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Great theme, loving it.

I’m having trouble with Visual Composer – I’ve brought a licence key but the shortcodes aren’t translating. I’ve done exactly what both yours and VC’s instructions say to do.

I don’t know if this helps but the element class names in the VC settings say that they all have an empty value.

If you can help, I would love some assistance. Looking forward to your reply.



hi Heidi. Please go into my support forums. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com. Anyways, I would like to ask if you are using wp-engine? There are some instances when shortcodes are not working with their environment, sounds weird, but I got it all sorted by reinstalling wordpress.


I figured it out. VC doesn’t work on the Front Page (Slider Revolution) template, so re-coded the content one to suit my needs. Thanks for your help anyways.

5* for the template.


Cool. Thanks a lot!

Hey Dunhakdis,

I downloeaded the most recent update but only the wordpress installable zip. I need to know how to properly link my pre-existing child theme with the new (2.0.5) parent theme. I already made the requisite changes to the “template:” field in the top of the css file but can’t seem to get it to stop pulling from the functions.php file for the previous version of the parent theme I was using (2.0.2) Please help.

Hi olumi! Thanks for choosing Klein WordPress theme. The new package contains a child theme inside it. Please use the latest version and then copy all the changes you have made in the old theme into the new child theme :)



I’m confused. VC comes w/ it but it doesn’t work on the homepage template? That doesn’t seem to make sense. I’ve been using Enfold’s drag & drop page builder. The theme is fabulous but it’s not BP compatible so that brings me here. I just want to be sure the sliders work the VC? I haven’t used VC yet, but assume it’s like Enfold’s D&D PB. Didn’t really understand the comment by Heidi about it not working, but don’t want to be running into issues. Thanks.

Hello esa. VC works on everypage, tested by hundreds of buyers.

Cheers :)

Thanks. That’s all I needed to know. Heidi’s comment above was what I was trying to clarify.

np! Please dont hesitate to contact me :)


Is the support page working?

Hi David. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. Yes, it does.

I asked several questions over a day ago and I have no answer.

ok, I keep waiting.

Hello, david.

Sorry, but there are no open tickets that has no replies as of the moment. I am eager to provide ‘support’ for buyers but you need to wait 24 – 48 hours for a reply :)..

Would you kindly send me the url of your thread?


So I went ahead and bought this. Have been at it for five minutes and the first thing I can see is that it needs a way to enter a custom color code to the theme w/o having to dig into the CSS. There are very few color choices to the theme – a few that are impossible to guess what they actually are w/o trying them and for me, most of them are not very desirable shades. I will need to mess w/ the CSS which I was trying to avoid. Enfold’s theme is fabulous, esp. for things like this. I haven’t had to touch the CSS b/c all the modifications are done in the dashboard. Unfortunately, it is not BP compatible, so I’m going to have to make this one work. But do consider adding this feature in the next update.

Unfortunately, there are only 8 color options available as of the moment (it was stated in the item description).

Let me see what I can do in the next update, your suggestions are brilliant. :). While Enfold theme is focus on making super flexible theme with tons of options and bloats, Klein on the other hand is focused on BuddyPress and bloats you don’t need. It doesn’t come with 1 million color option but it makes your life much easier by letting you choose fewer options.

Yes, you can do that via child theme. I really appreciate your comment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in my forum support if you have encountered bugs.

Have a great day!


I know BP limits and complicates things and apparently, not even those behind Enfold are willing to take it on. The workaround on this is simply to make a backup copy of the presets and then change the colors in one of those files and set the color option to that. The thing is, I was using Buddy Boss theme (nice) but dumped it b/c it required too much recoding in the CSS and did not have Visual Composer. Was looking for something easier to style as I have multiple sites in development at the same time. Enfold, I’m afraid, has spoiled me and I’ve grown lazy. The workaround is fine though. What would be great is a guide to show us which files and headings to look in for changes to the CSS. Thanks. :)

Hi esa. Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate people take their time suggesting some things I need to improve for the item.

I’ll make sure I’ll update the docs in the near future. :)

The new update broke everything, my member avatars look huge and the page looks terrible, activity page is the same, text and the avatar are on top of each other. I no longer have the previous version, how can I download it?

