’m sure that if you know a little of programming you would be able to sort it out.


Hey Guys is there a simple way to increase the width. It just seems rather compact on the home page. I would love to make it full width instead of being boxed. If this is something that you can help with that would be great. Shall be getting the theme later this week !

  • Just to clarify what I mean is on the home page I would liek it set to 1200px instead of 960 if possible

Hi there, unfortunately there is no option to make the container wider or if you do it changing some CSS it might look good on home page 2 or if you use static mode on home page 1. Otherwise you should make some changes on CSS (of course we will support you doing that). But to predict changes that might need I would like to know if you want to change the width only on home page or entire website.

Thank you for your question.


if you can help that would be fantastic, I would like it for the whole website. Many Thanks

Yes we can do it.

First you need to buy and install the theme, than send me your ftp information to our email address. And I will try to do it for short period of time.


Pre sales question: IE8 is not mentioned as a compatible browser. Is this correct? Unfortunately there’s still a decent amount of people using it.

Unfortunately no, we used some features that aren’t compatible with ie8. Maybe in the future we will take some time to fix them but now we are working on some new themes so we have no time for that right now.

Thank you for your comment. Regards

hi there! looks good!! is ist possible to show descriptions or captions for every single project shown one the homepage? (type 1) .. over, under, above however … now the information just pops up at a mouseover … would be nice to have it visible at e.g the bottom… thx!


unfortunately there is no option to do that, but with some small customization it is possible! So if you want to make those changes we contact us and send your log in information.


bought it! regarding the description I will send you an email with my login! now that I’ve went through the wp admin I’ve another question .. creating a gallery slider: I need to screen portriats … the images are all squeezed and sliced to that basic landscapre format ..?

Hi Stephan,

glad to here that you liked and bought this theme, whenever you send your WP information I’ll do them immediately, but the slider in the gallery is fixed width and we will make it flexible on the next update but just for now we can change it to portrait or landscape by your needs. To do it I also need your ftp information to have access to themes .js files.

Please get back to me with an email to make those changes.


Umbrella Studios

The best team in ThemeForest! Thank you for all the support! 5 stars easy!!! Thank you Lorik!

Thank you a lot :)

Any chance of making the fixes for ie8?


Well not right now.

For now we are working in some other project and we are trying to support peoples that have questions or issues with our themes. That is taking us a lot of time, but maybe later we will make the time for fixing the ie8 issue.

Thank you for your comment :)