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It seems the maximum width for a logo image is about 220px which is too small for my company name. Is it possible to make it larger?

You need override the default style ( theme options panel -> General Settings -> Custom CSS

header .col-md-3 {
 width: 25%;

header .col-md-9 {
  width: 75%;

Hi Alessio,

I can’t install a theme since it lacks style.css. Could you please provide me with the missing file?

The theme is very nicely designed! I am looking forward to playing around with it.

Cheers! Kris

You need unzip the package download from themeforest and install

Great, thanks!

I keep getting this error when I try to use an image logo in my header

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘width’ in /home/content/p3nexnas03/44/2063444/html/wp-content/themes/WP-Klaus/klaus/header.php on line 39

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘height’ in /home/content/p3nexnas03/44/2063444/html/wp-content/themes/WP-Klaus/klaus/header.php on line 40

Strange…your php version of your server? Php 5.3+ is recommended

Using a temporary server currently. Will follow up if changing servers does not solve the problem

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to post javascript code within the sections. It is possible on wordpress.

This is what I’m trying to put on my page:

Yes you can insert a js code with only page-builder shortcode Raw JS

My revolution slider was working and all of a sudden it stopped. Also, the grid on the bottom of my home page are off centered and i am not able to select any option but 3 across

Your page has a lot of HTML error.

Open a ticket here: and send me a temp access

Hi! I have a problem with the icons when using the visual composer. They won’t show. I only see a small square.

I use the child theme and absolutely everything works fine. Except for that. The problem appeared first after I changed the header-height in the style.css and uploaded the style.css again. It seems as if the visual composer doesn’t find the font anymore. Can you help me, please?


Open a ticket here with a temp access:

I am receiving a similar error as other users: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘width’ in xyz at line 39 and 40.

I am using PHP 5.5.3 on Ubuntu. Please advise. Thx

Xyz?! Open a ticket here…with a link or temp access.

Hi, I installed this theme in Wordpress and am trying to activate the Revolution Slider. Every time it comes back with an error saying “Purchase Code Invalid.” I’m using the purchase code copied and pasted straight from the .txt file. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks.

It’s simple, I included a license for rev slider ( I buy an extended license ) for my theme. Don’t worry about the registration code. The slider working correctly.

Hi Alessio, Congratulations for all your work. Really high quality of design. This is a pre-purchase comment. I have some doubts I would like to clarify. 1-I love both Klaus and Skadi but this last one is supposed to be far more developed. So may I have a menu bar with buttons at the header just like in Klaus theme? I like many features from Skadi but I don’t want to open the menu every time I want to jump a different section using a laptop. 2-Is it SEO ready? I can’t find any reference about that. 3-Finally, I would like to personalize some details (move menubar at the bottom, upload my own icons and modify the gallery captions behaviour). Do I have this options inside the Page builder or do I need coding? Thanks in advance!

Hi thanks for compluments.

1) Not possible into Klaus Theme has this feautures. Only way is create a custom works for replicate the Skadi Features.

2) They have a solid SEO structure otherwise I don’t know if is SEO ready, otherwise all buyers do not complain about that.

3) Some elements is possible modify inside the page-builder or theme-options panel for other things you can add your special classes for create your custom design.

How do i remove the footer part? I don’t want to use any info on footer widgets and don’t like the empty space there.

Yes you can but you need modify the footer.php code.

Pre-sale question. Is there a blog shortcode so that I can insert the latest posts in a section?

Yes you can.

Is it possible to link a portfolio item name to the lightbox rather than going to the individual portfolio page? Essentially have BOTH the ”+” button AND the title text open up a lightbox?

Not possible with default options available, only way is to modify the portfolio_grid shortcode inside the plugin.


Just installed Klaus with dummy data. all pages seem to work so far but I added my logo to header and image won’t appear on home pages. I right click where the image should be and “copy image url” and I get this

/wp/h is the link to logo. This should be /wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/logo.jpg that is where the logos were uploaded to. I used the customize function to upload the logo and it will not show. I tried re installing wp and klaus… still same. Any ideas?

In theme options panel you need upload the logo


I’ve just bought your theme, but I have a little problem. I imported the .xml, i set up the portfolio 4 columns as a homepage, but i have some space between the thumbnails. After I resize or apply a filter the thumbnails looks fine. Can you help me?

I tried to reinstall the theme. I’m having the same problem over and over again when I’m trying to import the .xml file. “Failed to import Media “portfolio-video”

The white space don’t appear ( Mac ) have you a windows os? For the media is possible server down.

Yes, I have Windows OS. I’ll try again today to see if it works.

Also, when I’m scrolling down the fonts from the header become a little bit bolder when the header meet media sections (portfolio thumbnails, parallax sections). – on Chrome, Win 7


Just downloaded your latest Klaus theme files, and latest wordpress files and installed both.

The styling of the Klaus options panel in WPAdmin is wrong, the menu items are hidden and have a strange rollover effect

Open a ticket here and send me a temp access thanks:

Support ticket:

Hello again! I tried over and over again on 3 different computers (windows OS, every browser), but I have the same problem. Even with the wall effect activated/fullwidth grid, my thumbnails have a white space between them until I resize the browser’s window. What can I do? (on your demo works fine).

Have you a link?

Can you tell me how to center the buttons? They are always left-aligned. I would like the option to center them in the column, if necessary. I’ve tried custom css using text-align and margin: o auto, but this doesn’t see to work.

Add textaligncenter class to column or row if you use a page builder

Hello again!

As I said in the previous messages, it seems that Klaus theme have a little bug showing fullwidth portfolio on Windows. (I tried all day on Win7, Win8, WinXp). I send the link to different people, only one (win7) succeed to see the thumbnails with no space. The strange part is that your demo works fine. What to do? I really need that function (fullwidth portfolio). Is there a way to fix that bug (if it’s really a bug). Help please!

Try to enable page-header

I tried every combination of page-header on/off+nr of columns. The only one that works seems to be 6 columns grid/no page-header.

I think is a bug on isotope, don’t work very well with percentage columns, but is very strange if your perfectly in mac osx and has problem in windows os


Is there any way to change the portfolio page template across the board for all the artists at once? It seems you can change a template across all ‘pages’ at once using Bulk Actions, but I don’t see the template option when trying to use Bulk Actions with portfolios. I’ve inputted many artists already, and my client would like a couple of changes to the Artist’s individual pages, but I don’t want to go through and change each one by one.

You need create a page for each artist with page builder, but you can save the template when you create a layout with page-builder and re-use in another page.

Thanks! I have created a page for each artist (using page builder) but now I want to make a few changes to the page layout. Instead of changing each one individually, I’m asking if there is a way to change them ALL using a Bulk Action.

If you need change the HTML of single team template, you find the file inside plugins/az_custom_post/