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Great :). Good luck with sales :)


Thanks :)

fantastic work – all the best – may return to this one myself

Thank You, mate. :)

Hi I always have used wordpress but Id like to use some html for a small project How do you load images? does it use a xml file like flash? or must be embedded in the html also is there an admin panel or something? (of course I dont expect wordpress panel, but maybe some back end area to modify some spots) or must it all be coded? I ask this because maybe my client will want to modify mostly the pictures


The image are loaded directly.

It don’t have any admin panel, is only html version.

The source code is well comented and you can easy edit it.


This template works in Brazil? With special characters?

ççççççççççç óóóóóóóoó áááááááááá ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Great Template


Yes, it works perfectly without any problems

I really love this template, the problem is, I would like to use it as a wordpress theme and I was wondering how can I use this on wordpress?

This is HTML version only. Wordpress version is not released and will not be. If you like it, you can hire a feelancer to do it for you.

Hi, I’ve buyed this template, but I want to change the font of the titles, because this font don’t work with special characters (á,é,í, ã, etc).

How can I change this font? Thanks…

You must generate one new script on , including the symbols that you need and replace the comfortaa.cufonfonts.js with this one new generated.

The font is Comfortaa

But now seems like this site is down.


I’m having problems with some special characters on “page_title” and “page_title_subhead” (for example). The chars are õ and á.

You said that it would work fine with these kind of chars. What should I do to solve this problem? These chars simply doesn’t appear.

Waiting your reply.

Geerate new script file with specials characters here (check):

Download it and replace the original form JS folder. comfortaa.cufonfonts.js

That’s all.

The solution worked fine! Tks! :)

Wonderful template will support Russian found and corrected in cufon-yui.js

You did a great job! Excellent! :)

Thank you ;)

Is there additional coding to make this a responsive website?

(your suggestions?)

It was not made to be responsive, and I think it will be hard to make it. You can try to create an additional stylesheet and include it in template header, where using media queries you should be able to add responsiveness.

Thank you for this wonderful template, but there is some problem, I can’t load sl-shadow.png, prev.png, next.png and ajax-loader.gif images. Please help to fix it.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

I will take a look at this and let you know if is fixed.

Hello, I just installed the theme, but I get the error style file is missing

This theme is not for Wordpress. It is a HTML template.

thanks @Smartik

Hi Smartik, Thanks for this great template! Well done!.


Thanks. Use it to make something beautiful. ;)

Hey! :) Looks great!! But if I may ask a question, I’d like to know, how to actually use it? If I’d like to use it i.e like a blog, how to for example add content to it? I mean if i don’t have CMS behind it? How to use it? May sound like a stupid question, but please, answer me…

It is a ready-made HTML template. So, if you want to use it with Wordpress for example, you must convert it first. Here is where you should start first

It shouldn’t be so hard to convert it.

Regards. Hope this answer helps you.

?????? ?????. ???? ?? ? ???????????? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? cms?

Good evening. Can I use this template for my cms?

This is a HTML template, but if you know how to adapt it for your CMS then this shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck.

I know how to adapt, I just wanted to know whether it is possible to use a third-party cms)

Yes download it and start the work. Please note that this is a licence for one website only. For every additional website you should buy a new licence. Regards. :)

I realize beggars can’t be choosers, but I downloaded this great template as the free theme of the week and am wondering if it would be asking too much to write a script that would open/close all the articles on a page.
Thanks so much

Quick tip: Add somewhere in template a button with this ID: #bt_oc_articles
<a id="bt_oc_articles" href="#" class="button small orange rounded">Open/Close Articles</a>
Add this script in scripts.js:
$("#bt_oc_articles").click(function () {

This script can be extended, but I think this is enough for you to start.

Let me know if something goes wrong. Regards.

Thanks a lot for the reply!
I don’t want to toggle, I want to specifically open/close, I ended up with this:
                function openAll() {
                function closeAll() {

                //listen for close/open all
                $('#closeAll').click(function(event) {
                $('#openAll').click(function(event) {
I’m still new to JS, so it may not be the best syntax…

Yea, this is also good. :)