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I am a professional developer, and I searched and searched to find the right theme for a quick project and went with this one. I have built themes, plugins, and HTML sites from the ground up for years, and I have never seen such a well put together theme. Alessio has thought of everything and it has been perfectly executed, not to mention it looks absolutely beautiful. I believe this may be the one of the best themes ever built, and I am very particular about these things. If anyone is on the fence about this theme stop hesitating and pick it up now, I am absolutely overly impressed – 6 stars!

Many thanks :) , I appreciate it.

Hi Author,

This template works perfectly; except Klaus Theme option. It has different option like general options, color, header, footer options etc., these options are keep on loading and not working. Kindly send me the proper solution to solve this problem.

We have also created a support ticket. Please do the needful. Thanks,

Regards Maaz

I have respond to your ticket and works perfectly.

Hey! I just had a couple questions, if you don’t mind. I’ve been trying to change my menu, but no matter what settings I change, the menu stays the same—default links, I went to the customize section to fix it. I even created a new menu and tried that. I must be missing something.

And the second one is, how do I set the links to navigate to sections of the same page? Like say I have my portfolio gallery in the middle of the home page. How can I make it so if I click on Portfolio on the menu, that it’ll scroll down to the middle of the page to my portfolio section? For the sake of example, I’ll link this one

Sorry for the questions. I just recently switched to Wordpress, so I’m still pretty inexperienced with it.

With that said, I’m loving this theme! Five stars for sure. Thanks for your time!

It’d probably help if you had my website, huh? Sorry about that.

For menu, remove my menu on “Menu Settings”, and create your own and check Primary Menu checkbox.

The theme not provide this features, otherwise you need create a javscript function for scroll, when you create a section with page builder you can assign an ID, and when create a Menu with Wordpress you can create a custom links with anchor tag, only things to make is create a js scroll.

Okay! I figured out the menu issue. I’m not really sure what I did, but I deleted all of the menus I had and just made a new one. I tried to pull an all-nigher on the portfolio, and I think that was a bad idea lol. And after some thought, I decided that the scrolling might be a bit of a hassle since my portfolio is kind of on the bigger side, so no issue there. Thanks so much for your help! :)

Hi can you tell me why Klaus Theme options when I add a logo to the header the image does not load? Thanks

Solved. You have to go into Klaus options not WP Theme options.

Hi, is it possible to show the image caption at a lightbox or lightbox gallerie instead of the circle with the plus (font-icon-plus-3)? Thanks

Hi, no not possible with default options, you need modify the lightbox shortcode inside the plugins/js_composer/lib/composer/shortocodes/ folder.

Thanks Bluxart! Could you please tell me how to add a parallax image? I have no idea …

Create a section – click in edit pencil icon – select custom image mode – set all options available.

Hi Bluxart,

thanks a lot for your great theme! Could you please help me with these two issues?

a) How can I remove “project-category” out of the URL? I only would like “portfolio” to be shown in the overview of portfolio items and not ”/project-category/portfolio/”.

b) What is the shortcode or php code for a portfolio category link? I would like to give the visitor a link to return to the parent category while he looks at a single portfolio item.

Thanks in advance! Dylan


a) you have set in Permalinks Settings “Post Name” ? In my demo the “Project-category” not appear.

b) You need modify the AZ_Custom_Post Type plugin, and inside insert the link

a) yes b) which one? the_category() ?

and why are there such huge whitespaces between the 1st and 4th and 2nd and 5th article in the portfolio view?

here’s a link:

Hi, I have bought your template and follow your tutorial to setup it. However, for the step importing skadi-demo-content.xml , import is failed and I tried again, only few new more items are imported. What’s wrong with this?

This WP Theme is so powerful I’m loving all the features. Just got a quick query. How come the ‘Visual Composer’ is only in the page editor and not in the portfolio page editor? I can create what I want in page editor and paste the short code into a portfolio page. Just wondered if I missed something out from installation? Just a bit of faff jumping back and forth.

Thanks for any help.

You need enabled the visual composer for portfolio and team page in Settings -> Visual Composer

Ah thank you :)

Hey Friend, thanks for the excellent theme! I’m really enjoying developing with it so far. I noticed on earlier posts you mentioned no WooCommerce compatibility. Has this changed since?

Thanks, not change in this way. Klaus not supported WooCommerce. Otherwise the plugin works correctly only thing the layout not compatible with bootstrap, and you need a create a custom template for woocommerce

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any documentation or resources you can point me to for creating the custom template?

Btw this is my first theme from you and I’m planning on purchasing more if not all of them. Seriously some of the best WP code I’ve come across and at an incredible price too.

