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Hi there,

Is this theme allow community user to post article/blog from the profile/front end?


Hi Yao. I’m afraid this kind of feature isn’t directly built into the theme. Thanks

what about integrating with plugin like social article?

the theme was installed, composer and visual prompts License Key? how they could help me? thank you

Hi geteasygroup. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress theme. In-order to enable automatic updates from VC plugin, you need to attain a license from the developer. One way is to purchase the plugin in CodeCanyon.


Hey i would like to buy this. But is it possible to translate it to Danish ?

Hey Dino. Yes, possible to translate to any language :)

what type of hosting do you recommend my site is running kinda slow. i have only a few users like 3.. but plan on have 100 and 1000’s i use hostgator will a vps snappy 1000 do the job.?

so thats the best choice? they have great pricing. i just want the community to be fast.. no lag.. i plan on having thousands. what hosting do you have for you social network?

yes thanks for digital ocean i just signed up ]

Hi, i want to add purchase button in Hottest Deals box. how can i do this.

Hi. I purchsed a license for Visual Composer (to upgrade to Version 4), but before I install it I just wanted to know if this is going to mess up any theme styling?

What steps will I have to do (if any) to make sure all theme styles are intact after upgrading?

Amazing theme!

Hi MergeC. Thank you so much for your kind words. You can upgrade the plugin by uploading the new version in your server. Just like a normal plugin :)


Thanks. I just upgraded wihout issues and gave you a 5 star rating!

Thanks a lot!

How ironic: I’ve used free themes on all of my previous sites and never had issues that I wasn’t able to resolve on my own. Paid $55 for this theme and it’s been nothing but headaches. Too many bugs (sidebars are nonfunctional/page layout issues).

When you purchase something you expect it to work out of the box. I understand that there will be bugs but they shouldn’t be plaguing a product to the point where it’s nonfunctional but if it comes to that, customer service should be available to resolve the issues.

I’ve tried contacting support through different avenues for days and have not gotten a response.

Hi Troy. Your ticket has been responded. Thank you so much :)

Thanks for working with me to resolve the issues I’ve been having with the Klein Theme. I have not tested every aspect of the updated theme yet but so far things seem to be working like they should. At least the major issues seems to have been resolved and I have confidence that the Dunhakdis team will work with me to resolve issues that may arise during my continued tests.

Can’t wait to use Klein in its entirety. Great theme.


Awesome :)

Good morning, I come back because I still meet the same problem with 2,0,9 and a big new one : my site is wp-config french (define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’);), > I translate default po in french (fr_FR.mo) > and put it in theme/klein-2.0.9/languages/ folder and site is still in english ! why ? (I wait for server time refresh of course and clean cache) Thank you

Hi laurentc1. Did you make sure you have set up the translation properly? Please see this thread: http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com/ticket/93651/search/


Hi, I LOVE your theme and am seriously considering buying it!! I’m just curious to know what I am seeing in the demo, though. I see one theme called Klein and then I see another theme called Plethora, which I like the layout of better—round images!! Can you explain why these two themes look so different? How do I get the Plethora look? It seems to be loading underneath or behind the Klein theme. Thanks! Here is a link: http://plethora.dunhakdis.me/members/elizabeth/ How do I get this theme??

hi ThemeVal. Unfortunately, Plethora has no ETA yet. :) Thank you so much for your kind words. Please stay tuned.


Hi is it possible to “try out” this theme before I buy it?

yes. you can create an account in the demo. Cheers :)

Hi Dunhakdis, Nice Theme – really. I just have problem while trying to change some colors in the css files. But unfortunatly, nothing happens. If I change a color for example in layout.css – nothing is updated. And there is that code “layout.css?ver=2.0” which seems to be primary, no ? And don’t know how to do… Thank you for you help. Yannick

Hi Okbb.

Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

Please use tools like firebug or chromebug to check if your changes has been read by the browser. Also, double check your code as it might contain some syntax issues.

Please visit http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com if you’ve found any bugs/issues.

Thanks again!

Hi I purchased this theme yesterday and tried to install it into wordpress 6 times and every single time it has said that “It has failed” please can you advise me today what I need to do as I need it to be up and running quickly!? Thanks


Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

Please make sure to upload the right theme files. If you have downloaded the full package, you need to unzip the said file and upload the theme (klein-2.0.9.zip) which is found inside ‘wp-theme’ directory.

Cheers, Joseph

Hi Joseph, I would like to make the page title the same width as the content and move the sidebars up. Can you tell me specifically how to do this, I’m not very savvy with programming. Thanks a lot

Hi je1777. Please go to http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com. Create a thread and your website URL. Our dev will get back to you shortly.

Cheers, Joseph

Hi, I’ve upgraded to the newest Klein version but I still get notice that WooCommerce template files are outdated. What now?

Hi Tensify. How did you update the theme?

Cheers, Joseph

Hi, I have rewritten all older files in my klein theme folder with new ones.

Hi! I’m thinking about purshasing this theme ,but first I need to know if it’s also compatible with IE11?

Thanks, Fernanda

Hi pcrazz. It is. Please double check it in your browser :) Thanks


I just purchased your theme. I would like to install the child theme before I start working on the site. Can you please provide instruction on how to do this?


Yeap. Please install both themes on your site (parent and child). After you have installed both themes. Just activate the child theme.

Cheers, joseph

Any suggestions on how to get website to run faster I’m on a digital ocean hosting account account set up just for this

Still running g kiNDA slow

Can u please review my site what’s your email Tshirtconnect.com

Hey! Nice choice of server. I am using DigitalOcean on my demo and its pretty good.

Drop memchache in your server and configure your w3totalcache property.

Cheers, Joseph

how do I limit who can sign up for an account also where can I find where to send invites to website

Hello! This kind of functionality falls under the buddypress/plugins category not under the theme :)

Please see this thread: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/increase-new-members-on-your-buddypress-site-with-invite-anyone-cloudsponge/


Is 2.05 the latest version?

I it says outdated

Where do I download it

ok i found it

there has to be a way to have invite only to join social network, i seen it before..

there are too many spam accounts.. signing up

Hi Terrel. You need to install reCaptcha plugins to prevent spam accounts from signing up.