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Hello. I have a problem with visual composer. When connected to the newly created theme klaus, blocks editor has lost its functionality and content is not displayed. in the stylesheet plugin registered white color of any text entered in the block. please accompany me relevant information regarding this matter. Topics discussed in the description that this function is available.

You need update the plugin is written into changelogs.


how can I install a custom font to the drop-down menu in “Typography Options”?

Thanks for your work!

Hey again Alessio.

Need help with adjusting the testimonial section.

Right now the height is dynamic and scales depending on how many rows of text there is.

This makes the rest of the content go up and won which is annoying – atleast on our page.

Where can I set a fixed height for this?


Disable the smoothHeight into main.js search KLAUS.testimonial function

Thank you sir.

Where can I turn off the Back to top for certain pages?

For example I don’t want it on Portfolio and Contact but on the rest of the pages.

With Firebug or Web Inspector search if the body has a specific class is true you can use for disable via css the back-to-top for this pages.

If you use a custom template, the body has the class with the name of the page template.

Hello Bluxart you can response on the Chariot theme forum to this question only if you want, since i’ve asked my question there first by mistake. Here it is anyways:

I just bought the Klaus theme and I would like to change the size of my portfolio’s thumbnails.

1)I see in this forum you suggest to change it in fonctions.php. It may sound foolish, but I just don’t know where is the fonctions.php. How do I get there?

2)Also, I would like to change the position of my thumbnails without using the default settings (date, id, author…) How can I do it randomly?

Thank you very much.

Hi, simple, go to Apparence -> Editor and on the right select the file functions.php

When you change the size the thumbnails, downlaod the Regenerate Thumbnails plugins and run it.

2) Not possible

Ok thank you!!!!

Hello Bluxart,

I did as you said, by going in the fonctions.php to change my thumbnails size. I did a simple mistake in the syntaxe by adding a “px” after the size of my thumbnail. Then, when uploading, I got an error message saying that there was an error in the writing of the page. Here it is :”Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘px’ (T_STRING) in /home1/masse/public_html/wp-content/themes/klaus/functions.php on line 48”. I did change the code the exact way it was before, and it still give me that message. Now I cannot do anything, not even access my web site through news pages… What’s the problem. THANKS!

problem already fixed with my host. Thanks

Perfect, thanks for your information

Hello Bluxart,

1) Why my portfolio thumbnails always loose a certain picture quality when I change there sizes. At 400×400, in a 4 columns grid, it’s all right, but if I choose an other size, I loose quality and it does not look good. Also it does it when I use the wall effect in my portfolio settings. Is Generate Thumbnails plugin doing this?

2)In order to not have one thumbnail cut on the left side of the screen (for example, 7 columns of 150 px width thumbnails, last one is cut in half) I have to adjust the % in appearances>editor first? (section 11)



I would like to know how the Klaus theme’s portfolio deals with retina images. How do I manage to make my portfolio images in retina definition?


Only way is a plugin or a custom work, you can try with this plugin:

But I don’t know if it is compatible with Klaus Theme

Ok, thank you.

Hello Bluxart,

What’s the image size you recommend for the portfolio? I see in the Klaus tutorial they use about 800 px x 500 px images… or so. But in my computer, I have noticed that at about 3500 px x 2000 px, the quality reach its visible maximum.


You can choose your size for the thumb into functions.php If you change the size inside the functions.php you need regenerate the thumbnail.

Download and Install “Regenerate Thumbnail Plugin “

Hi, great theme! Thanks for your work!

I was wondering if there is a good way to arrange portfolio items in the portfolio grid. There are themes where you can drag and drop them easily in the admin to arrange them. In your theme I found that you can order them by date, ID, author, title etc. but is there an easy way to example put a portfolio item between two other without messing with the publish dates?

Thank you for your help!

Thanks, no not possible :(

I cannot activate “WPBakery Visual Composer”. When I click “activate” the following error text appears: “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Then it’s asking me to type in my ftp creds. But to no success… What’s wrong? I’d appreciate fast help – have to finish a job asap.

Thanks, problem solved. But since I couldn’t find this via Google you might want to put this fix somewhere people find it without having to draw a ticket. Saves us both the time. Again, thanks.

