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I purchased this theme and have really loved it. Last year when the major security update for wordpress was released, the corresponding update for Klaus was released, but with your warning: “For old customers lends itself to be careful when you perform the update, this is because most likely all pages must be controlled and in many cases will have to be updated.” I did not do the update and my site continued to work perfectly until today when my wordpress version was updated to 4.5. Now Visual Composer does not work at all. Is there any way to get visual composer to work again? Or can you tell me if the latest release of Klaus would still require me to re-enter all of my text sections on my website? Your help is sincerely appreciated.

If you have update to wordpress 4.5 only way is to update the theme to last version available with VC version 4.11.1

Also you need re-write some shortcodes because change the output, not exist another solution.

Hi, I downloaded all the files but it seems like it doesn’t include the latest VC version, only the theme files. I can’t edit my site, any suggestions?

Ok and now the new version of vc just broke my page

Break all pages or some shortcodes not appear? Because if you have update the theme to last version and also the visual composer it is possible lost some shortcodes.

Klaus Version 1.6+ change the output of some shortcode for update the Visual Composer compatible with all version of Wordpress from 4.4+

I would like to know if there is anyway to put 2 sortable team portfolios on the same page. When I try the sortable menu for both portfolio blocks only affects the first block and not the second. I would like to have 2 sortable portfolio blocks on the same page with independent menu controls that only affect the portfolio they were assigned to. If this is not possible could this be part of some update. Its really interfering with the design I have in mind for my project. Thanks for the consideration and answering my question.

Not possible insert two portfolio sortable in the same page. You can insert a one team and one portfolio sortable but not 2 or more portfolio.

Otherwise I try to make an update for this without loss the back ward compatibility.

Stay tuned.

FYI the update we received on 7/5/16 does not update the Revolution Slider and the VC is not working.

You have update the theme with FTP or the plugin with FTP?

I updated all the files you noted on the ChangeLog ( using FTP.

Try to deactivate and delete the plugin and re-install it.

Appearance – Install Plugins

Hello Bluxart

Is there a way to make Klaus show a two word site identity all on one line for all browser widths?

I have a website name that is two words. The first word has 4 letters, the second word has 10 letters. When I enter these two words separated by a space in the site identity field, the second word gets dropped down to a second line when the browser is about half a monitor wide.

Do I need to buy a copy of Visual Composer to make my website look like the live demo on ThemeForest?


Are you sure the Jetpack not have some mobile module activate? Otherwise open a ticket here with your admin access:

Great suggestion Bluxart, that fixed the mobile display problem. JetPack had the Mobile Theme enabled under the Appearance tab. Now my site looks good on mobile devices. Thank you

Hi There, We have a customer here and this client did bought this theme few years ago from you. anyway he had lost the log in details and now we are trying to fix a issue he has. The problem now is that the old visual composer has stopped working and we just bought the new theme. We did add the new visual composer on the old theme but the frontend doesnt working correct.

sorry not been rude now but its took us more than 2 years and more than $18000 to put this website on first page of google and now if we do this google will penalise it. How to explain my customer now that he had just lost his business. We cant touch the theme so please let us know some solution

One solution is to dowgrade wordpress and the theme version, I hope you have a backup first the update.

Revert to original version and the site works, in meanwhile create a sub-domain a recreate the page from this version where you have the problem.

This is a solution is too long, only way is duplicate the site in a sub-domain and re-build the page. When all pages is done you can replace the content in the main site.

Or viceversa install the old version in a sub-domain and rebuild the page in a main site.

Or downgrade the theme and WP.

The main problem is shortcode output changed and this is only solutions available.

For duplicate the wordpress installation in a sub-domain you can use this tool:

Good evening everybody!

I have a lil prob which makes me crazy. Installed previous versions of this template several times, installing and running.

Now purchased the latest version by using wordpress-4.4.5 to get no probs with the Visual Composer. By going to settings of VC I get the problem that I can´t change the defaults. Drop down shows me an option by I can´t activate the showing options in the list. Maybe an idea what I am doing wrong? Or on other hand, should I take another version of wordpress?


I have the latest Version here from Themeforest.

Now I have made a new installation with WP Ver 4.4.5 and startet the installation of Klaus theme, installed and activated the plugins and then moved to Visual Composer settings to make needed adjustments (following you tube installation: Klaus – Getting Started with Klaus Theme). There is no possibility to make adjustments there, see screenshut

Can you help me please?

It is normal, this screen, you need build your page with VC.

Not understand your request

Sorry, was my mistake. I followed the installation process shown in the YouTube Video from a previous version of the template!