In Woocommerce Docs, you need copy all files and make changes. Thanks :)

Hello Bluxart, wanted to say this is a wonderful theme and I have suggested it to many people! I have 3 questions for you regarding some issues I’m having. Thank you in advance!

A. What is the maximum size and appropriate resolution (ppi) for the retina logo?

B. How can I change the footer to not read “powered by wordpress”

C. How can I remove the buttons for next project/ last project (< and >) at the bottom of portfolio item pages? I have attached a link for you below.

D. If I need to modify any php files to accomplish the above (which I don’t know how to do). Will it revert back to the way it is now whenever you send out an update to the theme?

Thanks again! -K


A) The retina logo is the double size of the normal logo, for example if you has a normal logo with 100×60 the retina logo should be 200×120

B) You need change the strings into footer.php

C) You can remove with css or modify the plugin plugins/az_custom_post_type

D) I think not release an update to modify the exist php file. Otherwise if you use a child-theme is reccomended.

By the way bluxart I’m not sure why it doesn’t “purchased” next to my name. But I swear I bought the theme here :). Please let me know if that’s an issue I need to resolve before getting a response. Thanks!

If you want delete the navigation you need delete all code

that worked Beautifully, thank you!

Can you post the changelog for the latest version? It will be any problems if I don’t update?

I posted now, I update the Revolution SLider to 4.3.3

Ciao Alessio,

La foto header della homepage mi viene un po cosi cosi. Ho provato un 1600X800 ma il risultato non è ottimale.

Mi puoi dire la dimensione ottima per avere la foto bella inquadrata ?

Grazie :-)

La immagine nell’header non è responsive e viene centrata tramite i parametri, se la vuoi full-width devi inserire “strech to fit”

spacca !! Grazie Alessio. 2 fingerz up


First I’d like to thank you for this remarkable theme. It’s really flexible. I like it a lot. There’s one thing I can’t figure out though. I have placed an image as logo on my website. When I reduce the size of the browser to work on the responsive it shows up no problem whatever the size of the viewport but on my iphone it disappears and I get a white border instead.

What do you think could the problem?

Thanks Guillaume

The website:

and a screenshot from my iphone:

missed the logo retina version, if you don’t have the retina logo upload the defaul logo

That was the problem indeed. Thanks for your fast reply.

Enjoying my new theme thus far :))

I’d like to ask quickly how to change the colour of the icons. (appearing red on the homepage in the demo).

I have changed the options in the colour settings however they seem to remain the same.

Kind Regards

You have a link? Open a ticket here:

Where can I find the in-depth tutorials for Klaus?

You can find some video tutorials inside the demo, and HTML documentation inside the zip

Thank you!

Hello! I’ve updated the theme, but it seems that something is broken with the text block editor. It’s completely white and I can see it only in “text mode”, not “visual mode”. Can you tell me what I’ve done wrong?

This is the image:

I don’t know, I work with a new version of Visual composer on my new theme and has the same image.

Same image as mine (first) with that wide tabs? or the second one I attached? It looks wrong and it takes too much space. Thank you for your previous answers!

The first image, I search a solution

Hi, I have a question regarding the portfolio. I have 2 pages with 2 different portfolios on my website. Each of these portfolios are related to 2 different categories.

When I’m on the first portfolio 1, I can navigate through the different projects. But when I arrive on the very last item of the portfolio 1, I still have the “Next Button” on the right that links to the first item of the portfolio 2.

How can i make sure that I remove that arrow button. It seems that my 2 porfolios are linked even if they belong to 2 differents categories ?

Also how can i change the order of the portfolio items. It appears that the order is related to the order of their creation in the admin. I can only change the ascending and descending order but it doesn’t seem to change the next and previous real order.

Thanks for your help and congrats for your work.

Not possible have two different navigation for category portfolio.

Only way for this is has two or more custom post type.

For the order inside the single portfolio this is the default wordpress order. You can change the order of view or Grid Portfolio, but not the single portfolio projects. Otherwise I search a possible tutorial for this.

Hi there, Great theme! I’m using the “” to build my child theme and it seems the responsiveness breaks when the child theme is activated. When I activate the parent theme, the responsive works perfectly. Using the style.css that is included in the “” file, you have the following import queries:

@import url(”../klaus/style.css”); @import url(”../klaus/_include/css/color.css.php”); @import url(”../klaus/_include/css/custom.css.php”); @import url(”../klaus/_include/css/custom-fonts.css.php”);

Is anything missing that’s causing the responsiveness to stop working?

Thanks for your help!

Open a ticket here: and send me a temp access

It was user error ;) Had some css in there causing the problem.

Perfect, if you need another support, you don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hi Bluxart , how disable uppercase header font ?