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Nice template thank you.

I was just curious as to how the contact form work, does it only work when it’s uploaded to a web server? I can’t get it to work properly. It’s not uploaded to a server yet.

very good template, thanks a lot

plus 1 – nice flow

Creative… endless possibilities! :D

how can i make the larger of the portfolio images that comes up in the colorbox link to a website? Thanks for your help and for the template!

Can you please extend your question? I’m not sure if I understand what do you mean.

Tried to upload but Worpress says failed due to no css stylesheet - The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Anyone help?

This is not a Wordpress Theme, is a HTML template.

Awesome template, thank you.

Question: when I rename each div ID to suit my needs, The look of the section of the page change. There is a break in the vertical scroll, as if to seperate a top of page? for example.

How can I create new/rename sections, with out adding breaks in the scrolling image?

Yes, you are right, now I see my BIG mistake.

Here is how you can fix this: Open style.css and change line 377:
#page-portfolio .header, #page-services .header, #page-articles .header, #page-contact .header
with this:
.page_general .header 
Save and close.

Now open index.html and edit each section by adding this class page_general

Example: From:
<div id="page-portfolio">
<div id="page-portfolio" class="page_general">



I am not familiar with colorbox. Is it simple to link to an iFrame youtube video in the portfolio section?

There is already an example(second item) with youtube iframe.

Really nice work! I just kept scrolling down and had a comforting feeling of “wow”.

Thank you for This item is March’s Free File of the Month! Each user is entitled to one free regular license.

TROP TOP !!! Mais pour le favicon j’arrive pas :(

English please. ;)

I can not place a favicon.ico on the site :(

1. Add this line somewhere between <head>...</head> tags:
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="favicon.ico" />
2. Upload your favicon in template root. Make sure to use this name:

That’s all.

Beautiful, Classy, functional, minimal


Gratitude. :)

Thank you. You’re the best ;)

Nice. THKs a lot.

Love how you give support even to non-customers. Keep it up!

Thank you, Daniel. :)


thank you for this amazing Template. But… i have a big Problem with the Images. I use Dreamweaver CS 5 and it shows me only “images/assets/1.jpg” I can Change the Name of the Thumbnail, but i can´t change the Name of the Big Picture. Your Template allows only the picturename 0044, 0055 and 0066.jpg. If i use a other Name like LBG1 or Street1 there is a error message in the Internetexplorer or in Firefox “This Image coud not be loaded”. I use Imagesizes from 640×510 till 800×500, nothing works. What is to do?

greetings fom Germany Andrew

I don’t really understend your question, but there shouldn’t be a problem replacing/adding images. Just replace the url to your image and it should work. Make sure the url is the one you need and is working.

WOW! Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Great work Smartik, thanks a lot !
Wish you the best.

Thank you, mate. ;)

Hi there. Is there a way to make each thumbnail tile in the portfolio open a separate series of images? Right now, when I click on on of the thumbnails, it opens up a window that lets me view click through all 32 images (instead of just the one for the thumbnail). I want to make it so that each thumbnail launches a single image (or 2 or 3), but only the images that pertain to that thumbnail. The user would have to close out to get an expanded view on another topic.

Is there a way to alter the code for that?

Yes, but this require custom work. The best for you would be to check plugin’s homepage for documentation.

Great Template, congrats. But one Question: Is there a way to use html special characters like Germans ä ö ü on the Titles? They are missing in all < h 1-9 > Tags…

You can generate a new file that will include these characters. If this font doesn’t have support, search for another font and replace the script.

I think this is self explanatory on how to use. Check this page

Yep it is – Now it works well – thanks a lot!