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Are your instructions correct? Your instructions keep referencing “Toys” which doesn’t exist. In the “skin” folder on the download you only provide “css – fonts – images” which should probably be in a “klasikk” folder.

1. In folder app/design/frontend/default copy folder toys from ‘app’ in klassik theme, 2. In folder skin/frontend/default/ copy folder toys from ‘skin’ in klassik theme, 3. In folder js/ copy folder jquery from ‘js’ in toys theme. 4. In skin folder ‘fonts’ for CSS font-face.

Hello globaljeff,

Please contact me to help you solve the errors via email or Skype.


Thank you- you have been very helpful with my installation. Amazing support and everything is working great!

Thank you so much Jeff. Really glad to help you with your installation.

Hello, I am having some problems right now:

1 – I am only getting 3-images wide instead of the 4 in the example. I can fix this by reducing the padding-right on .products-grid li.item but that is throwing off the balance.

2 – when the description goes to two lines (“all rights reserved”), it causes the grid to get really missed up – is there a way to correct this?

3 – the “featured products” isn’t clearing the list of “featured products” – this is critical! How to fix this?

Heelo Manzell,

Thanks for purchasing my theme. I think that fetured products slider is the problem.

Please contact me to help you about the slider.

Thanks again. Best regards.

This is a nice Template, but there seems to be some programming mistakes in this theme:
  1. The way to save the theme liek describet in the documentation is still not like the magento guidelines pretend it (you can do this by yourself in copying the files to frontend/klassik/default. Then you can make you changes (overrites) in frontend/klassik/klassik).
  2. In the Download the author has some writing mistakes in the paths (sometimes he write klassik and somestimes he write klasikk
  3. Some files seems not to be used within the code (some js jquery files)
  4. On most sites you will get an error because of this noConflict.js file because it can’t work without jquery. But jquery isn’t loaded at all sites.
  5. Some files are includet by http:// so if you have an https site you’ll get some errors
  6. Some files which is in the code doesn’t exist at this path: (http://localhost/aidan/js/jquery/jquery.touchcarousel-2.0.min.js; http://localhost/aidan/js/jquery/jquery.touchcarousel-1.0.min.js; http://localhost/aidan/js/jquery/cloud-zoom.1.0.2.js