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Hello, is there away to make it so that when someone signs up for an account the date is in Month/Date/Year format instead of Day/Month/Year?

Great theme by the way, it’s so great and so easy to use!

Thanks a lot! By the way, in what section are you referring to?

On the registration page, when you sign up to be a user, you can put in a date field, but when you do it gives you a drop down for day, with a drop down for month underneath it, with a drop down for year underneath that. Is it possible to put the month drop down before the day drop down? So that when someone selects their birthday they would select August/5/2000 instead of 5/August/2000

Hello :) Thanks for your theme ! I have 2 questions : 1. There is no CREATE GROUP BUTTON ! 2. when i add “bb members carousel” members are messed up and half cutted and ….

Please answer ASAP since i am SO MUCH in hurry !

thanks in advance Cheers

Hello :)

Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. Please make sure your member has the privilege to create a group.

Please login to my support forum. Kindly attach your site url so I could take a look at it.


thanks for your quick respond , Already submitted !


No problem. Our technical crew will help you shortly. Thanks

Hello, This shows it supports buddypress 1.8 but 1.9.x is out? Does it support the latest version of all the plugins its compatible with?

It does, but you need to apply proper tweaks to get the styling the same as the theme :)


Hi, thanks for responding so quickly. What type of “tweaks” are we talking about? How many? How detailed? If I dont tweak the styling how “different” are we speaking? will things be over lapped or its only the colors? any ETA for 1.9x buddypress?

Its compatible with BuddyPress 1.9x.

With regards to ‘tweaks’, I am talking about the plugins which you will install/add in the future. You need to add particular stlying aside from the recommended plugins.



I want to make a full width custom post type.
In accordance with http://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Type_Templates I rename and modify single.php but in the file I can't see any get_sidebar() ?

Did you know how I can remove the sidebar from a custom post type ?

Thanks Raphael

Looks like this issue was already resolve on forums :)

pre sale questions…

1) I registered on the demo site and it sends email verification from WordPress. Is it possible to have a custom name show up vs the default WordPress name?

2) I didn’t see how a user sends messages to other users?

1. Sure, you need to tweak it in the administration settings :) 2. You can send users directly through buddypress messaging system, its simple and fast :)

Same as InsightLab, this is a Pre-purchased question- any chance i can share the forum topics or reply via social media feed??

“Same as InsightLab, this is a Pre-purchased question- any chance i can share the forum topics or reply via social media feed?”

I am not sure what you mean but I am sure there are plugins available for you need :)

“Also any chance the menu/header could become fixed”

I might consider this in the future, but there are no ETAs yet. :)


Ok thanks…is there a way to remove the BuddyPress Admin bar??

Hello! Please see this thread on BuddyPress forums <http://buddypress.org/support/topic/remove-admin-bar/>


I purchased Klein. Awesome theme. It saying I have to activate Visual Composer. Where do I find the key for it

it is also saying the theme contains outdated woocommerce files

hi Jordan. I’ll release an update this week for woocommerce so stay updated :).

You don’t need to activate Visual Composer license unless otherwise you wanted to have automatic updates.You can attain a key by purchasing a copy of Visual Composer.

Cheers :)

Hi, does not work ‘Facebook Connect’. Create the app on facebook properly, it is public and is enabled. And also activated the function of ‘Facebook Connect’ from the panel theme, but does not appear in the option ‘Login’. They could help me? Thank you.

Hi federcolombo. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. Please make sure you’ve activated Gears plugin which comes together with the package :)


on the activity wall can you upload a picture.. also can you add an about us text area on our profile page. also how can we have more photos on our profile?

hi Terrell. Yes, please install RTMedia (http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/)

For ‘About us’. You can add buddypress profile field and let your members fill out their own data.

Thanks a lot! Cheers

thanks it works.. i like what taking place… one more question, how can we add video chat or voice chat.. that would change the game.. how can we add Google talk or Skype video.. to create TRUE Mastermind Groups.. that equal to paid memberships.. i love the new plugin thanks for the help.. im excited

Any possibility of a snippet for this theme function to work with http://wordpress.org/plugins/dw-question-answer/ in the activity stream also within the users profile in buddypress?

Thanks for the awesome theme BTW

Trying to accomplish a 3 column activity stream

Hi Trafficio.

Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

The activity shortcode is currently limited to displaying activity stream context only. I am doing an update to support commenting, etc. There are no ETA on release yet, but please stay tuned.

With regards to the plugin, what do snippet code are you reffering to?