Hello, i bought the themes some years ago and installed it on workpress. It is an awesome beautiful theme and I was very happy. Everything worked perfect. I deleted my hompage 1 year later. Now i want to create a new website. I downloaded the Klaus theme again and installed it on wordpress. But it does not work. It looks like an empty page: .I the site builder dont work anymore: . I tried it with an older wordpress version but i does not work neither. I also updated the plugins. Please help me Best regards, Tobi

You need set the homepage in settings – reading -> select statico page and set in frontpage field the homepage.

Alright. Thanks for the fast answer. Now i Set a static Page but it is still without the content from your Demo : It Look like this:

and i can not add the stuff via virtual composer and i can add a slider.

Beste regards, Tobi

Open a ticket here with the access:

Remember your support is expired, you need renew the support!

Hi, We did buy SSL certificate but it doesnt work properly on the theme as htpp// sign is constantly there and the theme doesnt allow the ’’pad lock sign’’ to replace the htpp// . Would you be able to let us know what we can do in this case as we have too many problems already with the theme. Thanks

What version of WordPress and Klaus you have?

Last version.

Okay, open a ticket here: and send me a temp access to your admin area.

Where to Download Klaus Version 1.6.4? In envato market I only get Version 1.6.3

I need re build the version for envato. The last version is 1.6.3

Thanks for answering. When will this happen exaclty? There are some isues with php7 and WPBakeryShortCode/ VisualComposer. Hope that this will be fixed.

No issue, only things moved redux framework to plugin instead integrate it into the theme.


rbove Purchased

I just tried to upload latest version of the theme and it says it’s “missing style.css”.

Deactivate and delete the plugin and reinstall.

However if you update to this last version you need recreate some shortcodes.

Instead to update the plugin you can try this fix without update the plugin:


rbove Purchased

Ok, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 4.7, and the theme 1.6.3. I deactivated and deleted VC, reinstalled and activated it. It is finally working, but when I go to certain pages I’m seeing lines like this: [vc_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”] and [/vc_column_text]

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

try to replace the vc_column_text into az_column_text.

I talk in the previous comment, about this, you need re-create some shortcode if update the theme from an old version.

Let me know.

I’m trying to preview your theme. However, the front page always has the “We use cookies” dialog in the lower right. Clickin the “Got It!” doesn’t make it go away, and the links in the menu do not work. Is it possible to fix? Tried on both Safari and Chrome, same problem.

Ok, let me some hours and delete the cookie banner.

Try now, clear the page first

Awesome, it works. Thanks for taking care of it so quickly.


cgookin Purchased

Is there a way to set the page headers to default to a certain header image, black overlay of 0.5? That way we don’t have to do it for every single post?

Unfortunaltely not via theme options panel, only solution is write a php function for set this settings.

Hi, I currently use this theme in a site that is 3 years old now and am looking to give the site a bit of a refresher. I’m trying to decide if I should stick with this theme or try a new one. There are a few things I’m looking for in the gallery and I’m not sure if Klaus can do it or if it would be possible to implement fairly easily:

1. When in a gallery, is it possible to have it so no matter where you click on on the thumbnail , it will open the larger version in the lightbox, rather than just clicking the red box in the upper right corner?

2. When looking at the larger version of an image in a gallery, is it possible to make it so it advances to the next large image simply by clicking on the current large image, instead of having to close it and selecting a new thumbnail? Can we stay in the lightbox and advance through images?

3. Is it possible to have social media sharing icons on either the thumbnails or large image versions so users can share that image?

But you have the last version available of Klaus?

Yes I do, From June or July 2016

If you have Klaus 1.6+ you not have any problem if update visual composer. Technical t you not lose or miss the page content Boulder with VC

Hello, If I buy and install the real version of Visual Composer, will it fix the problem with old short codes breaking the pages? Thanks

What version of Klaus you have?


You can install the last version of vc and you don’t lose the content.

Hi there, I downloaded new theme version from my account a few days ago, and it’s 1.6.3 instead of 1.6.4 as the changelog showed. Could you have a check? Also, Visual Composer 4.12 is a little bit old, please consider to update it to 5.0 in the next version. Thank you.

Thanks for reply. However in the folder I saw Visual Composer is 4.12 and Rev Slider 5.2.6 so I am confused if it’s already version 1.6.4 ? in the changelog, it’s VC 4.12.1 and Rev Slider

You are right the last version is 1.6.3 my fault.

So there is 1.6.4 version available but waiting to be uploaded? Could you inform by comment when you add new version? Thank you very much.