I did it is still really bad. Some strange thins are going on. I will find out and let you know.

Please don’t hesitate to go into http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com. Kindly provide your website details so I could take a look at it.. Cheers

Hi ozgur. I made a little mistake while uploading the theme files into themeforest. Updating the theme now. Cheers

Ah, so glad I’m not the only one with the problem! Same as Oz above. It’s a mess! I installed it and even before I made any changes, text is on top of profile pics and smashed together, avatar is huge, pretty much ditto to Oz’s problems. Everything is a fresh download and install and all plugins are activated.

Hi esa. I made a little mistake while uploading the theme files into themeforest. Updating the theme now. Cheers

okay, thanks. I saw someone else’s website and it looked great with this theme. Hoping when I get up, I can reinstall and get it looking more like the other site. It’s the best theme design for BuddyPress I’ve seen. thanks :)

You’ll be notified by mail when it gets approved. Cheers :)

Hi. For a future release, it would be great if the theme could detect the protocol (http or https) and use that to connect to services such as google fonts. Without this there is a warning that not all of the resources on the page are encrypted. Thanks!

Sure. I’ll consider that. Thanks

Do you know if it’s now updated? I didn’t have my email notifications turned on. Also, I concur with Paul. This site will be content protected and I don’t want my members getting warning notifications over encryption issues. thanks.

Updated it and it’s looking normal now. thanks :)

Great. :)

Avatars gone after upgrades. I updated to 2.0.5 and some avatars are gone, now I updated to 2.0.6 and the same.

How can I fix it ?


Hi Peterolle, Please check your settings under reading. I don’t see any instance why avatars will be affected by the update :)


If you could check…using Amethyst theme right now. Looks great on desktop but dropdown menus on mobile seem to still have the default (greenish) color. Was not able to find the place to modify this in the amethyst.css file.

Yep. The menu is always green :) . http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com

Why would it be green? It’s not on the desktop version and doesn’t look right with the purple. How do you modify this? It shouldn’t be green as it doesn’t match with the theme.


This looks like an excellent theme. Anybody who’s done Buddypress work will see how impressive the integration is here.

I have one question before I buy – login and register are done front-end which is great. Is reset password also handled on the front-end?

Thanks, Paul.

Hi style. not as of the moment, but you can try other plugins to do that. Cheers

I need to make this comment for anyone debating whether or not to buy this theme. If you’re using BuddyPress, it’s probably the best/cleanest theme out there, but if you want to customize the CSS, it’s not easy. At least, not for me. I’m to the point that I don’t want to mess w/ CSS – Enfold’s theme spoiled me—but there are not many customization options in the dashboard (compared with Enfold) and I can’t even get the CSS to override in the Child Theme. I hate Visual Composer after using Enfold’s – again, the other has way more options. So if you’re looking for BP themes, this is the one to buy. Just be really good at CSS if you want to customize or be prepared to use “as is” (which is fine for most people). Hope it helps w/ the decision making.

There is a documentation inside the docs which explains how to get the same homepage in the demo. You might need to go into theme settings and paste the slider id. After that you go into edit page and select the proper template ( stated in the docs ). There is no 10,000 lines of CSS in one file.

Also, please check the support, one of my team just replied to your question :)

Thank you. I’m not trying to argue, but gee, this is crazy over a padding issue. I just duplicated the site on another domain and it’s the same problem. And there are over 10k lines between style.css, layout.css, bootstrap.css, etc.

Someone there gave me this code as a fix:

.home.page #main, .home-page #main{ margin-top: 0px; }

.home.page #main .wpb_row.row{ margin-bottom: 0; }

home.page #main{ margin-bottom: 0; padding-bottom: 0; }

But “home.page” can’t be found in any CSS. I’ve hunted all over trying to find where to remove the padding in the main CSS and I can’t find it.

So this is all over a padding issue and it’s taken me most of the last 10 hours troubleshooting to find out what’s wrong with this. Very frustrated.