Thanks for the reply. dw questions I decided not to use and go with the forums instead. To many problems were coming up.

Thank you and I look forward to the update

seriously. i saw a lot of suggestions for you to include fix menu bar. would you mind considering them like SERIOUSLY considering them.

Fix menu bar is already in our list. Thanks for suggesting :)


Did I understand it correctly that to post to a blog with BuddyPress and Klein, one needs to go to WP control panel or use some thrid-party plugins? just making sure I’m not missing a feature.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Julia! Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme! Right now, front-end posting isn’t supported by the theme (but you may look for plugins that will do this). Yes, one needs to go into WP control panel.


Thanks, all is clear now! Really good theme, I think, just misses front-end blogging ;) And great support, by the way. I’ll certianly rate it as soon as I get everything I need from the theme to have more “rights” for the evaluation :)

how can we add video chat like Google Hangouts or Skype integration

Can we add hangoutplugin.com/? plugin to this to create video room/s

hi terre. Yes you can add any plugin you want (although you might need to style it to match the look and feel of the theme)..

Cheers :)

Good morning . Very good Theme. I got one question about a string to translate : Front page search widget > I translate search to ‘chercher’ its ok with the widget but inside text line I dont find how to translate “To search type and hit enter” > Can you tell the path and file-name to the po file please ? I dont find it, thank you

Hi laurentc1. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. The po file is located inside ‘language’ directory when you go into the theme files. For more questions/support/inquiry. Please go into my support forums. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com .. Thanks a lot :)

Problem with woo commerce plugin, interred 2.1.0 and system told the template are obsolete. Why ? copy and paste from system check : ontent-product.php, external.php, grouped.php version 1.6.4 est obsolète. La version du core est 2.1.0, simple.php version 1.6.4 est obsolète. La version du core est 2.1.0, variable.php version 2.0.3 est obsolète. La version du core est 2.1.0, meta.php, price.php, product-attributes.php, product-image.php version 2.0.3 est obsolète. La version du core est 2.0.14, product-thumbnails.php, related.php, review.php version 1.6.4 est obsolète. La version du core est 2.1.0, sale-flash.php, share.php, short-description.php, additional-information.php, description.php, tabs.php, title.php, up-sells.php

Hi laurentc1. Please ignore that message. The theme will still work regardless of that message. I’m going to send updates early march to resolve that issue.

Thanks :)

ok :) have a good day


I want to create a “paid membership” site where certain users will have different levels/different functionality. Is that possible with this and buddypress? Do I need a paid membership for this?


hi menggicht. Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you need paid membership pro to have a paid membership site. BuddyPress does not have featured like that by default.


When will this theme be updated with the latest plugin versions?

im still waiting for a reply

hi AKGT. Sorry for the late reply, seems like the comment section is acting weird on my dashboard.

The theme is bundled with the latest plugins included. Please dont hesitate to go into my forum support if you found any issues.


Hi, your theme looks GREAT… Some pre-purchase questions:

1) Are notifications based on ajax or page load? 2) Where can I see the theme options in the admin panel? 3) Are you planning a fixed header.. if so when? 4) Can notifications be built into the main menu?

Thanks in advance!


1. Are notifications based on ajax or page load? A: Page Load

2. Where can I see the theme options in the admin panel? A : The theme options are few but they are just what you need, it only comes with Visual Composer for you to make amazing layouts.

3. Are you planning a fixed header.. if so when? A: Yes. Late March.

4. Can notifications be built into the main menu? A:. It can, but I’m afraid you need to customize the theme to achieve that goal.

Cheers :)

Thanks… any pointers on how to achieve Ajax Loading of notifications and adding notifications to the menu.. I can do the coding just need to be shown the right direction.

Also.. is there anyway to add the screenshots of the admin pages to this site? I need to know how much granularity I have over colors and fonts etc.

Is this theme compatible with buddydrive plugin? I really need files sharing feature in my community, so I really need to know that before buying this theme. Or is there any plugin with similar function working with this theme? Thanks.

Hi mr_yohan.

I haven’t tested the theme with buddydrive plugin but it should work. However, you need to re-style the plugin to match the theme’s look & feel.

Cheers :)

Hi there! I need to know a couple of things before purchasing.

This is the first time i am going to work with a community site, so excuse my ignorance…

I need to know if you (the admin) can leave documentation into profiles login pages.

And if you were so kind to let me use a demo for only one day, I would apreciate it so much

Thanks in advance

Hi ivan. Thank you so much for your interest. You can register in the online demo site and play with it.