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Hi Bluxart , how disable uppercase header font ?


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Go to theme options panel -> General Settings -> Custom CSS and write this:

#image-static h2, #title-page h2 { text-transform: none; }

Yes, Thanks you <3

Hello. Great theme! I was wondering if you could give some info on the following:

1. Make the header stick/fixed at top of page on mobile browsing? 2. Have the mobile nav icon (collapsed) always present no matter what screen size? 3. Disable the initial header resizing when you scroll down?


Hi, thanks.

1. You need set position:fixed; on media queries into style.css ( but I think the menu not scrollable ).

2. Do you want a menu like mobile view?

3. For this you need use js.

Hey Bluxart,

I would like to:
- remove the “comments off” string at the posts area.
- remove the “posted in” string at the bottom of every post.

I’ve searched the web for solutions, but none worked – may I ask you for help?

By the way: Is it due to the theme that the “sticky” – option of posts isn’t working? I had to install a plugin for reordering them …

Best regards, Fabian

You don’t see the comments or only comments off strings?

For Posted In you can modify the string content-meta-footer.php

- modifying the content-meta-footer.php did the trick, thanks.
- I mean: under the header of every post the date / “comments” / and “edit” (in case of being logged in) are shown. Is there a way in only showing the date, without the rest? I don’t need comments at all :)

Hi there, I imported blog posts from another website and am having an issue with the single post blog pages. It seems that when I click on a post link to go to the full post, the page title and date don’t appear at the top even though the Post Header Settings are set to Enabled. I tried troubleshooting by setting the Header Settings to Disabled and then Enabled again and the header did finally appear on the post. I don’t really want to have to do this for 253 imported posts – is there any workaround?


If you want not display the page header, you can hidden the content with CSS ( display: none; )

No, I’m wanting it to SHOW the header on every page, but with a blog import it won’t without going into every single post and setting it to Enabled. My thought was that you could add a global solution within the theme to have the header Enabled – perhaps in the Klaus Theme Settings, under Blog.

Not possible, the meta box get the value from the post. Not possible if I use a global settings the problem not resolve. Only way is to save each post.

Topic: spliting a single post up into different web pages by typing <!-nextpage->

Hi, at first – great Theme, I have imported my posts form another blog where I used <!-nextpage-> for pagination, but it doesn’t work with Klaus. I tried several plugins but still nothing. Can you help with this? What should I do to make <!-nextpage-> work with your theme.

Regards Dariusz

Hi can you tell me when you will fix this issue with nextpage.

Have you fixed nextpage bug with the recent update ?

I send the update today :)

Since updating Wordpress to 3.9 the tinyMCE editor doesnt work when I try to edit text created with the visual editor. Is there a fix for this?

You have installed the last version of klaus and the plugins?

Yes, Im running the file downloaded from this site today.

Send me a temp access here:

hi I can’t edit the text with the visual composer. What can i do to fix this? thanks

You need download the last version of theme. Replace all file with FTP ( see the changelogs )

Later deactivate and remove WP Backery Plugin from Wordpress -> Plugins

Install the new version

I’d like for the Portfolio thumbnail to show the category instead of the attributes (below the title). What php file would I need to edit to do this?


how can i set header image in the blog subpages like category or tags?


Nice Regards

You need modify archive.php


Hi Bluxart, how can I change the size of thumbnails of portfolio grid? Like your new theme Lilith. Regards!

Hi, you need modify into functions.php

When you change the size, you need download Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin and run it.

I’d like to display the author’s name for the posts next to the date and comment count in the single post header. For reference, see the header here:

How can I add this functionality?

I’ve added the following after the comment-count span, and don’t see any change.

<span class="meta-sep"> / </span> <span class="post-author"><?php $author = get_the_author(); ?></span>

Can you give me a little more guidance?

Open a ticket here: and send you the file modified

Submitted. Thank you!

Greetings, great theme.

I would like to add a small border to thumbnail photos in 4 column portfolio layout. Where/what css to add?

Into style.css you need grab the selector
#projects li

Hello Sir!

I’m trying to make sure my blog posts are fully readable right off the home page. At the moment you have to get to the main page, scroll down, and then hit expand, which takes you to a new page. Any way to have it loaded in without a new page?




I want to know if there is any easy way to use html tags or to style the content in the elements like toggle, accordion or basically any element of AZshortcodes?


You can add a custom classes to each shortcode and write your css rules inside custom css or child-style.css

Isn’t Visual Composer 4.1.3?

This is a modded version of original WP Backery Visual COmposer

Hello all,

am trying to figure out if there is a way to do a bilingual site with Klaus in a way I could do both versions simultaneously, rather than building two complete different site. If so, how? Also, you know how I can put the specific language icon up to the menu without just adding another menu items?

Thank you very much!

Klaus is compatible with WPML Plugin.

Thank you.

Hello all.

Pre-Sale question: can this theme work with Polylang plugin to create multi-language sites?

If not: which version of WMPL plugin does the theme require: “Multilingual Blog” or “Multilingual CMS”?

Thank you

ehm, they are both dubbed “Multilingual” :) Is that “Blog” or “CMS” one? Thank you!

Any way to make the navigation background transparent so that it overlays over the slider?

You need modify the style.css for background transparent but need other class for get the background when you scroll down.

Hi. Firstly, great theme, it is very versatile. I have been modifying my website, so the front page is now a blogs page, instead of a static homepage. This means that it is not shown in the “Pages” section of WP, rather it automatically shows up as the homepage. I, however, want it to have a header, which it does not. How can I add a header image to it. I don’t mind how it works, as long as I can get it to do the following:

Have the front page the blog page (list of all posts etc.) with a header image

I presume it is fairly simple.

Thanks for your support in advance! :)

Hello, very nice theme ! I really want to purchase it. But I have some questions please about the portfolio (1 and 2 are the most important) :

1 – On a project page : No buttons for come back at the portfolio page or for moving from one project to another ? This is really a problem for me. :(

2 – Can we click on the whole picture, and not only one the title of the picture ?

3 – Can I remove easily the red banner (or reduce) at the top of portfolio page ?

4 – On a project page, can I have several pictures one after the other ?

5 – When I click on one picture, can I choose between lightbox or a project page ?

Sorry for this questions :) Thank you ! :)


1) Is present only navigation about the projects ( on the middle left / right of viewport of browser )
2) No, but it is possible with a simple css customization.
3) Yes
4) Each project page you can build your custom layout with Page Builder.
5) No. You can select if you want only title or title + fancybox or only fancybox for all portfolio items.