No, You need to add that in your stylesheet.

body.klein.home.page #main, .home-page #main { margin-top: 0px; }

This is the CSS code the team gave you.


Hi dunhakdis,

Thank you for such a wonderful theme. I had it up and running with all the demo content in a little over an hour!!!

I know this is probably beyond the scope of your support but i’m having some issues with the “rtMedia” plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/). It seems to be displaying media files incorrectly on the activity page – the avatars, images and activity info are all jumbled up.

Was just wondering if this is a relatively simple fix?


Hi Carrie. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress theme. Please go into my forum support. Attach your site url where you installed and activated the theme. Kindly send me a screenshot or provide me an access code to check your theme.

With regards to rtMedia. I’ll be doing a basic integration with the theme in the next update :)


Hi there,

Love the theme. Is it possible for people to login through the front end login on the theme and be able to write wordpress posts? So effectively a author without having to login to the backend of wordpress.

Best Regards,


P.S your support forum isn’t working for me. So please reply here :)

Hi George, you can try various plugins like “Wordress Front-End Editor” to do that. Unfortunately, the theme alone cannot do that kind of functionality.


Does this theme have a login with avatar like this http://0.s3.envato.com/files/79532097/19_user.jpg

Possible. But you need to do manual coding :)

I already have that theme, But if i knew what needed coding and were I could do it

Thank you so much for purchasing Klein. Please go into support forum so that my team could assist you :)


HI! When I log in to to the site I go to the WP profile page and not the Buddypress profile (or similar). How can I change this?

Hello, you need to install a plugin or add a filter/action hook to alter the way WordPress handles redirection.

Cheers :)

Hi, Thanks. I did and it works well. I have another problem to fix is that if it possible to move Log in and Register button in to Slider area, and remove the top bar, pls see image from the link : http://medlogotyp.se/moveregister.jpg

Thanks in advance. Pookie

That would be a sizable customization. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to offer customization :).

For more support inquiries, please go into my support forum located under the support tab on this page. Verify your purchase code and submit your ticket. We usually process the support within 24 – 48 hours.


Plethora is new theme?

yes, currently on queue .. :)


rtMedia ( http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/ ) doesn’t seem to be fully supported by this theme. Is there a media plugin that is?


Hi Khaled.

RTMedia isn’t supported with the current version yet. The said plugin will be fully supported on the next update. There are no ETAs yet but it won’t be that long.


Good to hear dunhakdis. Appreciate you taking the time to reply. What other “social network” plugins do you normally have your customers asking support for? Is there a list of supported plugins for this theme?


Hi Khaled. So far, don’t have that many 3rd party plugins support inquiries aside from the plugins that are recommended by the theme. Anyways, aside from formatting issues you would normally encounter when installing 3rd party plugins. The theme is known to be compatible with WP Plugins.


Hi there,

I’m liking this theme and thinking of delving into the world of wordpress forums. Couple questions before that happens though.

Do you have a page on the demo site that displays all typography? Is your theme integrated with font awesome icons? If not, would love to see this.

A scroll to top button that fades in/out on page scroll would be nice as well, although this can be added in by the end user (me).

Now, all that said, I’m at a loss as to what features are bbPress and what features are buddy press. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I thought I should ask before buying, so I’m not surprised after the fact.

I imagine choosing the dark layout is easy in the backend as are the preset styles as well.

Last but not least, is the theme compatible with the latest bbpress and buddypress if I were to go that direction as well?


PS. checked the theme out in IE8 and it is one of the better looking themes I’ve seen that just works in the older browser. Kudos.

Hi JD! Thank you so much for your interest in our WordPress Theme. Currently I dont have pages where full set typography are displayed. The theme is built on Bootstrap 3, so you’ll get the glyphicons.

Yes! The theme is up to date and compatible with all the software’s latest version.


Perfect. Thanks for the information. My only recommendation going forward would be a page with the full set of typography to jump in with the theme fully after purchase.

I’ll probably be looking to grab this within the next month or so. One last question, do bbPress and BuddyPress more or less work out of the box?

Hi JD. Yes, you can have bbpress with or with out buddypress. Same with Woocommerce, etc.

Thanks :)