I have a question about blank dividers. I have a 4 * 1/4 row with images, below the images there is a special heading and a text block. The problem is now that a blank divider in between the image row and the text blocks does not work, it does not create “blank space”. My solution is now to add a seperat section for the text blocks, but then again there are problems on mobile view (text is displayed after images).

So is this a know bug, that blank dividers do not work between image rows and text blocks within one section?

Depende if the blank divider is situated. Otherwise you can use the special class “margin-10 ( or 20,30 etc)” on the image shortcode.

Otherwise if you have a link I see

Thanks for your speedy answer. Unfortunatly I cant show you something yet, it is all local for now. How do I find the special class “margin-”? So far I always added “Single Image” as an image container, because I dont want to use lightboxes.

Go to style.css and search this string: “Special Classes” without quote, you find some classes.

Now when go to wordpress editor edit the single image shortcode, when appear a pop-up scroll and find the Extra Class Name field.

Here you can insert all your classes your needs. For example you can insert: “margin-30” without quote,

How can we make the entire portfolio thumbnail a link on hover, instead of only the category and title?

I see that .item-project .project-name is where I can adjust the hover color and opacity but I just can’t figure out how to make the entire box a link to it’s corresponding single portfolio page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You want all area of portfolio link clickable?

It seems that the Flickr widget at the bottom footer (Quick Flickr Widget) section stopped working and now says ‘SSL Required’ . How can I fix this ASAP?

I received the update and it worked perfect. Thank you!

Perfect :)

hi I have a problem with margin. I have 1/1 row with a single image, below this row are 2×1/2 rows. Now the problem is that the margin-bottom below the first image doesn’t work. I tried to set it up in the style.css, with blank dividers and with classes, nothing worked. Only the 1/1 row images have this problem. Any ideas?

try to insert the blank divider outside the row.

thanks, but it doesn’t work

Open a ticket here: and send me a temp access, don’t worry all tickets is private.

Here’s another error that comes randomly—Warning: array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in D:\Hosting\10921007\html\mvp\wp-content\plugins\oauth-twitter-feed-for-developers\StormTwitter.class.php on line 85

Any idea?

Depends to Twitter Auth Plugin. You have installed the last version of the theme and the plugin? If you use the big twitter feed.

Hi Bluxart,

I am having an issue with the theme since updating the WPBakery plugin, I can’t use any tabs, toggles or accordions as when I select then it enters no codes. Please Advise. Martyn

That works ok for a full portfolio page but i am trying to build a page and add in a gride as in the honelanding page.


Sorted, thanks


I am having an issue with the twitter widget in the footer. I am on version 1.5.1 but I am still getting lots of errors as you can see on the screenshot. Any idea what could be the problem? Many thanks


or in the footer for this website:

Try first to create a new Twitter application. If don’t work open a ticket here with your credentials:

Ciao Alessio, ho acquistato Klaus e mi piace molto. Ho però la necessità di inserire una GRID GALLERY nelle pagine dei progetti (o in qualsiasi pagina, in effetti). Cioè, vorrei poter inserire 8 immagini nella pagina, ciascuna ingrandibile in un lightbox, esattamente come hai fatto nella prima Lightbox Images Gallery qui:

Le immagini sarebbero inserite “a mano”. Cioè, non occorre che vengano automaticamente pescate dalle immagini del project.

La gallery che posso inserire adesso mi mostra invece un solo thumbnail, cliccando il quale si apre l’intera gallery.

C’è un modo per farlo? Grazie Marco

Ciao Klaus non ha lo shortcode apposito ma puoi creare una galleria di immagini creando più lightbox image shortcode utilizzando lo stesso nome nel campo gallery field e tutte le immagini presenti in quella pagina si aprono in una galleria.

Hello – I was wonder a.) how can I change the login logo to my own, and B.) My contact form 7 plugin keeps giving me errors when I try to submit a message. Does this theme support it?

But you see my shortcodes? :D

You can create a lightbox video shortcode ( vimeo or youtube link ) :)

I see the lightbox video gallery, but no short codes…:(

Into page builder exist the shortcode “LightBox Video” near “Lightbox Image”

Getting multiple errors on fresh wordpress install. Opened support ticket.

I know but you need install in your server no local envoriment. Because in this case I cannot help you.